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Puppy mills showed their anger today in Delhi but we all activists are united against their cruel acts towards animals & fights for animal rights along with Smt. Maneka Gandhi, we demands that all pet shops in residential area be shut down here in Delhi.

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Sunday August 31, 2008, 4:11 am
Dear friends,

International Organization for Animal Protection – OIPA – an Italy based working since 1981 & duly affiliated with the United Nations, Department of public information, undersigned is the representative of OIPA in India & founder chairman, PFA HARYANA – as well.

Today I along with OIPA INDIA north zone coordinator Mandheer Maan appeal you all friends to be more compassionate towards animals about their rights & welfare, pet as hobby –no problem but pet for profit gives commercial – business points of view & with this thought you have to follow the law of the land & we are ready to provide legal awareness amongst the public with motto –WHY UN-NECESSARY PAIN & SUFFERINGS to the animals? So please follow the rules & law of the land, do your fundamental duties as defined in the article 51 – A(g) of the constitution of India.


Breeders are creating a consumer market for endangered species by selling exotic species and this is against the spirit of international cooperation endorsed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) of which India is a member country. CITES is an international agreement between governments on trade in specimens of wild animals and plants. To implement it requires coordination between countries. India cannot demand cooperation from other countries to control trafficking in rhino horns and ivory products if some persons irresponsibly create a consumer market for the Brazilian macaw and North American snake varieties.

The situation is worsened by a complete absence of laws to protect and monitor imported exotic wildlife species imported by breeders. If released into local ecosystems by accident or design, such a biological invasion of non-native species (by predation, competition and spread of disease) can have a far reaching impact on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and development.

But trafficking in rare and exotic wildlife is big business in India! And it is being conducted in utter anarchy in a legal vacuum. Every year, hundreds of animals enter the exotic pet trade but no governmental authority will own the responsibility of tracking imported exotic animals and ascertaining whether they have been released into the local habitat.


* the only way to stop the proliferation of the exotic animal trade and the suffering in it causes is to stop the breeding, bartering, trading, and sale of exotic animals for personal profit and amusement, and to teach the public that wild animals belong in the wild, not in our homes


There has been a proliferation of ‘backyard breeders’ in the NCT of Delhi of late. These persons do not care or know about genetics and bloodlines, do not properly screen potential buyers, raise the animals in poor conditions and practice irresponsible inbreeding as a result of which more and more cases of dogs with hip dysphasia, epilepsy, respiratory ailments, kidney failure, umbilical hernias, heart murmurs, eye defects, hemophilia, problematic pregnancies, etc. are brought to veterinary clinics. These are a direct consequence of breeding brother to sister or parent to child.

We are appalled by the lack of responsibility taken by government officials in keeping a check on the inhumane conditions of commercial breeding kennels in Delhi. Such establishments are a disgrace to our community. While there are laws worldwide to check and control commercial breeding, there are no laws in current usage to keep a check on whether adequate care is being provided to animals bred for commerce by breeders and whether they are living in substandard living conditions in effort to increase profit.


1. That breeders provide (a) breeding charts, (b) documentary proof on whether they have bred dogs that at least two years old, (c) proof whether a resting period has been maintained for bitches between litters, (d) whether they have been tested for any genetic health problems before the breeding, and (e) information on what happens to animals when they cannot breed anymore.
2. That checks be implemented by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi/Animal Welfare Division (Ministry of Environment and Forests) to ensure that breeders (a) compulsorily provide information on the health testing of most of the immediate relatives of the animals bred, (b) offer a guarantee against genetic health problems, (c) rationalize the prices of dogs and (d) provide authentic papers with animals sold by them.
3. That the Animal Welfare Division and the Wildlife authorities (a) take strict action against those breeders who import and breed exotic species of monkeys like marmosets, snakes, tortoises and fishes as pets, (b) immediately rectify the lacunae in the Wildlife Protection Act that allows such wildlife species exemption from seizure, (c) track such animals imported and provide proof to the public that such species have not been dispersed into the environment by the breeders by accident or design thus causing an unquantifiable disturbance to the ecology.


* Oppose the mass breeding of animals for profit because of the suffering, exploitation and trauma of the animals involved. It is foolish that on the one hand the Municipal Corporation of Delhi sterilizes dogs and on the other hand allows the unchecked breeding to carry on without controls.
* Believe that as a society we have domesticated the dog and the cat and in doing so now have a responsibility to treat them as domestic animals and not livestock.
* Support the elimination of breeding establishments through enactment of new legislation, and public education to eliminate the market for such animals.
* Oppose the deliberate capture and confinement, import and the breeding of wild or exotic animals as pets.




