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Maneka Gandhi Says 'Bear Saviour' a Criminal - Naresh Kadyan

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- 3674 days ago -
Orphan bear cub was saved by Munda & I do not agree with the statement of a ex. Minister. Munda needs now our attention towards his legal fight & we demands the withdrawal of the criminal case against Munda. Please comments on this demand of a ex.minister

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Cher C (1427)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 9:56 am

I had no idea!!!

Thnx Naresh!!

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 9:57 am
This is a very heart breaking story and it makes me very angry people like that are so cruel. I can only pray they prosecute this man that murdered that babies Mother...Thank you for the email..noted

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:15 am
My Dear friends,
This man is innocent as he did not killed the bear mother, only he saved - protected & adopted a orphan bear cub, nothing more than that, his intention is good but I do not agree with the Ex. Minister statement that he is a criminal - needs punishment. So please comments here as we are going to help this man who saved the bear cub.

Jacqueline T (452)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:20 am
This man should NOT be punished for rescuing an orphaned baby bear! It is truly sad and outrageous that someone is being called a criminal for trying to help an innocent animal in need!

Abhishek Kadyan (19)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:24 am
Yes Jacqueline Tremlin , you are right, I do agree with you not with the Ex. minister. I have seen the statements of this lady differ with the people associated with her & they want to save Munda..

Naresh K (40)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:32 am
OIPA INDIA offered the job of care taker to MUNDA who saved the orphan cub of bear, I feel that he is innocent needs our legal, moral support & financial as well. Ms. Gandhi opinion is different from us, now she is free to say what ever she want but our demand is to the Govt. of India - please re-consider the criminal case against Munda for withdrawal....

Joycey B (750)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:35 am
This hero should get his daughter and bear back. These people are lying about him. The bear is so happy with this family. Please let me know when you have something we can sign or an address to send to Naresh.

Annie J (205)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:38 am
Normally I would never recommend a wild animal live with humans, but in this case I must. Munda saved this bear from certain death, or worse, she could be walking the streets with string though her nose or stuffed in cage with a catheter. She is lonely and sick for her companions, and a zoo is not exactly sanctuary. This is a good man who does not deserve this railroading. If the government really cared about the laws, they would go after the real criminals and leave this man alone.

Cher C (1427)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:40 am

Can someone get a petition going??

Lynn K (54)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:40 am

Sukanya K (39)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:43 am
You are right & this man needs our help to fight against the criminal case for a good work ... serving to the bear cub.... Munda is great.

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:44 am

Sukanya K (39)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:44 am
Naresh Kadyan preparing a petition for withdrawal a criminal case against Munda.

JoAnne P (50)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 10:55 am
People sometimes get to a point where they believe everyone is into animals for their own greed. No doubt that someone killed the cubs mother but it does not mean that this man did. He probably could not let this cub suffer and took it upon himself to raise and protect. Everyone teaches pets tricks, what does that prove. Not everyone is guilty, there are people trying to help in their own way. I don't believe Naresh would protect this man if he did not fully believe in him.

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 11:10 am
JoAnne Perdue - please have a look - on this blog, the PFA people got photo Munda with bear Rani then lodged a complaint for rescue & they are telling Munda should not punished. I do agree that Munda violates the law of the land but his intention was good to save the cub only, in the WILDLIFE PROTECTION ACT, 1972 the proof of burden is on accused not on the prosecution. I spent 10 years fighting against the dancing bears & prepared a scheme for the rehabilitation of the persons involved in.-
I know very well that it will be difficult for the Govt. to withdraw the case against Munda, if trial begins then definitely Munda will get minimum punishment for three year up to seven years as maximum along with fine

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 11:13 am
Naresh, I will sign the petition
hugs, Birdie

Karen M (176)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 1:25 pm
Thank you for posting this, Naresh. I saw the other view in a different submission, so I'm glad to have seen this.

Brenda H (29)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 1:54 pm

Elena G (49)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 2:09 pm
Story noted and petition signed.

