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- 3605 days ago -
My latest article on our election choices, published on Op-Ed News. Let the arguing begin...LOL!

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RC deWinter (418)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 3:29 pm
The article says it all for me. Go to it!

Denice G (45)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:12 pm
that was good. I sent the link on. I will also vote for Obama, because I really don't have a choice except not voting.

Gorilly G (339)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:14 pm
If I were even to vote I think I would go Obama...Now dont none of you slam me for this....LOL Not Gorilly dont you do it...LOL

Big Gorilly Hugs

Joycey B (750)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:17 pm
I may do the NO. I stll have a lot of thinking to do. But so far it's O bama. Thanks Cate.

RC deWinter (418)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:24 pm
Gorilly and Joycey, I really understand...It really IS only in the hope that the Supreme Court appointments will improve that I will vote at all.

Tim R (581)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:34 pm
since we're already screwed no matter
which one of these two nimrods wins, I
guess I'll just sit back and watch the
I'm boycotting the vote this fall.
We have a group going here called
"No in November".
If you've decided not to vote, or
can't decide whether to vote, have a
look at the group, and something might
help you in coming to a decision.

Obama vs. McCain:
Incompetence vs. Incontinence

Thanks, Cate!
noted. :-))

Past M (2031)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:45 pm
I agree! Slim pickings this year.LOL

Carole S (338)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 4:57 pm

Thanks, Cate. (so disheartened and disillusioned by what this country's become)

Spooky C (403)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 5:01 pm
I agree Cate. I will vote because it would be a terrible slap in the face to all the women who fought so hard to get us the vote. If Obama asks Hillary to run with him, and if she accepts, I will vote for her. If not, I will still vote for her. I'll write her in.

David G (70)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 5:22 pm
I can only hope that the catering to those groups you have mentioned is temporary. One thing for sure, you can't change anything if your not in power and the only way I see Obama getting elected is to have a landslide victory, otherwise, the powers that be will manipulate, fudge, cheat, lie, steal the election as they have done previously.Look for the strong possibility of McCain picking the Governor of Florida as a running mate in order to get the sidetrack on those electoral votes in much the same way Jeb did for W. Who knows, if Obama were to win in a landslide, he could claim a mandate from the people and really get something done! But again I'm not very hopeful for that, it just won't be allowed to happen.

Carol W (119)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 7:37 pm

Well said Cate. Thanks.
I registered Independent and will write in Ron Paul.

Eric A (501)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 8:00 pm
Thanks Cate - I agree with Just Carole's sentiment - I am still at a loss and get quite sad about all the scum things that go on -- they are just pawns for the big money people.

June M (395)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 8:48 pm
I really think this is the worst year for presidential candidates! We haven't any good choices! One's too old and following in footsteps I'd rather forget and is pro war, another changes his tune prior to being elected too often to please everyone (once he'd get in he'd forget about all the so called promises made during the campaign, and lastly I'd hate for Billery (if she's the vice presidential candidate, to act as interim president should anything happen.And we thought this administration was bad???

Warren M (1055)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 9:19 pm
Guess my viewpoint is different than most of the nay-sayers, here. Obama continues to stand for Hope in doing things in new ways (that will be of benefit for the greatest numbers of U.S. citizens). He simply cannot be dogmatic about the exact manner in which things will be done, because (contrary to the Bushite philosophy) the office of President isn't a dictatorship. So, depending upon many varied circumstances, time-tables and goals may need to be slightly adjusted. He could just lie, to get into office, like we usually expect a politician to do. But, Truth is his way.

As to his former pastor and church, he actually waited longer than he should have to dump them, in my opinion. Good riddance to the dead weight of that religious institution. (Although i'm thankful for his continuing Faith in Christ, i welcome his leaving the religion, itself, behind.)

Kim Moore (61)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 9:37 pm
I was going to post this but then i read
"I will vote, and I will vote for smooth-talking slick NObama, but ONLY because I care about the future of the Supreme Court, and hopefully NObama won't let us down there. But marking that paper ballot under the Democratic ticket will be one of the bitterest pills I have ever had to swallow."
what an the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil!
unfortunately that's the mindset of alot of sheeple. i think it's pretty sad
noted and thanks Cate

Linda H (199)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 9:48 pm
Thanks,Cate I also agree with Carole,I to am disappointed!

