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Being AR Activists In Austria Is Illegal!! One Of Austrian AR Activists Is Free

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- 3572 days ago -
Chris is FREE - gues why!!! "Christian Moser, the Judge believes, has suffered so much under the psychological stress of the detention and the separation from his family, that he will in future abstain to participate in animal rights activities"

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Joanna D (216)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 11:45 am
Criminal Injustice System Tortures Detainees in Austria

- First Detainee Set FREE, but Judge Manifests Again Coercive Detention ("Beugehaft") in Austria -

Vienna, 13. August 2008 - The hearings of two cases in the saga of the detained ten animal rights advocates took place today at the Appeal Court of Wiener Neustadt / Austria.

The case of DDr. Martin Balluch, who had repeatedly stated already that if released he would continue to be an animal rights advocate, was smashed in just under 10 minuted by the presiding judge, while Mr. Christian Moser - a married artist with 3 children, was set FREE!

"Christian Moser, the Judge believes, has suffered so much under the psychological stress of the detention and the separation from his family, that he will in future abstain to participate in animal rights activities", reported an observer. And this is what these ten cases apparently are all about: To break the detainees in their consciousness and to break their free will.

Moser's case, however, had been heard last Monday at a superior court and it was ruled like in the previous appeal cases by the Superior Court, that Chris - as his friends call him - shall remain in prison awaiting trial.

Since these two rulings now collude, the public prosecutor has immediately appealed against the release order of today and it is therefore feared that Mr. Moser could be brought back into prison in about two weeks time, if the Austrian government does not step in to put an end to these unbelievable atrocities. Since government in form of its grand-coalition is already dissolved and new presidential and governmental elections will take place on 28th September, the game of the criminal justice system in Austria is, however, presumed to continue.

The total confusion of the justice system in Austria is obvious, since judges can easily get away with such outrageous and criminal coercive detention decisions like in the case of DDr. Balluch today, while Justice Minister Dr. Maria Berger is clearly absolutely incompetent to end this farce. Berger is such a coward that she even shunned away from a meeting the concerned parents of the detainees still demand.

Eminent persons of public life, politicians and scientists from around the globe and even celebrities like Mme. Brigitte Bardot have sent already urgent appeals to Justice Minister Berger and the Austrian government, which all so far have not been responded to with the only appropriate action, which is to set all detainees free and grant them a fair and public trial.

Joanna D (216)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 11:53 am
It's sick!! It seems they were "accused" of participating in legal activism, and that they will be in prison until they say "dear court I'll never, ever participate in any AR activism"
What they want to do with the nine activists?? Will they be tortured???
It is what the case is about to make AR activists silent in Austria!!
That's the crime!! Austrian government - they are terrorist!

Joanna D (216)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 12:01 pm
the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR), Article 5:
Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law:

(a) the lawful detention of a person after conviction by a competent court;

(b) the lawful arrest or detention of a person for non-compliance with the lawful order of a court or in order to secure the fulfilment of any obligation prescribed by law;

(c) the lawful arrest or detention of a person effected for the purpose of bringing him before the competent legal authority of reasonable suspicion of having committed and offence or when it is reasonably considered necessary to prevent his committing an offence or fleeing after having done so;

(d) the detention of a minor by lawful order for the purpose of educational supervision or his lawful detention for the purpose of bringing him before the competent legal authority;

(e) the lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases, of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants;

(f) the lawful arrest or detention of a person to prevent his effecting an unauthorized entry into the country or of a person against whom action is being taken with a view to deportation or extradition.

Everyone who is arrested shall be informed promptly, in a language which he understands, of the reasons for his arrest and the charge against him.

Everyone arrested or detained in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1(c) of this article shall be brought promptly before a judge or other officer authorized by law to exercise judicial power and shall be entitled to trial within a reasonable time or to release pending trial. Release may be conditioned by guarantees to appear for trial.