Trudi R (242)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 2:50 pm
This man is not a criminal.
Like the petition says:
* He is not a criminal by nature.
* He kept the animal like his daughter.
* There was no injury, ill treatment with the animal.
* There was no cages for the animal, open & free movements for her.
* Bear was not used as performing animal nor any rope in her nose.
* Now bear is not happy in the Zoo.
Hence on the basis of the points raised above we all appeal to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to forgive Munda & the criminal case may kindly be withdrawn in the interest of natural justice.
Link to the petition:

Gorilly G (339)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 3:36 pm
Oh come on now...Quit crucifying people try to help. This bear surley would have died if left alone or some idiot would have killed it. He is a blessing and should be free, and back with his daughter and the damn bear. He has a heart and loves this little guy. Freaks that are doing this to them...I wish for bad luck for them the dipshits.


Big Gorilly Hugs

. (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 3:36 pm
punish the ex prime minister for lying

Steve D (551)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 6:51 pm

Jillyanne M (718)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 7:01 pm
Signed and noted, with much sadness.

Pam F (221)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 8:14 pm
Oh,gee - this is sad,and confusing.
Normally I would not put much faith in what a pollie (or ex-pollie) has to say - but Maneka Gandhi is the patron of the Free the Bears org. in Australia - and has always seemed to be a person very caring for the bears.I can't understand why she would say these things if they're not true.
I also have a great deal of respect for Naresh Kadyan and OIPA as being extremely caring and compassionate - and I can't believe they would not be telling the truth,either.
And I voted for Munda in the poll on the other news article.
But now I'm very confused,both parties are so plausible,and both seem to be convinced they are right - the important one for me is the bear - who does look to be happy and well-cared for,and I would really hate for this man to suffer if he is innocent.

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 26, 2008, 9:38 pm
9:13 pm PDT, Jun 26, Debasis Chakrabarti, India
Munda took the injured/orphaned bear cub to the nearest forest beat-office, they refused to accept it. When the cub recovered, Munda was alerted about the law and he immediately took it back to the forest, a number of times. But each time the bear came back to his hut on its own. The bear didn't need a permit to visit his rescuer Munda, who himself is a Vanbashi. Law is for the society and not the other way round !

Kathy C (354)
Friday June 27, 2008, 2:39 am
I feel like if Maneka Gandhi would take a moment and think reasonably about this. The bear refuses to eat at the zoo. Now does that sound like a bear who was saved from a man who was abusing and torturing it? Oh hell no, the bear has child like qualities because she was raised as such. She is depressed because she loves and misses her family.

Past Member (0)
Friday June 27, 2008, 4:13 am
1:32 am PDT, Jun 27, Sandeep Kumar Jain, India
The Declaration of Wildlife Stock Rules 2003 under wildlife Protection Act 1972 Stated that ,this will give chance to illiterate,tribal s and poor people who missed the previous amnesty scheme.But Contrary to this landlords,Forest Officers,Politicians and persons enjoying high profile declared the wildlife trophies and animals etc in Punjab,Haryana & U.T. of Chandigarh.Many such resourceful peoples' applications were entertained even after the expiry in Punjab and UT.No Action was taken inspite of Directions from center?? A person keeping Python in name of rescue(Not Recognized by CZA)in Punjab is Patronized by Wildlife deptt. of Punjab and is used to organize Snake shows in Chatt Bir zoo and various Training(?) Programmes(by Violating all the Rules under WPAct 1972).No Action taken as he enjoys Patronage of wildlife officials who have no interest or training in Wildlife Management. The story of Munda is an example of highhandedness and lack of Compassion.The Person who has rescued and reared the Bear (under intimation to forest Officials,as per Debasis Comments) is being Victimized as it was the Duty of forest officials to take the Bear to recognized rescue Center.It is Presumed that Forest officials have no Rescue Center or they have no facilities .The Munda should be made care taker of Bear and He should also be compensated for the services he is providing.How ever this case should not be repeated Commonly.

