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They Know All About Your Vacation

Society & Culture  (tags: domestic surveillance, travel, Homeland Security, civil liberties, travel information, Automated Targeting System )

- 3892 days ago -
The Department of Homeland Security knows all about that flight you took to Portugal with your sweetie. They know about the train trip your Aunt Margaret took to visit you too. They have your hotel records, a list of what you took with you, and more...

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RC deWinter (418)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 12:32 am
Now THIS is too much. I think the next time I take a trip I'll pack a small bag with some horse manure in it...analyze THAT, you spooks!

Holly Troubetzkoy (167)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 12:34 am
Cate thanks for the article. THere was something about this lawer earlier this week but artiicle shows taht since 1990 this 1984 like behavior has been being expanded by the US government. Is keeping this personal information a violation of privcy, YES. Is it ok. NO

Bruce Combs (468)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 12:52 am
Hey, you guys! Can someone tell me why we still have to fill out tax forms every year -- and further, isn't the tax service obsolete for some time now since these other organizations have all the (un-fudged-about) info and seem to play around with it a lot if it isn't getting in the way of Homeland Security (H.S. used to stand for "horse shit," you know. Maybe still does. Maybe they are just getting prepared to not be bothered by tax revolts! Peace, etc. Bruce Combs

Blue B (855)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 12:54 am
No one need wonder any longer about why the Bu$hie$ can't find Osama bin Laden ....

what a bunch of idiots!

Tim Redfern (581)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 1:48 am
Hmmmm....DHS....."Department of Horse Shit".
I like that, Bruce. 'Got a nice ring to it!

I vowed years ago, not long after 9-11, that
I would never fly on a commercial airliner
again. Not because I don't like to fly.
Quite the contrary, I LOVE to fly. But I will
NEVER go through all the shit at the airport
one has to go through, before you ever get on the plane!
If it's too far for me to get to by car,
I won't go.
Thank you, Cate.

Elle J (276)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 3:40 am
Noted! Thanks Cate. I was practically strip searched on a trip from Memphis to Boston. The reason they gave me is because I changed carriers. What was I suppose to do, my original flight was cancelled and I had to be routed on another airline. Everything I had was examined.....well not quite everything but all of the contents of my purse and carry on luggage. I almost missed my plane. I really didn't think I looked menacing.

Gail L (30)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 3:51 am

Dolores H (2)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 4:46 am
I'd better be more careful about my choice of reading material the next time I fly (LOL). This is utterly ridiculous. All that time and effort, and especially dollars spent gathering and saving information that serves no purpose to (ahem) homeland security.

Joycey B (750)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 6:30 am
This is ridiculous. No more privacy for us. Probably never did have any. It just seems to get worse. Noted. Thanks Cate.

Stephen Hannon (203)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 6:32 am
Noted. Thanks Cate. I haven't flown since 1975. But I do know the government has a different file on me. I bet they know about every petition I ever signed and who I signed it for.

It's 1984 in reality, but takes place in the beginning of the 21st Century.

Shoshana B (138)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 7:05 am
This is going way too far! Will we ever get any privacy??

Margaret B (164)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 7:46 am
You are right Stephen and we are all probably rated as radicals and people it is not just when you travel. They know every magazine subscription you've had from infancy, who you've called and when and from where you buy things. The probably even know who you have slept with and what positions you were in with your partner, I find this very offensive and feel if they paid that much attention to security 911 would not have happened.

Tsandi Crew (95)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 8:56 am
I went to Chicago by train...very wonderful. In Kansas City they searched the train with a little doojang that beeped when they came to luggage that was suspicious...but they only searched the overheads. My bag was on the floor by my feet. DHS, I think that's right.

A very relaxed trip, costs about the same, you can talk to people, walk around, see the country, etc. I highly recommend it. I HATE flying. I flew to Alaska a few months later, took nothing for them to examine in my carryon, was not stopped, had no trouble, but its crowded, stressful, and if the plane stops, you can't just step out onto the ground.....I just can't deal with that....and the largest body of water I want to get into is a bathtub. Not the cold, cold, ocean!

I would take a train to Washington and then the Ferry!

I love flying in my dreams, hang gliding, balloon rides, but not airplanes.

Dave K (308)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 10:03 am
Knocke, the DHS spokesman, added that the program is not used to determine "guilt by association." He said the DHS has created a program called DHS Trip to provide redress for travelers who faced screening problems at ports of entry.

But DHS Trip does not allow a traveler to challenge an agency decision in court, said David Sobel, senior counsel with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has sued the DHS over information concerning the policy underlying the ATS. Because the system is exempted from certain Privacy Act requirements, including the right to "contest the content of the record," a traveler has no ability to correct erroneous information, Sobel said.

Zakariya Reed, a Toledo firefighter, said in an interview that he has been detained at least seven times at the Michigan border since fall 2006. Twice, he said, he was questioned by border officials about "politically charged" opinion pieces he had published in his local newspaper. The essays were critical of U.S. policy in the Middle East, he said. Once, during a secondary interview, he said, "they had them printed out on the table in front of me."