Naresh Kadyan & Mandheer Maan

Along with Friendicose-SECA, Wildlife SOS, Citizens for the Welfare and Protection of Animals (regd.)

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Sunday August 31, 2008, 4:15 am
Regarding the demonstration against 'NGOs' by some influential traders and breeders of pets and pet shop owners who sell exotic animals like North American snakes, etc., we should each send a press release to represent a counter view:

1. There have no animal breeding rules to govern the breeding of animals for sale. (Only lately some meetings are being held to frame dog breeding rules. Thats in process now, no final rules have been devised.)
2. While animal breeders are required to be licensed, there are no checks and there is no authority that is responsible for seeing the condition of the animals being bred,where they are kept, how often the animals are being bred and what happens to the animals when they are past breeding age.
3. There is a lacuna in the law that allows pet shop proprietors to import species of wildlife , like exotic North America snakes, and sell them in India. Once in the country, they are not protected by the Wildlife Act or any Act for that matter except the Section 11 of the PCA.
4. It is unethical to breed and traffic in animals for the purpose of commerce.
5. Such pet shop owners , who have enjoyed full freedom to conduct their trading in animals, enjoy the patronage of influential persons like the CM and her son. Instead she, the CM should have framed rules to govern the business of trading in animals.

Thus it is ironic and foolish on the part of the pet shop owners to now present themselves as 'animal lovers' who try to promote 'compassion for animals' by selling pets.

We should definitely send a press release on our seperate letter heads to protest against these idiotic traders in animals, tomorrow, so that the breedr's point of view will be balanced by ours.


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Sunday August 31, 2008, 4:15 am
There are rules & laws to handle the cruelty towards animals in NCR Delhi but the implementation of these laws are very..very poor, people keep pets with out registration with the competent authorities as there are no rules for dog knells - breeders along with fish aquarium in this region, people import-breed & keep the exotic animals / birds in cages for profit under cover pet but the intention is to get financial gain - business, there are no checks & monitoring at the level of administration, due to this illegal trade - the Govt authorities loosing the big amount as sales tax. Under the cover of illegal pet trade, people involved in this business hurt the genuine Indian endangered species & the protected animals also comes in market for sale / purchase, now this is the demand :-
1. Formation of the law / rules for Dog knells - breeders / pet shops.
2. Formation of the law / rules for the fish aquariums.
3. Formation of the law / rules for the protection of the exotic animals & birds.
4. Monitoring of existing laws implementation & control over the export - import
of the animals.
5.The violation of the law & rules should be a cognizable offense in legal terms
along with major punishment.

Joycey B (750)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 4:54 am
All puppy mills everywhere need to close down forever.

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Sunday August 31, 2008, 8:24 am
New Delhi, June 10 Former environment minister Maneka Gandhi has accused the Delhi Police of sheltering a petshop owner, whose establishment was detected doing brisk business in endangered birds and reptiles in a raid last month.

While Gandhi says the police is dragging its feet on the case, officers of the force said they have “instructions” not to take action against the owner, curiously terming it as a “VIP case”.

Gandhi’s NGO People for Animals (PFA) had been alerted last month that ‘The Petshop’ — located in the basement of Greenview Apartments in New Mangalpuri — sold endangered Macaws, turtles and lizards. The PFA spoke to the police and accompanied a team on May 20 for the raid.

Gandhi said several species covered under the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) were found in the shop and were photographed. Subsequently, a joint report (in possession of Newsline) prepared by Wildlife Inspector R R Meena and Mehrauli police station Sub Inspector A K Singh detailed that five American red-eared sliders (turtles), corn snakes and candy canes (snakes) had been found on the shop’s shelves. The report mentions the owner as one Jayesh Mathur of Dwarka.

Three weeks later, when Newsline visited the raided establishment, it appeared to be business as usual. Present at that time in the shop was one Dhirendra Swarup, who flaunted a pair of blue and golden Macaws to this correspondent. “This pair is worth Rs 1.8 lakh,” Swarup said. However, other protected species such as the snakes and turtles — photographed during the raid — were missing from the shelves. Trade in foreign birds is restricted by the CITES.

But nothing happened after the raid. Maneka Gandhi said, “A few days ago, we got a call from a district forest officer who asked us to back off, saying this was a VIP case and that no action would be taken against the owner.”