Soledad P (60)
Friday June 27, 2008, 9:03 am
I really can't understand why o how this hero is considered a criminal It is not his fault is the bear loves him and go to visit him

Past Member (0)
Friday June 27, 2008, 9:42 pm
Ramsingh Munda and his daughter Gulki were reunited with their pet sloth bear Rani after a gap of ten days at the Nandankanan zoo on Friday. But the joyous reunion was short-lived as the duo, after spending nearly 30 minutes with Rani in the zoo enclosure, had to bid her goodbye with tears welling up in their eyes.

The bear too, followed Munda, but her passage to freedom was blocked by zoo officials, who had no option but to follow the rules. Rani groaned, but it fell on deaf ears.

After emerging out of Rani’s enclosure, Munda volunteered to serve in the zoo so that he would look after Rani and other animals. But he was curtly told that the law does not permit it. SN Mahapatra, deputy director of Nandankanan Zoo said, “We have legal restrictions to provide a job to Ramsingh in the zoo. We cannot employ him as of now. The higher authorities can decide on that”.

An emotional Munda after meeting Rani said, “It was like meeting my own daughter. I was very sad to see Rani caged. She was very happy with me. I observed that she was not even taking proper food”.

Jeevan Das, secretary of the Orissa chapter of the People for Animals who facilitated the meeting between Munda and Rani said, “Munda should be employed in the zoo. All the cases filed against him should be withdrawn. I thank the HT for highlighting the issue”.

On June 17, Munda was arrested by officials of the forest department for keeping a bear at home in violation of the wildlife laws. Though the bear escaped when Munda was nabbed, it was subsequently captured and brought to Nanankanan zoo. Munda got bail and was released from jail on June 23.

Munda is a resident of Rutisila village under Ghatagaon block of Keonjhar district, nearly 150-km away from the state capital.

The 18-month-old sloth bear was an integral part of Munda’s family.

Naresh K (40)
Friday June 27, 2008, 10:34 pm
Kindly refer to our talks today on mobile about adoption of the Rani bear along with the appointment of Ram Singh as caretaker to Rani bear in your Zoo premises. As per your directions, I have visited zoo website to adopt the Rani bear -, but this is not yet for adoption. International Organization for Animal Protection - is an Italy based NGO since 1981 & duly affiliated with the UN, DPI - undersigned is the representative in India.
OIPA INDIA proposed to adopt the Rani bear with the condition that Ram Singh Munda will be the best caretaker to this animal & we are ready to bear the pay of Munda as per Collector's rates, so that Zoo need not worry about his pay as I know this is not possible for you.
Early disposal of this proposal shall be appreciated.
Naresh Kadyan,
Rep. of OIPA in INDIA.

Abhishek Kadyan (19)
Friday June 27, 2008, 11:10 pm
Bhubaneswar, June 27: “They released my father, but kept Rani in the jail.” Those were five-year-old Gulki’s first words seeing Rani, the sloth bear she was brought up with, at a cage in Nandankanan zoo today.

Neither the bad road conditions nor the incessant rain could stop the father-daughter duo — Ramsingh Munda was arrested for keeping Rani captive for two years — to travel 225km from their Keonjhar home to visit one of their family members.

Ramsingh had found the bear cub about a couple of years ago on one of his visits to a nearby forest. The bear cub, then about three days old, followed the tribal man his home. “After my wife’s death, my daughter had developed an unusual bond with the bear,” said Ramsingh.

Ever since, the trio lived like a family and would be occasionally spotted riding happily on a bicycle. The zoo officials, however, sent Ramsingh to Keonjhar jail on June 16 and confiscated the bear stating action was taken under the wildlife laws.

The news of Rani being caged invited flak from all quarters, including wildlife activists. Ramsingh said that when wildlife officials had approached him he tried to return the bear to the forest but it found its way home. “We strongly condemn the manner in which the forest department officials arrested the poor and illiterate man, who was not aware of the rules,” Jiban Ballav Das, secretary of People for Animals, said adding that Ramsingh never tortured the animal.

“She is no less than a daughter to me and I was eagerly waiting for a chance to meet Rani again,” said Ramsingh today. The zoo officials also allowed Ramsingh to feed Rani home-made products. Nandankanan zoo director Ajit Patnaik said Rani was doing well in the zoo.