Everyone who is deprived of his liberty by arrest or detention shall be entitled to take proceedings by which the lawfulness of his detention shall be decided speedily by a court and his release ordered if the detention is not lawful.

Everyone who has been the victim of arrest or detention in contravention of the provisions of this article shall have an enforceable right to compensation.

Joanna D (216)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 12:07 pm
Write to the Austrian Ministry for Justice:
the Federal Ministry for Justice
Attn.: Minister Dr. Maria Berger
Vienna / Federal Republic of Austria

tell her what do you think about that!

mail to other authorities:
Federal Chancellor Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer
Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer
Minister for the Interior Dr. Maria Fekter

Davida P (283)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 12:27 pm
Noted & Thanks for the update

Dusty K (1339)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 12:29 pm
So they must say "I promise not to defend animal rights anymore" and they can be released??????? what a load of sh%@*! I'm glad that Chris is out and safe (I worried about his mental state) but they need to let them all go and bring charges against the government for false imprisonment. Will continue with emails and faxes Joanna!

Morgan Griffith (225)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 2:39 pm
So we have been told all our lives to live in accordance with our conscience. This is the basis of leading a good life. Now we are to believe that if you protect the weaker of the world you are a criminal unless you are willing to bow your head and say "I'm sorry, my whole life of good deeds has been a lie and I will never defend anything or anyone again. It is OK that the government and big business kill and maim animals and humans but I will not speak out for I have learned this is wrong!!" Dusty, you said it what a load of sh%@*!! Maybe they can call Guantanamo and ask them for advice on how to break a man's spirit--waterboarding anyone?

Sheila G (267)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 5:59 pm
Letters sent, this is outrageous but I don't suppose we expected anything better. We certainly weren't waiting for justice. They should have sit behind bars for what they are doing to these innocent people.
ty Joanna for keeping us posted.

Joycey B (750)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 7:35 pm
They have no right to do this. This just sickens me. Noted with anger and disgust. Thanks for the update Joanna.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 7:37 pm

Past Member (0)
Wednesday August 13, 2008, 11:10 pm
Thanx for this good news.

Marisa Sebastian (130)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 12:52 am
Disgusting fascist government. Who´s in charge, Hitler?!

Hans L (958)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 12:56 am
it is therefore feared that Mr. Moser could be brought back into prison in about two weeks time CHRIS IS NOT FREE YET! He can be back in two weeks!
SERIOUS ACTION NOT TWO OR THREE E MAILS! We should overload the servers all together at the same moments....Over and over again.
But the number of supporters is not big enough seems that there are not
enough caring people who are realy willing to do something to solve this problem! I think that Toni the EGG KING in Austria could do more than he did so far as you know the criminal organisation is what they are accused of.....It would be easy for Toni to tell the president of Austria in an open letter in the press that the people who he is working with for years are innocent animal advocates! We need people with guts and a good reputation who finally end this scandal!

For the Austrian government this is not a scandal at all!
So lets make a few wake up calls! Lets get loud! LETS GET LOUD!
This might take till after the elections and after the new government is working....even if all people tell us that the legal system is complete seperated from the government.... BERGER, FEKTER and in the first place Platter are the people to go after!

Joanna D (216)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 2:01 am
News fro the prison:
Chris got straight on a train yesterday and would have reached his family at around 7 in the evening. It is a very bitter swett feeling as it seems very likely that they will come for him again due to the appeal made by the public prosecutor.

As for Martin, the remand was not lifted because the judge considered the risk of reoffending to still be present. In other words, he was not prepared give up his job/career.

Joanna D (216)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 2:04 am
Write to the Austrian Ministry for Justice:
the Federal Ministry for Justice
Attn.: Minister Dr. Maria Berger
Vienna / Federal Republic of Austria

tell her what do you think about that!

mail to other authorities:
Federal Chancellor Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer
Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer
Minister for the Interior Dr. Maria Fekter

Call Austrian Embassy in your country.