Sandra M Z (114)
Tuesday July 8, 2008, 10:53 pm
No in November! A friend who is a Repub., but hates Bush and is now Obama was very surprised that I wasn't going to vote, like I'm a traitor... I don't feel like one, I feel clear that I cannot sanction these installed Presidents who allow murder under the guise of Patriotism anymore. Over a million dead from 2 rigged elections. The country/people of Iraq, and ALL our soldiers are being poisoned by Depleted Uranium in OUR dirty bombs, shelf life 4.5 Billion yrs, blowing on the wind to air YOU breath if your are in the wrong air at the wrong time. Like the whole of Iraq, a genocide of their people; like the genocide of our troops, no help from the VA if you've got Cancer, or worse, most troops are expendable. Oh, they are going to get a new G.I. bill now, no wonder they will pay for schooling now that they know they will all be dying en masse. No time for degrees and oh, the medical bills, what profits. I'm disgusted and sickened by this charade. Troops, loved ones, just say NO! Iraqi babies w/major birth defects, terrible. And our troops coming home and their families all getting horrible cancers, and the global troops will go home and have children born with birth defects also. This is disgusting to me, and no candidates left standing will stop this WAR, and they will engage us in more unending war. While your illegally taken Income Tax is taken from your wages. While you new taxes($5-$7. gas) pay for suffering done by someone, somewhere. No in November.

If Obams would have stood up for his pastor who "dared" to voice his opinion that 9/11 was an inside job, if he would have told me he would be investigating 9/11 as Kucinich would have done, then that would be a real Patriot in my eyes. A real Patriot that would not turn a deaf ear to the thousands of first responders that have died and are dying quickly of all kinds of horrible s*** because Whitman and the EPA told them the air was OK to breathe. IMHO, it's the same thing, genocide. Get rid of the witness' at Ground Zero, we don't want them to keep speaking out that they heard the explosions, that they understood the discrepancies in the offical lying story we have been fed. Neither Obama nor McCain can stand up for TRUTH, because they are ALL part of the lies. They are both on the same team, we are the saps!

I repeat, I do not feel guilty for choosing not to vote. Until we have real people counting each vote by hand in public(very easy), I refuse to be that sap anymore after 30 years of it. Our country is in a shambles, and we are not coming back, that is the reality coming home soon to the U.S.A. Nted, thanks Cate.

Wednesday July 9, 2008, 12:05 am
Well all you non voters are really gonna gonna be happy(not) when MCCain/Bush get another 4years don't vote right in another name the only ones who care will br sitting back saying SHAME ON YOU and you will deserve it I hope Obama wins we need hope/respect/someone who will work for the American people

Darlene K (356)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 2:06 am
Sandra M.'s words, "Neither Obama nor McCain can stand up for TRUTH, because they are ALL part of the lies."

Sooo true, and I ponder on..., what does an American voter do with that choice.... Personally, as an ex-Democrat...I don't know if it matters who is holding the majority on the Supreme Court.., anymore. After what actions the DNC engaged in throughout the primaries and still today..., I feel they care no more for "we the people" than the Republicans. Not when it comes down to the important issues of our lives...., us..., the "worker bees."

It was so very painful, but I woke up, and saw some awful truth, during these primaries. Obama has flip-flopped on so much now, that the chant of "change" would be a joke, at this point. NObama for sure, he hasn't been truthful, since day one. McCain't is never going bring this nation peace and healing. I have no clue what to do at this point, write in, green party, or not vote. I can't imagine, not voting..., because I have always voted.., this gives one a headache.

RC deWinter (418)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 3:24 am
Thank you, Kim - I was expecting to be called lots worse than an idiot.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 5:40 am
wow, cate another kettle of fish... i guess it is plain to see that many are not happy with the choices... nobama and his flip-flopping methods and mc cain and his warmongering and other bad habits... tsk, tsk... quite some choice they've left us with, hmmm... well, it's nobama as i've said i will never vote for that racist person who threw his own gramma under the bus... i haven't decided exactly what i will do... maybe go green... or write in hillary... who knows???

Carol W (119)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 6:52 am

This from a friend; "people need to think of politics like driving, if you want to go backwards, then shift into R. But if you want to move forward then shift into D."