Ramchandra Rana, the president of Orissa State Consolidation Non-Gazetted Employees’ Co-ordination Committee, asked the government to appoint Ramsingh a caretaker of Rani in Nadankanan.

Michelle R (13)
Friday June 27, 2008, 11:48 pm
Thankfully the bear was saved, yet to become?

Humans have an issue with domination and superiority. The human race believes that humans are superior to other living creatures. Yet, not only have humans not even conquered communication, we can not even "get along." We know fear,not freedom. The other creatures, the animals know freedom, we instill fear. So many speak of wish for peace, usually at Christmas. Yet, there is no discussion of true peace. Killing is not peace, yet we fund, advocate and "support our troups," in war. War is not Peace. Killing is not peaceful. Humans have yet to accept and allow other humans to live. Until humans cease to kill humans will the moral evolution of respect of all other living creatures occur. So, those of us knowing will continue to know the suffering of all the innocents, the animals at the hands of humans. Such is my fate, knowing...All innocents pain, is my pain.

Khadi Federation (4)
Saturday June 28, 2008, 8:36 am
Animal rights activists support jailed widower deprived of daughter, 6, for raising orphaned cub
Jun 25, 2008 04:30 AM

NEW DELHI–It was supposed to be a heartwarming tale of a man who brought an orphaned bear cub home from the forests of India to console his 6-year-old daughter, who had just lost her mother.

But when wildlife officials saw the story on TV, it turned to tragedy.

Ram Singh Munda was jailed for violating wildlife laws, daughter Dulki was sent to a state-run boarding school and the bear was brought to a zoo where it refuses to eat.

Now, animal rights activists are trying to win the 35-year-old labourer's freedom and reunite him with his daughter and the bear.

Munda, a member of an indigenous tribe that lives in the forests of eastern India, said he found the sloth bear cub last year while gathering firewood near his village.

The bear – which he named Rani, or Queen – became a cherished companion for the family, which was still struggling to absorb the death of Munda's wife last year.

Television footage was taken of the bear frolicking with Dulki and climbing up on of Munda's bicycle.

Wildlife officials saw the story and arrested Munda last week for breaking the county's wildlife act, which prohibits keeping wild animals. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison. A local official said Dulki would stay in boarding school until her father is released.

"They have sent me to jail. How will my daughter survive?" Munda asked as he was taken into custody.

Ajit Kumar Patnaik, director of Nandan Kanan Zoo, where the bear was taken, defended the decision.

"Munda was arrested according to the provision of the law meant for protection of wildlife," he said, adding that sloth bears, native to India's lowland forests, are a protected species.

Animal rights activists also condemn taking animals out of the forest, but they say the government is being too harsh on Mandu.

"He never tortured the animal. Neither was he using the bear for any commercial purposes. Therefore, we feel he should not have been arrested," said Jiban Ballav Das, of People for Animals in India's Orissa state.

Activists warned that Rani, being held in an isolated cage and refusing food, could die if the sudden separation from its adopted human family is not managed properly.

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 29, 2008, 3:25 am
By DN Singh

It has become a usual feature of the wildlife wing of Orissa to get off their state of inertness once the damage is done. A similar kind of amateur action threw three lives off balance. But thanks to the intervention of media and judiciary, the damage was undone.

Earlier, a speechless animal is within the concrete confines of a zoo, trying hard to recover from the trauma after the sudden shift of habitat. One was put behind bars for taking its care. And third: a three-year-old child was made victim of a senseless and knee-jerk decision.

With least regard to the ground realities, the top brass in the Wildlife Department still frown at the jailed tribal, supposedly the villain of the entire episode. And the lonely inmate in the zoo, an eighteen-month year old sloth bear brought from Keonjhar portrays a tale of tragic separation, shock, trauma and of a shattered symbiotic bond.

About 18 months back a tribal, Ram Singh Munda, from Ruplisila village in Keonjhar district, stumbled upon a bear cub battling with illness in a ditch inside the jungle, perhaps after being separated from its mother.