Alf I (246)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 2:18 am
Similar thing here in the UK. I have friends who are 'let off' if they agree to a curfew. They are given a map of where they can and can't go which effectively bans them from protesting.
The fascists are winning (if we let them).

Hans L (958)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 2:32 am
Hi Joanna!

We should prepare a message that is stronger than everything
before as long as the prosecutor is thinking that they should be in
prison you can be sure they will be in prison for a long long time!
Maximum is two years without being charged!

We need much more pressure! I am sure that Daphne would start bombing
Vienna if they do not set them free! The olympic games are the reason why
Amnesty is not doing anyhting in Austria...CHINA IS MORE INTERESTING!
The olympic games have been the perfect chance for this new war in Georgia
both governments have planned that long time ahead!
The problem with the animal right movement is that big people like Toni the EGG KING who has the power to change things say : They have to suffer for justice! Nothing that you can do about that....
Politicians? Forget them all no green party no animal party no socialists
Stars? Even vegans like Sir Paul dont speak up to end this worldwide war against AR ! The establishment is fine with these arests and they will get a fair trial....well if the human rights are not respected now how fair will their trial be????

We need more, and more serious support if we want to free them!

Wonder how this all would have been if a farmer in Austria would have been accused of abusing animals....he would have been free within 24 hours the industry would have bailled him out! But the AR lobby is small! ALF does not exist in Austria thats for sure!!! Activist liberation front will have to come up with sollutions for this human right scandal in Austria!
If the campaign to free them is not organized better than so far they will not be free until the trial...who knows when that will be!


Hans L (958)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 2:54 am
The fascists are realy winning! You need massive people power to stop this!
Not just a few hundred people in each country....Look at the demonstrations in Austria..
But who should organize that???? We have seen how the Yahoo Group works...
Asking people who have nothing to say in AUSTRIA! WASTE OF TIME!
Baroso is a nice guy but you would need a great guy to solve this problem!
You need the people in Austria! Important people in Austria!
Toni would be the right guy to find a political sollution for this problem!
He is selling all the eggs in Austria just imagine what would happen if he would ask for support for the people who have made Austria the number one in the world when it comes to animal protection laws!

Shame on Austria for this human rigths scandal that they dont seem to
recognize because they realy believe this BS!

Joanna D (216)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 3:44 am
That's why I don't submit my send letters - they aren't appropiate here. Enough is enough.

At least people from yahoo group decided to organise the solidarity world day - it will be probably on 5th of September in UK and Irleand and 6th in other countries.
I will let you know when everything will be ready.

Joanna D (216)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 3:50 am
Is the nebulous construction of a “criminal organisation” beginning to fall apart?

Following a successful appeal from his lawyer, the wrongly imprisoned animal protectionist artist from Tirol was released today from remand in Wr. Neustadt.

Chris Moser suffered extreme anxiety and depression due to the separation from his wife and three children. The remand judge lifted the remand as the “risk of reoffendeing“ was no longer present.

However, the public prosecutor has already appealed against the judge’s decision in an attempt to futher separate Chris from his family. A decision is expected in two weeks. Meanwhile, at least, Chris and his family are reunited!

The other nine innocent animal protectionists remain in custody.

"This is the first indication that the house of cards construed as a “criminal organisation“ is beginning to fall apart“ said Harald Balluch of the VGT.

Joanna D (216)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 3:54 am
Ok - the date is 5th Sept as it's better to have all demos and actions on one day.
@5th September 2008: Day of Solidarity
Please join the International Day of Solidarity and organize Demos in your City!

Please join the International Day of Solidarity and organize Demos in your City! Let's spread the word for the freedom of the 10 activists in Austria and demand an end to repression of social activism."