-- You have the right to have no rights.

serge vrabec (278)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 11:19 am
Alot of people said all this darn technology would come back to haunt us one day, i guess that day is here for some of us. The third world definetaly has its perks. Thx Cate!

From none but self expect applause:
He noblest lives and noblest dies
Who makes and keeps his self-made laws."
-- Sir Richard Francis Burton - (1821-1890) English explorer, linguist, author, and soldier

Jean Smith (108)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 12:32 pm
Noted They always said technology would rule the world. I think its almost here

Daniel Barker (35)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 1:07 pm
If you Democrats hate Bush so much, why are you supporting him on Capitol Hill? I voted Democrat Cognress, Libertarian/Green Senate, on Nov. 7 in good faith.

So far the only truth Nancy Pelosi said was ending Republican earmark spending - now we have Democratic earmark spending.

If you want something done, for heaven's sake don't vote Democrat! Cindy Sheehan looks like a good choice, as does Ron Paul.

Aisha Mohammed (613)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 1:44 pm
salaam addition as most are aware-our passports have electronic chips which track our (or the passports) where abouts at all times within a certain radius....mine sits in my closet in a lockbox for now--hmm wonder if they can surveillance my closet contents....however-am planning trip to Egypt with my babies in winter--realize now-their tracking & spying on personal data will begin early in my girl's lifetime... :(

Past Member (0)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 2:16 pm
Yes, Ron Paul and maybe Kucinich look to be the only two decent choices. Hilary is scary and so is Guiliani and Romney.

scott Stunz (66)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 3:36 pm
Crap !!!!!!???? Does that mean they know that I am having an affair with my husbands bosses third cousins sister in laws ex house keepers dad ?????? Should have known I guess.
I heard they have cameras ,of sorts, that sees thru walls of our homes and they can actually say it is OK beause it is to check for weapons before a raid. Bull $hit !!!!!

Denice G (45)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 3:46 pm

Nora Gharaibeh (4)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 3:51 pm
I've known this for a while, since Homeland Security interviewed my husband after returning from a flight from Spain. He had to connect in London, and it was during the same time as those bombings 2 years ago. It's very scary to be profiled.

Jennie B (14)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 4:24 pm
Daniel -Ron Paul is a Republican-no Republican is a good choice-they are all the party of Bush/Cheney-they are all Republicons-and since NEO CONS OWN the REPUBLICANS, it would be stupid to put another one in the White House. Stop putting down ALL DEMS=shows ignorance. There is NOTHING wrong with John Edwards-he's not in Congress and he's honest - it's why the regular media ignores him-they have nothing on him but the trial lawyer junk. Just get over it. But if you vote Republican, you are voting this country down the river so don't say you aren't for Bush...sure you are....

Yvonne White (229)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 4:41 pm
Wonder if They Know where Bu$h really was during his Air National Guard days???;)
We need a REAL Change!
Dennis in '08 - Kucinich is the true voice of the people!:
Kucinich has done this:
(1) co-sponsoring with Rep. John Conyers HR 676, a universal health plan;
(2) voting AGAINST the Patriot Act;
(3) voting AGAINST invading Iraq;
(4) promising to withdraw from the World Trade Organization and NAFTA, (4) standing opposed to weapons in space;
(5) voting against a flag-burning amendment;,
(6) advocating a 12-point plan to get our troops safely out of Iraq;
(7) voting to cut off funds for prosecuting the Iraq war;
(8) urging the signing of the Kyoto Protocols to cut down on pollution;
(9) advocating education for all, from kindergarten through college;
(10) urging the creation of a Department of Peace,
(11) ending the phony “war on drugs”;
(12) urging renewal of the environment;
(13) sponsoring HR 333 to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney; and
(14) abolishing the death penalty.
All of these positions favor the people over the wealthy and well-connected.
Dennis in '08 - Kucinich is the true voice of the people!:

Rabbit R (85)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 4:53 pm

Do they have all the lost luggage too 'cause I'd really like those black boots I had back?

Lisa Swift (79)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 7:56 pm
Rabbit: Probably auctioned them off already!

I figure I've been on the radicals list for some time now... Those who wouldn't believe me that our privacy has been trampled on had better watch their own backs! I was told I was just paranoid...

The lunatics have taken over the asylum! Damnit! It scares the hell out of me!

Noted with fear and loathing in CA.

Carol W (119)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 8:07 pm

This means they are up to more-no-good at a pace more rapid than rabid wolves.

This passport i.d. is illegal.
Why are they getting away with this?
How can anyone seriously be O.K. with this.???

Homeland Security - Zionist Bush, Hillary, Edwards, Gupppedup ani..
They love c o n t r o l
the only security is around them and their families....
We dont have security, we have CONSPIRACY..