Mary H (47)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 10:31 am
Thank you Cate -- excellent article!

Wednesday July 9, 2008, 11:46 am
Ron Paul MCcain,Goofy,Green Party,Red Party Blue party,Nadar,Barr None voters You can but it anyway you like but it stills means the samething NO RESPECT

Donna S (43)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 4:26 pm
between the 2 it is Obama

Sandra M Z (114)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 4:52 pm
Mamabear, we all want the same good things you do, but there isn't a candidate that will be ALLOWED to give it to us, IMHO. How would we all be doing if we were living like Iraqis must be: displaced, shot, shocked, grieving, poisoned, more? Would we believe the U.S. actions to be just (then)? No, our lives would be destroyed, like their lives are, the majority of these people are "regular" people like us, not "insurgents, terrorists, etc". Terrible! I have NO RESPECT for any of these millionaires(all our Reps. and Senators, on up) They all got RICH by investing in DEATH, someway, somehow! No more Murder for Dollars in my name, starting from the day I joined the NO in November group, until there isn't a one of us left standing when, finally, there will be Peace on Earth.
Dar, I have voted my whole life, been registered as a Dem, even though I considered myself an Independent. Loved Clinton(Pres), thought he really was on our side. Not anymore, not after all the real info I've learned on here. I've been blind! Now I really am an Independent!! Independent of all the horrible stuff I've sanctioned by voting in the past!
I will not accept the guilt trip either, that by not voting, the whole of our country's problems and repurcussions of actions taken in our name will be MY FAULT. That is another lie foisted up by the powers that don't want to lose their power, IMHO.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 4:55 pm
Sandra -- you don't have to travel to Iraq to find the conditions you mention. They can also be found in New York City, Chicago, or any large city in the U.S.

I really wish people cared as much for the people in their own "backyard" as they do about people in other countries. For now, I will do what I can to fix the problems here. That includes electing a president who will best represent us to the world.

Wednesday July 9, 2008, 5:31 pm
no we all do not want the same thing .........

some of you no voters want more fiscal libertarian issues raised and met .....others in your no vote bed want nothing less than the constitution shredded ...they think it is an awful waste of paper .....AND THAT IS WHY I FIND IT so funny that people say there is no difference between mccain and obama or the democrats and the republicans .......IF THAT IS TRUE THEN THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the libertarians who say they want to live by the constitution and the anarchist who say they would shred the constitution ....THE LOGIC IS INSANE .......THERE ARE DIFFERENCES just because they are not the differences that matter to you what 80 people in that no vote bed we who support voting are stupid or part and parcel to the nwo or something else ...but forbid that we tell you we believe your logic is twisted and gets no one anywhere ......YOUR STAND IS YOURS TO TAKE BUT IT IS A UTTERLY PESSIMISTIC AND DEFEATIST IN MY VIEW BUT IT IS ONLY MY VIEW and maybe a million others out there ........ AND TO THOSE with children what kinda example are you setting for your children by this stand ......oh honey voting doesnt get us anywhere ............and if one day it does will they really believe then that it will ..........OR WILL THE NEXT STEP IN THIS HOPELESSNESS be bombings ........

OBAMA IS NOT GOING TO BE SHITTING GOLD FOR US TO FEED ON OR PARTING THE WATERS ......get over that idea ...........of course he is going to appear and move as close to the center as he can whether he is or not .....THATS HOW YA GET ELECTED ....because thats what people unfortunately want to see because of 2 one two elections have given up ....PICK YOURSELF UP DUST YOURSELF OFF AND GET ACTIVE IN YOUR TOWN this i mean get those you wish to see in the whitehouse elected in your town first ...ACT LOCALLY THINK NATIONALLY ..if this is not working for ya .......ya may want to realize people are not on the page you are reading from and hell they may not even want that book of yours its okay .......this is not a two party system ....

for the 80 or so who are in the no vote bed i am happy that i know 1000 philadelphians who are of color young men who will be voting this year for the first time ........WHY BECAUSE THEY GOT HOPE FROM THIS MAN ......i dont have hope i just have a drive now to get him into office ........



Past Member (0)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 5:43 pm
Beautifully put, Elgin. Correct, Obama is not pure and ready to start the revolution; there is no Santa Claus. When progressives "sat out" in 1980, we got Reagan. The Central Americans who were massacred by the death squads that the US kept in power no doubt wish that we could have elected Carter or ABR.