All infos will be here:

Hans L (958)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 4:11 am
Dear Joanna!
If the defense would be able to destroy this house of cards they would have done at the beginning! I do not think that the defense is that bad! Many judges have ruled and think that they belong in prison because they are part of a criminal organisation! This criminal organisation argument to keep them in prison! Human rights? Not if you belong to a criminal organisation! The articles about how the money is devided 30 % for VGT WTV and Vier Pfoten has been removed from the VGT site? Both in German and in English! That is strange... I guess that the defense would not want this story. But maybe this story is the key to why they are still in jail!
The card house just needs a few drops of super glue and it will stand strong enough to keep them in prison! 24 months is the maximum without being charged! Nothing will happen until they find some kind of evidence that they can be connected to one of the attacks....

So far all that they did is stop the work of the organisations and sell the lie of the criminal organisation!

I have been with Peter Pilz right from the beginning that this is one big scandal startet by Minister Platter! It will take a long time to get some justice in this case maybe 6 months maybe even years.....

Thats why we should create awareness about this case with the help of people in Austria who care about the reputation of Austria!
The president does not care about we need the captains of industry...try to find compassionate people...or just wait for the trials!
Like Toni suggested!

Hans L (958)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 4:53 am
This is a warning that i have recieved today! the dutch police is looking for people who are willing to inform the police on animal activism it seems that they do not get enough information from the internet! So the problems that the police in Austria has are the same here in Holland! They cannot find any information to go after the bad guys.Or what they think are bad guys!.And it would be good for animals if the animals if the animal right movement would not work effectively.....In Austria the police has infiltrated the VGT and could not come up with any evidence....

Waarschuwing: politie zoekt informanten!

Hallo allemaal,

Ik wil iedereen even informeren over het merkwaardige bezoek wat ik gisterochtend kreeg en iedereen die voor dieren strijd daarvoor waarschuwen. Gisterochtend werd er aan mijn deur aangebeld. Het bleken een vrouw en een man te zijn van de politie, ze lieten hun pasje zien en ze vroegen of ze even binnen mochten komen. Aangezien er in mijn buurt veel ingebroken wordt dacht ik dat ze hiervoor kwamen; buurtpreventie. Ik liet ze binnen en gaf ze toegang tot mijn huiskamer. De vrouw (allebei in de dertig) zei binnen dat de reden van het bezoek was dat ze mij eens langs had zien fietsen met mijn dierenrechtenjas aan en een keer met een kip in een vervoersbox en de woning hier in had zien gaan. Achteraf bleek dat ze meer van mij wisten: dat ik in Comité Dierennoodhulp zat, verschillende acties had gedaan, ook in samenwerking met andere dierenorganisaties. Zo toevallig was het dus niet. Ze vertelden dat ze van de recherche waren en moesten uitzoeken hoe de dierenactiewereld in elkaar stak, ook door de verharding hierin. Via internet kwamen ze niet zo veel verder, daarom vroegen ze of ik hen wilde helpen hierin en met hen wilde samenwerken. Ik heb hen duidelijk gemaakt dat dat mijn ding niet was en ik dat niet wilde. Ik houd me met actie voeren voor dieren bezig en het verzorgen van dieren en ga niet nog eens de politie informeren. Dat is mijn doel niet. Al probeerden zij mij wel te overtuigen dat dat ook voor dieren gunstig zou kunnen zijn: het negatieve beeld wat er nu heerst over dierenactivisme zou positiever kunnen worden en ze zouden me evt. kunnen helpen met aangiftes, dat ze serieuzer genomen worden. Ook wilden ze weten hoe ik tegenover hardere acties stond en tegenover de politie en waarom ik niet mee wilde werken. En of ze nog een keer terug konden komen. Nee dus.

Dit is mij overkomen, dus het kan iedereen overkomen. Als je zo overvallen wordt in je eigen huis is dat best lastig. Ik raad iedereen aan ieder woord wat je zegt te overwegen en duidelijk te stellen dat je hier geen zin in hebt. Dieren zijn hier echt niet mee gebaat! Ik verwacht nu dat mijn telefoon wordt afgeluisterd, en mijn e-mails ook al een tijd gecheckt worden.