Unable to locate the mother anywhere around, Ram brought it home. The sick bear cub slowly recovered from her illness and the love and care of the man breathed a new lease of life into the little soul. Within months the cub not only became a part of the family but a real darling of the household; more so, the sweetheart of Ram's three-year-old motherless daughter.

A bond that can be best described as an example of symbiosis. Named Rani, the cub grew in absolute freedom, moving around, playing with the daughter and other kids of the village and even sleeping near Ram or his daughter. As she grew, Ram grew a little worried about her safety and once even informed the forest authorities. However, despite his meager family income, Ram never allowed Rani to be treated differently from his own daughter.

This exemplary bond between man and animal could not escape media attention. A few days back it hogged the headlines and after that the forest department of Keonjhar suddenly came out its state of stupor and acted in a very amateurish manner.

Dubbing his action as a gross violation of the Wildlife Act 1972, they dragged Ram out of his house and put him behind the bars and literally lifted Rani out of her home and dumped her in a concrete enclosure at the Nandankaanan zoo.

Two souls were shattered with shock. Ram was left to languish in jail and Rani was abandoned in the confines of the zoo in absolute trauma. Almost for three days, the bear refused to touch food and water.

And this became a cause for the soaring worries of the zoo keepers and the safety of Rani is still under a question mark. Can she survive the sudden alienation from her habitat and the love of Ram and her daughter?

"The forest officials have in a knee jerk reaction seized the sloth bear " says Biswajit Mohanty, an ardent wildlife activist adding that " they have, in their zeal, forgotten to keep the interest of the bear in mind- which might die of loneliness after being abruptly detached from its keeper."

An eighteen-month-old fairy tale has hit the block of an absolutely mindless decision taken by the babus in the Forest Department of Orissa who, of course, enjoy the unenviable reputation of being incapable in such exigencies.

When this reporter contacted the state's Principal Chief Conservator of Wildlife about the department's wisdom behind detaching Rani from Ram and imprisoning the latter, the officer's reaction could startle any one.

"The action taken in this case was taken by the officers who belong to the Territorial wing, so I can not comment much on that.' That comes from an officer who heads the wildlife wing.

Ironically, in this whole episode, the PFA played a catalyst�s role behind the bear cub's immediate release from Ram Singh's clutches and was found baying for the tribal's blood for violation of the Wildlife Act ' 72.

But, interestingly, in a press release in Bhubaneswar, the PFA Secretary had urged the state government not to arrest Ram Singh as the latter had never made any commercial gain out of Rani nor had tortured her!

And the worst that has happened is that, after Ram Singh's arrest, back in his home, his three year old daughter has been left to her fate. The child is in total trauma and there is nobody to take care of her. A reality that has not struck the minds of either the forest or the district authorities.

As an after thought the local authorities have decided to offer alms to the child in the shape of food, twice a day. Nothing could be more appalling than this; an innocent child who is already sinking in a brooding gloom of separation, her fate has been entrusted to a few officials.

On Monday, the tribal was granted bail by the local court, as its attention was drawn to the child's fate.

Now that Ram is out on a bail from the court, philanthropy is in the air. The state that earlier appeared anything but just, now, thanks to media and the judiciary, has thought of supporting Ram's daughter in her studies and food etc.. Even the local unit of PFA also has gone a step forward. It has not only volunteered to take total care of Ram�s daughter, but it has also suddenly found a hidden virtue in Ram Singh�s behaviour and expressed its willingness to employ him.

For them, it appears, Ram can be a real animal caretaker.

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 29, 2008, 5:27 am

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 29, 2008, 8:15 am
-On Sun, 8/6/08, jiban das wrote:

From: jiban das
Subject: Illegal possession of bear
Date: Sunday, 8 June, 2008, 3:24 PM

Dear Madam

One person is in illegal possession of 18 months female bear. In this regard I have brought the notice of Chief Wildlife Warden. He also instructed to the concern wildlife division. But till now the bear has not been rescued. I had visited that place and giving report to media.(copy attached).

Recently one Ziraffe died while transporting from Alipur Zoo to Nandankanan zoo due to the negligence of people engaged for transporting along with vets and other staffs form Nandankanan Zoo. Again day before yesterday one rescued leopard cub died in Nandankan Zoo due to the negligence of Vets. I had visited when the leopard cub rescued.All these high lighted in the media.