I heard that Gore and Bush and Kerry and Bush are all exactly the same. I doubt that the Iraqi people agree.

With affection and respect, I ask you folks who are going to skip voting or vote for someone who has NO chance of winning, so how do we change things then?

Annette Santana (20)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 6:25 pm
You go girl. It's the truth.

Monica W (4)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 8:46 pm
I can't believe Obama voted for FISA. I just sent a message to his
senate office regarding my disappointment. I also stated that when he
said he stood for change, we (his supporters) didn't think he meant he
was gonna change his position on our liberties or whatever was too controversial to handle

Blue B (855)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 8:50 pm
Senator Obama is YOUR ONLY CHOICE ... otherwise you get "100 years war Mc$ame" and PNAC ... and if you haven't read PNAC, then you haven't been paying attention to the fundamentalist Repucan Plan ...

Marian E (152)
Wednesday July 9, 2008, 11:52 pm

Well said Cate. Thank you.

Darlene K (356)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 1:33 am
OH please...Obama is now saying "Iran is a threat"..., he is practically, running to fall in line with the big dogs. I am glad there are hundreds of thousands of us NOT voting for Obama, nor the Reptilian. Change? with who? one of these two guys? Wake up. There isn't change with neither of them, in my strong opinion. Those who think there is, are desperately HOPING, and I say..., I am sorry for your future disappointment. Keep Love in your heart, and good thoughts in your mind. Their days are numbered...Much Love...Namaste, Dar

David G (155)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 1:56 am
Thank goodness I will not be voting in the USA...our cretins in the UK are bad enough anyway.

Having read what you say Cate I have one comment...CATE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!

Oh and a note to non-voters...if you do not vote you have NO RIGHT to critise any ideas put forward by the newly voted in think on. If you vote you have taken part in the process that allows you an opinion. If you do not vote we know we can ignor your worthless opinion. To vote is to participate in the due process of democracy and be a citizen. Not to vote is to opt out of all your citizenly duties. So be warned.

RC deWinter (418)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 3:58 am
Yeeeessss, Dar, isn't NObama the one who said we should bring Iran to the table? Calling them a threat isn't exactly designed to make them amenable discussion partners.

Thursday July 10, 2008, 8:32 am
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Making things up just to talk how disrespectful is that? OK Bush/Cheney/Rove/and the rest of you people who think you are above all

The Problem: Iran has sought nuclear weapons, supports militias inside Iraq and terror across the region, and its leaders threaten Israel and deny the Holocaust. But Obama believes that we have not exhausted our non-military options in confronting this threat; in many ways, we have yet to try them. That's why Obama stood up to the Bush administration's warnings of war, just like he stood up to the war in Iraq

have you all been drinking Republian Kool-Aid? You seen to think just like them.

I call most of you threats but look I am still talking to you



RC deWinter (418)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 8:35 am
Mambear, take off the tunnel-vision glasses you're wearing that focus on NObama as a savior. Try to look at the man realistically - he's just another BIG POL making his pitch for power any way he can.

Thursday July 10, 2008, 11:12 am
Glasses off and what I see is a Man who is not perfect Who is fighting for our Country Who must get in the mud to beat the Pepublians and I do hope that when he has won he still has respect/honesty/hope/because if those things are taken away You and everybody will be just playing in garbage even deeper than you do now and Bush/Cheney/Rove would have won

You may not like Obama and can find everything you feel is wrong with him but he is the people choice or other wise he would not have made this far and yes he has to have power money to fight power money and i hope that the American people wounld have learned that keeping the Bushs/Clintons in powere/money for what at least 20 years? is not good for the Country or them

You may be right some people see Obama as a savior/but better word hope in order to bring this Country together and try to heal it sometimes all it takes to start change is hope and i do not think there is anything wrong with that.
You are wrong to judge me But so be it but next time you are walking dowm the street look around you may see someone who needs hope and if someone could give them a gift of hope you may see

RC deWinter (418)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 11:21 am
No, he is the choice of the people who rule don't really think the primaries gave it to him, do you? If the Dems had seated all of the delegates they disenfranchised, there would have been a hell of a debate in Denver next month instead of a deal done behind closed doors. Playing in garbage? I hardly think act as if all those who don't drool on NObama'a shoes love McCain't Well, no, that ain't so...we dislike BOTH of these fools.