Wat ik wil zeggen hiermee is dat we ons niet moeten laten uitspelen tegen elkaar! Trap er niet in! Je helpt er dieren echt niet mee, wat ze je ook zeggen! Bovendien kom je natuurlijk door het geven van informatie aan de politie, hoe onschuldig die informatie ook is, toch in de positie van informant van de politie terecht.

Je hoeft niks tegen de politie te hebben: maar je hoeft ze ook niet te informeren! Zij hebben een heel ander doel dan jij, houd dat voor ogen. Zij willen informatie van jou om mensen op te kunnen pakken en er meer grip op te krijgen. Hun doel is niet dat van jou: rechten voor dieren en een dierwaardig leven voor dieren!

Keep up the good work people! Keep up the good work!


Elena P (549)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 5:13 am
Noted and thank you for all the updates.

Louise L (48)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 1:53 pm
Austria seems like a moral country, but they have a secret: their citizens have limited freedom. Do they also throw advocates for the elderly and children in jail? What country wants citizens who are stifled? That country will never flourish, and is in danger of having its government overthrown. FREE SPEECH. Thanks, Joanna.

. (0)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 5:19 pm
Its a sad day,when the state stamps on valid activism.The laws are tightening around the world,and our hard fought civil liberties and democratic rights are being eroded.

Marion Y (322)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 6:43 pm
Thank you Joanna. The government is making this a real hardship for Christian Moser and his family. I, too, thought Austria was more progressive and humane than this.

Marian E (152)
Thursday August 14, 2008, 11:53 pm

Apparently this is NOT a house of cards!!! I commend and applaud
these activists for not caving in and taking what could be a much
easier way out. These are true activists!!!

Thank you for this update, I am saddened to hear of the psychological
damage which has led to a release for Christian Moser. If psychological
stress has caused such damage, then he must not be re-incarcerated!!!


Hans L (958)
Friday August 15, 2008, 1:57 am
Judges in Austria must be some kind of blind! If they are realy guilty then why have they not been charged? Comments in the Standard in Austria tell that according to the judges the crimes can be connected to the 9 animal right advocates! But if this would be true they would have done so immediately.
They have not yet been charged and like in Guantanamo there are no human
rights for suspects of terrorism or organized crimes!
Every one of us who has supported the VGT can be connected to the organized crime that Minister Platters people have constructed here!
The three organisations that have been screened have nothing to hide and if evidence for crimes would have been found this would have been used to charge them....The government is just waiting and hoping to find something!
If this turns out to be nothing but hot air Peter Pilz will enjoy the next couple of years for all the people involved in this scandal will have to face the results of what they have did to the Austrian ten but even more to the DEMOCRACY! People all around the world cannot believe that this is happening in Austria in 2008 and not in 1938!!!
SHAME ON AUSTRIA FOR THIS SCANDAL! That places them in the list of countries that do not respect human rights!
Austria used to be one of the safest countries for animals!!!
This will change if we let it happen! The number of people who realy care for this case in Austria is too small...And this case is not big enough for international media... it would be as soon as one of the prisoners in hunger strike would die...but they will make sure that this will not happen! At the end Austria will have achieved that animal activists are scared to death to speak up for the voiceless!
Long live democracy! Freedom of speech! Human rights for the austrian animal activists!

Past Member (0)
Friday August 15, 2008, 3:58 am
Brigid Weinzinger


14.08.2008 11:24
TierschützerInnen: Umgehende Enthaftung der AktivistInnen

Neun TierschützerInnen sitzen noch in Untersuchungshaft. "Dass die Staatsanwaltschaft in einem Haftprüfungsverfahren den Kürzeren gezogen hat, ist bezeichnend für die Lage in dieser Justiz-Farce", erklärte die Menschenrechtssprecherin der Grünen, Brigid Weinzinger. Sie fordert die umgehende Enthaftung aller neun AktivistInnen.