But of course Bush is still in K class and wouldn't understand the difference.

Rabbit R (85)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 8:27 pm

Not very sporting of them. They could have at least invited me to the auction.

O O O (143)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 9:13 pm
Flat out-This is illegal as one has to FIRST H A V E the probable cause to search,not create it then use that to tap into more. *Note bottom of story-you can NOT even challenge material you do find is wrong in it-it IS you from the get go& you are liable to procecution. Time:American Revelution WarII.

*Ellie,you were not practialy strip searched-you WERE near FULLY strip searched by the new X-ray&ultrasonic equip.& these are just the ones Cate&I do know of,without a doubut,there are more out here actively being used. See Cates Airport article Re:passenger Screening which is a lie in itself as if you can see the front of those "parts' you CAN see all of it in far more detail than they are showing you,&the dark areas were also lightened in that report. It is too late to safely move,but not too late to move out completely & still be somewhat safe if done all at once,as one movement right out of this country-however,doing so leaves them in chrage& w/all this working equipment,which is also the basis for createing more of it.
It is,exactly what it sounds & looks like-1984. Now-cuple this to a Nuclear Country at all,& a Nuclear exchage-eventualy- it will happen,just perhaps even as a real mistake,but it will happen. "Where,Can you go/when there's no San Fransico?....Are we haveing "fun"yet? I thought so!...

Bruce Combs (468)
Sunday September 23, 2007, 11:08 pm
JennieB, as usual you have it right on: voting for ANY republican is definitely supporting this spiraling increase of search and see-through, etc. I think you are right in seeing Edwards as apart from the other Democratic candidates, too, and Yvonne's enumeration of Dennis Kucinich's fantastic record of votes for humanity is really impressive. It's almost a dream to think of him becoming the Demo's candidate, but dreams can come true with comitted persistent effort. Courage, Energy, Peace, etc., Bruce Combs

Melissa Kush (3)
Monday September 24, 2007, 12:39 pm
Oh, oh! If they can shine the light up my butt, they'll KNOW that I'm full

Carolyn T (234)
Monday September 24, 2007, 1:51 pm
Under Bushco I am amazed anyone can afford to travel by any mode! Soon I am sure that in a car we will have to shows proper ID to cross a state line if you are a natural-born citizen and if you speak only English. That is a potentially dangerous population group called American.

Past Member (0)
Monday September 24, 2007, 2:47 pm
No lie, Carolyn!

Past Member (0)
Monday September 24, 2007, 2:51 pm
So, having spent four days in London at the end of August with my son and his four friends, all Muslim men in their 20's, because of the flight info (One of Ivan's buddies picked us up at Heathrow and we waited around for friend #2 to land), and all of the surveillance cameras in London, I'll probably be tracked forever now. Nice to know that the government is wasting our tax money, isn't it?

Peace Monger (185)
Monday September 24, 2007, 5:24 pm
I had wondered if my trips to and from the US might be recorded for future use; appears that my suspicions might be right!
On my last journey, I had several concrete sculptures in my checked luggage which had been carefully wrapped to protect them. When I arrived at my destination, the sculptures had been broken. I can only surmise that this was done intentionally, as the broken pieces were mixed in the each package.
Wouldn't an xray of the sculptures shown the TSA the concrete was not hollow and therefore I was not trying to smuggle in contraband? Was there any real need to destroy my possessions?
Guess I'll be more careful with what I check from now on.

Linda H (199)
Tuesday September 25, 2007, 11:00 pm
This is no surprise , this has been going on since the days of Hoover The FBI had files on on just about every
one. Top people ,he could keep in line.but I'm not suppose to know all that. But I think we all do.

Holly Troubetzkoy (167)
Tuesday September 25, 2007, 11:10 pm
:Linda, you are absolutely correct. the differecne is I think in the magnitude. Being able to download entire airline data bases and then combine you trip info with your motel infor and your dinner tabs on your credit cards and those of other people who may be with yo but coming from other directions does mean that any old Joe Blow who goes out with his secretary is now in a position to be blackmailed by HS. It is a question of degree.
FBI officers are under oath to act within certain guidelines. They are officially law informenet officers. HS are what? They are not T men from the treasury such as teh officers who protect the president--what are they?

Dianne G (95)
Thursday September 27, 2007, 8:41 am
DHS is a crock of shit! They won't enforce the immigration laws on the books..instead, watch us!! We the people that pay their salaries! What gets me is now there is a new threat.the HACKER that destroyed an electrical plant through the internet...DHS say they are watching them because there will be more attacks like this and not just one at a time it will be targeted bing, bang, boom! It could leave cities without electricity for 2 months!! So, go ahead Bush-push illegal immigraton, give out Real ID cards, and New York, good luck with the illegals and drivers licenses!! Hey folks where should we move to?

Merry L (74)
Wednesday October 17, 2007, 10:30 am
I agree with you Dianne. 1984 has been here for a while-minus the TV sets in our home (maybe).
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