Past Member (0)
Sunday June 29, 2008, 8:16 am


Dated 8.6.2008.

A female sloth bear named Rani about 18 months old has been kept by Ramesh Munda at Judabeda Sahi of village Rutisila under Ghatagoan block in Keonjhar district. In this regard we have written to Chief Wild Warden of Orissa two weeks back to rescue the bear who has communicated to Keonjhar Wildlife division. But till now no steps has been taken to rescue the bear and rehabilitate it as per Wildlife Protection Act 1972. When I contact ACF Keonjhar, he told that they have visited that place but the person who has in possession of bear been absconded which is totally false. When I visited I found that person and he told the wildlife people came and saw the bear and returned. When it is illegal to possess a sloth bear which is a schedule-I animal as per wildlife protection Act 1972 how the concerned wildlife division remain silent. So it is clear that they are encouraging to violate the Wildlife Protection Act. For this type of attitude people of that area also involved in trading of wildlife from a local source. Another person of that area is in possession of two small Peacocks for trading purpose. Peacock is the National bird of India and belongs to schedule-I and trading is completely illegal. The person who has been in possession of the bear maintaining his daily meal by exhibiting the bear in different places of that area. Still he is not able to feed the bear properly confess before me. When the tribal people of that area is not aware of the Wildlife Act, it is the duty of concern wildlife division to aware of the Act by which they will not keep and trade the wildlife which is illegal and provision of fine and imprisonment for violating the act. When the bear population is decreasing day by day due to trading, poaching and illegal possession govt. should also take steps to protect the bears. Many animal welfare organizations also working for the conservation of bears in National an International level. State Wildlife deptt. should take immediate step to rescue this bear and rehabilitate in proper place. Our organization is also proposing for establishment of bear rescue center in our State to rehabilitate the bears rescued in such situations.



People for Animals

Mobile : 9437020717

Past Member (0)
Sunday June 29, 2008, 8:19 am
To Date : 27.06.2008.

Sh. Naveen Patnaik

Hon’ble Chief Minister


Sub : Rehabilitation of Ramesh Munda reg…

Respected Sir

This is regarding Ramesh Munda the innocent tribal of Rutisila village under Ghatagoan village of Keonjhar was arrested by State Wildlife deptt. for rearing and saving an orphan bear cub. He was charged for violating Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and now on bail. The arrest of Munda for saving a bear life is now reacted by many. This has now become an international news and we are receiving condemn letter from many people from aboard.

The arrest was completely inhuman when his attitude was to save the bear cub. He was also intimated the concern Forest wing and local police in due time. But no body has given attention of that. When this came in media then the concern Wildlife wing arrest him hiding their fault. Earlier we have rescued bears with the help of Wildlife deptt. but no action has been taken against anybody. Munda was treating the bear very humanely. Though Munda is instrumental in saving the bear life and he is poor tribal and not able to earn daily meal for his family our organization planning for his rehabilitation. We have arranged his daughter’s free education and all support. His daughter will be admitted in tribal school of Kalinga Institute of Social Science and the KISS authority is very happy to support. We urge before the Hon’ble Chief Minister to be kind enough to look after the following things.

1. The case against Munda should be dropped by withdrawing charges.

2. The Munda should be given opportunity to work in Nandankan Zoo to look after Rani along with other animals.

3. The rescued bears should remain free for which a bear sanctuary may be established. If govt. will provide land we will also take the responsibility for establishment of rescue center where different type of rescued wild animals will be rehabilitated.

4. Munda is interested to meet you Sir for your blessings as you are very much sympathetic for Munda and support for his daughter..

We request to the Hon’ble Chief Minister to be kind enough to take up the above matter for which we will be very much grateful.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

(Jiban Ballav Das


Mobile : 9437020717


Jillyanne M (718)
Monday June 30, 2008, 2:21 am
Thank you for the updates Naresh. Carefully watching, waiting and praying....still. Much appreciated information.
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