"Die Behauptung der Staatsanwaltschaft und der Haftprüfungsrichter in Sachen Tatbegehungsgefahr sind null und nichtig, weil sie als einziges Indiz für eine Tatbegehungsgefahr anführen, dass die Betroffenen nicht bereit sind dem Tierschutz abzuschwören", erläutert, Brigid Weinzinger und weiter:

"Was mit den TierschützerInnen passiert, spottet dem Rechtsstaat und stellt den Beweis für Gesinnungsjustiz dar. Denn den Inhaftierten können weiterhin keine konkreten Straftaten vorgeworfen werden und der Vorwurf der kriminellen Organisation fußt auf Bekenntnissen zum Tierschutz und der Gesinnung der Inhaftieren", kritisiert Weinzinger.

Die Aufrecherhaltung der Untersuchungshaft steht inzwischen unter dem Geruch eine Beugehaft zu sein. "Das Recht, die Aussage zu verweigern, von dem einige Gebrauch gemacht haben, wird ihnen vorgeworfen und als Grund für die Fortsetzung der Untersuchungshaft genommen. Das ist unzulässig", erklärt Weinzinger und fordert daher die sofortige Enthaftung und die Rückkehr zu rechtsstaatlichen Prinzipien gegen die TierschützerInnen.

Birgit is right they should be released immediately!


. (0)
Friday August 15, 2008, 4:17 am
How dare they. Austria like China????

Joanna D (216)
Friday August 15, 2008, 10:28 am
Stefan Traxler, the lawyer:"The accusations against Christian M were totally ridiculous: he has a saw at home and based on that he was accused of sawing down hunting platforms. My client lives in Tirol in the woods and heating his home with wood, for this he needs a saw."

Commenting on Chris resigning from his part time job with the VGT Stefan Traxler said "the animal protection movement has been badly scarred and shaken by this police operation, and in my opinion this was the aim, and they are succeeding"

15. August 2008, Kleine Zeitung Print Seite 12, abgetippt:

"Die Szene ist massiv ver�ngstigt"

Im heftig diskutierten Fall von zehn verhafteten Tierschutz-Aktivisten
kam Bewegung, seit ein Tiroler wieder auf freiem Fu� ist.

von Hannes Gaisch

"Die Angst, meine Familie zu verlieren, macht mich krank! Ist dem dem
Staatsanwalt und den Richtern die Tragweite ihres Handelns bewusst?
Wissen sie, was sie vielleicht gerade zerst�ren?" Das schrieb der
Tiorler Christian M., verheiratet und Vater dreier Kinder, aus der
Wiener Neust�dter Zelle, in der er seit Ende Mai einsa�. Er is einer
jener zehn Tiersch�ter, die verhaftet wurden, weil sie, so der Vorwurf,
einer kriminellen Organisation angeh�ren sollen. Seit Mittwoch ist
Chrisian M. wieder frei. Damit kam erstmals seit Wochen Bewegugn in
einen Fall, er die gesamte �sterreichische Tierschutzszene in Aufruhr
Das Landesgericht Wienr Neustadt will zur Enthaftung des Triolers nichts
sagen. Daf�r spricht sein M�dlinger Antwalt Stefan Traxler: "Wir haben
die Vorw�rfe gegen Christian M. bei der Haftverhandlung entkr�ften
k�nnen. Sie waren ja auch toatal l�cherlich. Er hat eine S�ge zu Hause
und deshalb steht er unter Verdacht, Hochst�nde in Nieder�sterreich
umges�gt zu haben. Doch mein Mandant wohnt in Tirol im Wald und heizt
mit Holz, daf�r braucht er eine S�ge."