Ever heard this quote?

We'd all like to vote for the best wo/man, but s/he's never a candidate.

Thursday July 10, 2008, 1:31 pm
yes I have and one word Clinton Hers to win hers to lose Hillary'sClinton Hillary voted for the war Hillary the the past Dodd never had a change Edwards well he should have been given a chance

wrong I know that everyone doesnot like Mccain and I believe MCcain/Bush is the last place people want to take this country but being angry will not change anything it will keep everything the way BushRove/MCcainwant it Angry/scared/and by the time people figure it out it will to late Ever heard these words Gore/Kerry? Obama is trying to fight Bush/Rove/MCcain and I donot drool over Obama people are caught up could of would of and if people can not suck-up there pride You might as well vote for goofy If Obama is not your choice so be it but it does matter to the country it is not the few who creates chance it is the many

If Florida and Mich. had of followed the rules there you go again could of would of Rules There again Bush/Cheney/Rove if the rules are not the way i want them I can chance them RESPECT where did RESPECT go? How can you say Obama did not beat Clinton? Angry could of should of now get scared you have just elected Bush/Cheney/Rove
You dislike both of these fools no respect


Thursday July 10, 2008, 2:39 pm
i am voting for obama but one can say he did not win if they were to look at popular vote and not the delegate ......but those choices for good or bad are up to the democratic party heads and to a degree hillary could of pushed but chose not too.......

as long as republican is running for that office i willll be voting democratic ........

now as a registered democrat this is my party and i have had to deal with not getting my way within the party many times ......but if you are not a registered democrat then the way we do things is none of your business ..i have never really made comment about the way another party choses its candidate its none of my concern so i say to those of you who are not a democrat stop being up in our business ...and for those of you that ARE DEMOCRATS you need to work harder to get the changes in the party you want or you need to think about another party ........

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 10, 2008, 5:51 pm
So,can/will anyone here planning not to vote answer my question:if we don't vote, HOW do we effect any changes?

Darlene K (356)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 1:11 am
You know...this is sad.., because you are very good-hearted people that want a strong America, back. However, you must start to see the TRUTH, of our nation and its dark way of functioning for the last couple centuries.....

It really would help if they would CORRECT the American History, Political Science, and the Biology and Physics books..too. This would help give the American people alot of truth to digest of this wonderful nation's intelligence directives and a more realistic background of some of our historical figures. Not to mention..., our science technology that needs to be updated, which isn't even going mainstream much, yet.

The Presidents have been puppets, all of them. Sure many have tried to be GOOD Presidents, but the system is consistently reorganized for the corporate rulers, and if you don't fit the agenda, you are replaced with ANY MEANS NECESSARY. So if they don't want their lives destroyed and their families to suffer, most comply.

I learned very early in this nutty process..., that it is all about getting the candidate who will protect the people, the most, from the "beast" or "the powers that be." Who would play this stupid game, because that is how their hands are forced..., but still be strong enough to care for the people, animals, and the environment. It was up to THE PEOPLE, to make the changes. We have to take the power back.

Voting ONLY has power in an election that isn't rigged and that has a GOOD CANDIDATE. Otherwise, you might as well vote for Mickey Mouse. It isn't going to mean squat, except to one's ego for a bit, until the nation falls more apart. Changes can only happen with a mutual understanding. IT SEEMS..that THE PEOPLE..."WE" are the only ones that want change..., not the "powers that be." We could vote until the cows come home, and if we don't see the truth behind this true "iron curtain", anyone below the upper-class is only going to get poorer and suffer more, in this nation.

It is called enslavement to the elite. It never stopped from the ancient days of Egypt, they just did a change-up on us, and we came to the "new land" to re-create our own theory of freedom..., but it was under great thinkers who were politicians and rich businessmen! LOL

We are still slaves, making them rich. We were just allowed some luxuries for profits over the decades of time..heh. You know.., houses, cars, vacations, and we thought this was life! Many of us, got so caught up in the BS, that we never saw what was happening, and the history books sure don't give a true

Elgin....Forget your party lines...Lord have mercy. The DNC showed their true FACE this year...., my goodness.., I am not the only one that has left it....I am embarrassed that I even thought they were different. I feel like I should apologize to every Independent voter I ever defended the Dem party to...I APOLOGIZE TO EVERY INDEPENDENT VOTER, YOU WERE RIGHT, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS JUST AS CORRUPT AS THE REPULICANS, SORRY.