On the other hand, senior officers who would not be named, said they were troubled over this “VIP petshop” but would say no more. Delhi Police’s spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said, “No animal was confiscated during the raid. We spoke to the wildlife inspector who said the animals found were not covered under the Wildlife Protection Act.”

Maneka Gandhi said the matter was then taken to the Wildlife Crime Branch in the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Gandhi said, “Its head M B Lall has said the Ministry is examining the case.” But when Newsline contacted Lall, he said, “I have no idea about this. This case comes under the jurisdiction of the Delhi Wildlife Department.”

Gandhi said when the PFA confronted the government to check if the owner had the necessary papers to do business in these animals, they were shown a “few baseless permits”. These papers include a letter from a firm in Singapore permitting the export of 12 turtles as personal pets flown in on March 9, 2005.

In the same bunch was another interesting letter (dated April 11, 2005) from the Animal Quarantine Service, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying in Kapashera. This letter said the department had no objection to the import of “65 reptiles” from Singapore.

Gandhi said, “The permission to import from Singapore was for 12 turtles, but the Quarantine service in India okayed 65. On top of this, a permission from Singapore doesn’t entitle anyone to bring in animals without India’s permission.”

Abhishek Kadyan (19)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 5:39 pm
Shame on these puppy mills & it should be shut down forever in India, thanx Naresh Kadyan

Naresh Kadyan (40)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 5:44 pm
We demands the LEGISLATION FOR THE ANIMAL BREEDERS & FISH AQUARIUM ALONG WITH PET SHOPS & why these pet shops doing their business from residential areas with out paying taxes to the Govt. ???????

Kathy W (299)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 5:46 pm
Thank you for all that you do for these animals that have no voice Naresh, you are a good man.

Social Service (7)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 6:02 pm
We all animal rights activist are united puppy mills & be aware... shut down your cruelty towards animals / violation of the law / how much donations collected yet in your new style shops in residential areas with the help of CM Delhi...her MP son ???????

Naresh Kadyan (1180)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 6:10 pm
IPFA with you Smt. Maneka Gandhi & we will see.....

Past Member (0)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 8:53 pm
Dear friends block this Arko P being a troll...fake

Past Member (0)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 8:54 pm

Sandy v (91)
Sunday August 31, 2008, 10:12 pm

Past Member (0)
Monday September 1, 2008, 8:09 pm
Pet lovers’ protest

New Delhi, September 1
The Pet Lovers Association (PLA) also known as Behlia samaaj staged a two-day protest rally against the Maneka Gandhi-run NGO, People For Animals (PFA), alleging that in the name of animal rights, a number of NGOs like PFA run by powerful people are harassing pet keepers and breeders.

President of the PLA, Shakeel Khan, said after the legislation of Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, no rehabilitation has been made for the unemployed people whose families have been engaged in animal-related vocations for generations. —

ROBIN M (312)
Tuesday September 2, 2008, 4:44 am

Past Member (0)
Wednesday September 10, 2008, 6:37 am
The aphrodisiac market claims more and more animal victims every year as the quacks proclaim more and more animals to be the key to a human male sexual drive. As one animal fails , then another is taken up.After monitor lizards and bear gall bladders it is the turn of sparrows.

Like vultures, sparrows have simply disappeared. One reason could be pesticides, another that they are city birds and are no longer fed by unfeeling city denizens,. And yet another reason is that they are being caught and sold for aphrodisiacs to the minorities.

Crawford Market in Mumbai is one of the biggest trading centres for illegal animals and birds in the world. The Mumbai police get a weekly hafta from poachers and traders – and the sum runs into lakhs because the animals being traded range from snow leopards to butterflies. So they do nothing. No animal welfare organization in Mumbai dares to raid the market because the traders are killers as well and well connected to the mafias that rule Mumbai. No forest department officials raid at all – like any forest department in any city , they also get their weekly payments at home from the traders. If at all they venture out of their offices it is to kill animals themselves. I have just caught the DFO of Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh killing a deer in Dudhwa National Park and roasting it with his colleagues on August 30th. The Chief Wildlife warden has not arrested him because he says that killing by his own officials is not in his jurisdiction ! I have also found a group that hunted , sold and ate snakes in Amravati and getting the forest department to raid them took one month and a huge amount of political pressure. In fact People for Animals finds one poacher a day and last week a number of them got together to do a dharna against me and PFA , on the grounds that we raided them repeatedly. They were encouraged to do so by a senior official in the forest department of Delhi who attended their midnight meetings.