Die Staatsanwaltschaft hat gegen die Entlassung von Christian M. sofort
berufen. "F�r uns hat sich an der Sachlage nichts ge�ndert", sagte
Sprecher Erich Habitzl. �ber die Berufung wird das Oberlandesgericht

Christian M., der alle Vorw�rfe zur�ckweist, ist wieder bei seiner
Familie in Tirol. Seine Anstellung beim "Verein gegen Tierfbiken (VGT)
hat er gek�ndigt, aus Angst, dass sie ihm im Laufe des Verfahrens
schaden k�nnte. "Das ist typisch f�r die momentane Situaiton", sagt
Anwalt Traxler. Die monatelange Inhaftierung der zehn Aktivisten "hat
die ganze Szene eingesch�chtert und ver�ngstigt. Das war meiner Meinung
auch das Ziel der Aktion und das ist erreicht worden." F�r Traxler
spricht schon der Umstand, dass Christian M. in Triol lebt, dagegen,
dass er Mitglied einer Krimeinellen Organisation sein kann, die in und
um Wien operieren soll.

Die Polizei ordnet die Verd�chtigen dem militanten Tierrechtspektrum zu.
Vorgeworfen werden ihnen Anschl�ge gegen Textilfirmen, die mit Pelzen
handeln. Prominentester Untersuchungsh�ftling ist Martin Balluch, Obann
des VGT.

Umstritten in diesem Zusammenhang ist der so genannte "Mafia-Pragraph",
die Migliedschaft einer kriminellen Organisation. Die Verteidiger
stellen dies massiv in Abrede. Dazu komme, dass laut Judikatur "dazu
zehn Personen geh�ren", erkl�rt Traxler, "nun sind es aber nur noch neun"

Foto: Demo der Gr�nen vor dem Gericht in Wr. Neustadt, Text: Auch
Politker gingen f�r die inhaftierten Tierschutz-Aktivisten auf die
Stra�e. Im Bild die G�ne Madeleine Petrovic.

Redakteur: /hannes/./gaisch/@/kleinezeitung/.at

Hans L (958)
Friday August 15, 2008, 1:08 pm
This is so rediculous how can you go to prison if you have a saw at home everybody in Austria has not just one saw at home! But they have what they wanted! Animal rights movement in Austria is scared to death and paralized!
Thats why we must fight from all over the world and maybe even help in Austria? Seems that they need a few fearless people!
I think that september 5 should be one realy big happening in Austria with people from all over EUROPE! They should see that we care2!
I will try to make it to Vienna on september 5 and hope that many people from all of Europe will try to make it!

Joanna D (216)
Sunday August 17, 2008, 5:44 am
Open Letter from Jan on the Decision from the Appellate Court (OLG)

The refusal to make statements in regards to the accusations is our good right says the judge presiding over the evaluations of our pre-trial detention, but nevertheless our “unruly behaviour” as well as our refusal to disclose passwords creates a picture which stands in opposition to the behaviour of innocent people. This would attempt to assist the investigations. Our refusal to make a statement or work together with the authorities in any other ways is therefore grounds for our pre-trial detention.

Up until now we have been charged with almost no actual crimes but rather a political mindset and based on this a criminal organization has been construed. And a large part of the case files and the “evidence” has been withheld from us by the legal system. We cannot defend ourselves juridical without knowing the charges and the “evidence.”

According to the law the use of the right to remain silent as a fundamental right cannot be held against an accused person.

The decision to refuse to make a statement is nonetheless not a legal but rather a political necessity. It is one of the few possibilities for political action which remains for us now. A commitment to solidarity and freedom against this state and its repression!

I cannot support investigations directed against progressive political movements, friends and comrades, innumerable national and international activists and also against me!

Whenever I think about all the unspeakable and ubiquitous horrors performed against animals in slaughterhouses, laboratories and other places of monstrosity and also about the not less awful things which people must suffer under every second, and I am aware that this hell for innumerable beings is a system made and maintained by humans, then I no longer ask myself whether or not I want to be “unruly.”

For life and liberty – with solidarity and love!
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