So the sparrow has suddenly found shelf space in Crawford Market along with the other illegal birds sold there, the eagles, the owls and the mynas. On an average 50,000 birds come to Crawford Market a day and many of them find their way to Pakistan – through our Customs.. Volunteers of the Plant and Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) stumbled upon the sparrow trade during a routine visit to the market last week and found thousands being openly sold.
According to the animal welfare groups the demand for the bird has shot up only recently after some hakims claimed to have prepared a potion from the bird’s meat which works as an aphrodisiac. Hakims in Pydhonie, Bhendi Bazaar, Nagpada and Mohammed Ali Road are known to prepare the medicine and the clients include rich minorities who want a tenth child with their second or third wife, industrialists and film stars.

The birds are easily trapped in urban areas and unlike other birds , the catchers do not have to move into the jungles and depend on unemployed tribals . They are caught all over Maharashtra’ cities using nylon nets. However since sparrows are so tiny, it takes many of them to make one dose of aphrodisiac.

The sparrow joins the ranks of the other animals that are slaughtered for aphrodisiacs in these sleazy illegal bazaars run by the same mafias that sell guns and bombs. You can see turtles upside down with their stomachs slashed and blood being taken out to sell to Bengalis and Keralites. Small nutlike brown hard objects which are the gallstones of the bears , dug out with knives while the bear is still alive. Bhasma which claims to be crushed tiger teeth, powder which is made from the rhino killed relentlessly for their horns till there are only two hundred left in India, snall shriveled creatures that were once bats.

Every town has a thriving market of wild animals that are being killed for aphrodisiac purposes. And as the chosen animals get rarer , the aphrodisiac industry will simply target another animal and build the mythology round them with the help of some easy- to-please doctors. From the crushed deer antler pills recommended to increase sexual desire and improve performance at eight capsules a day now the hakims recommend cow gallstones which are now much easier to get from the slaughterhouses. As seahorses who are dried , crushed and eaten become rarer , the hakims will simply switch to squirrels. Already bats are being hunted down to take the place of tiger claws.

Even rare trees are not spared. One of the most expensive attars -- and one recommended as an aphrodisiac by Mohammed Zakir of Minar Perfumers, Memonwada Road -- is ood, made from a tree bark found in Assam, which ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per tola. It is illegal to take the bark of this tree as there are very few left in the world. But it is sold openly in the same wildlife bazaars.

None of these animals can make you a man. All they supply is calcium or protein and you can get much more if you simply eat well and sensibly. As the body feels better so does the libido. A high fat , heavy cholesterol diet blocks arteries . What does Viagra do ? It simply releases nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to open allowing more blood to flow in. Anything interfering with blood circulation leads to dysfunction; After all if I stop blood circulation to my finger , it will also not be able to move. The body is a machine run by blood . Foods that are high in carbohydrates and the wrong kinds of fats block up arteries. If the blood vessels cannot carry the blood/oxygen properly because they are narrower and full of fat , then the body starts breaking down. And, just as blockages in the arteries to the heart can cause a heart attack and choked-off blood to the brain can lead to a stroke, when the arteries to the genitals are clogged, that part of the body will not work well either.
You want to be a man ? Sparrows won’t do it. It has to be a change of diet and lifestyle. A combination of a low-fat vegetarian diet, moderate exercise, stress management, and no smoking lets the arteries begin to clean themselves out.
Leave the sparrows alone. This is the one bird who carries the generic name of Chidiya and for it to disappear as food for your inefficient genitals will bring bad luck all over the country.

Naresh Kadyan (1180)
Sunday October 12, 2008, 5:33 am
NEW DELHI: Animal Activist Maneka Gandhi met standing committee chairman Vijender Gupta on Saturday and said all the unlicensed pet shops in the c
ity should be shut down with immediate affect as the were indulging in inhuman practices, said Gupta.

According to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) officials, there are around 1,000 pet shops functioning without licenses and the civic agency is now working out a proposal to crack down on them.

Said Gupta: "Maneka Gandhi also raised the issue of why elephants and horses were still present in the city. We told her that we were going to ban plying of tongas in the city soon. She demanded that the illegal pet shops in the city be shut down immediately as they were indulging in illegal trade worth crores. Moreover, birds were being dyed and fish being injected with drugs to match the colour of people's houses and protected animals were also being sold openly by these pet

Commissioner K S Mehra has been asked to determine how many illegal pet shops are functioning in the city and take immediate action against them in the coming days. Added Gupta: "We are going to close down pet shops functioning illegally in the city over the next few days.'' Maneka Gandhi could not be reached till late at night for her comments on this issue.
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