Now, with that realization, there goes my faith in the Supreme Court, heh. It doesn't matter.....Both sides make deals. Both sides will sway for a cause they feel is important to THEM, even if it stomps on the people. Period.

The ONLY reason the DNC swayed to Obama, was because they FEARED losing the African-American voting base.........They didn't care about how the MAJORITY of Democrat voters felt...., they cared about one race of people, period, because they felt that would cost them the general election, and YES THIS IS MY OPINION. However, I assure you..heh, I am not alone. Change will never come this way.....

Then we have Rove sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee?????? Come on.....He is going to get away with that rigging of the absentee votes. These two partys are tag teaming each other..., at the expense of the AMERICAN PEOPLE....., please see this is true. Meanwhile the elites of nations are playing starwar games.....

I am sad for all of us..., when I see a post that reads "Go Obama", because I know they just have no clue....., and worst yet..., I have no answer, but I know their dark days are to end soon....Faith, Hope, and Love will save Mankind...I promise...We must try to remember "who" we really are..within..

It isn't who they have programmed us to be..., we are wonderful beings of great unity with strong energy....Namaste, Dar

Darlene K (356)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 1:21 am
Oh and Iran does NOT want to war with us.., please get the real truth on this issue. Don't let the media work as minions for these guys and make you believe anything different. It is the United States pushing this, because of Israel!!

William L (4)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 7:31 am
There is little substance to that article. In fact it does nothing but insult the two. There are plenty of differences between the two candidates. If you're not seeing that by now you have your She-Ra or dum dum blinders on. Obama's run a positive campaign only to be insulted by angry people who know nothing about him or the positions he stands for. Some of you are still whining about Hillary's loss, even though she's asked her supporters to support Obama, even tough she's working for Obama now. She lost; get over it. There's no discrepency with the popular vote. If you count the caucus states, which Hillary didn't seem to respect at the time, Obama won millions more votes. Get over it and support the most progressive candidate since JFK. America should be proud to have Obama as our presidential candidate. The rest of the world is excited, yet you can't see the radical difference betwen Obama and McSame. Come on now.

Darlene K (356)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 11:21 am
This has NOTHING to do with Clinton, and it seems the NObama people are the ONLY people who keep bringing her It is what the DNC did, the FAITH that THOUSANDS of Democrats have lost in a party who claimed to be "for the people" and not the "agenda" of "politics as usual." I am sorry your ego over-rides that IMPORTANT point. NObama has flip-flopped on so many things HE SAID, on primary trail, that he is showing who I knew he was from the beginning. I wrote his campaign a couple times, asking him to be more truthful. I knew from many issues he supported, before his run for President, he was all of a sudden claiming he was against. Hogwash.

Just like Iran...., remember.., remember his words..."how he wanted to bring them to the table", especially after Clinton's remarks. NOW, he says "Iran is a threat." Or how about his flip on NAFTA??? No, it sure isn't me that is blind. NObama is losing his luster, very quick. It is just the one locked into "but there is no one else" that will hold on to NObama as some Champion for Change..., and "but there is no one else to vote for.."
I know the facts could be put in front of your face in BIG BOLD PRINT, but you still will vote for NObama. You are in this box, and your ego works with the Fear of your emotion, which is feeding it.

I do NOT try to get anyone to NOT vote NObama. The American people will suffer with McCain or NObama. I express my sadness that some still hold on dearly to the HOPE that NObama will lead them to "Change." When all NObama offers.., is the wonderful gift of speech that many politicians, before him have given on their run for the Presidency.

Not ALL of the rest of the World is excited over NObama. LOL
The only know what the read in the MEDIA, which are the minions of the parties and the corporate rulers.

Also, putting an Obama advertisement on my page, since your my friend, is a bit silly, a bit non-respectful, since I would and HAVE never put a comment of my choice of candidate on YOUR PAGE, out of respect for YOUR CHOICE. It seems some NObama supporters lose all respect and caring for their fellow Americans rights and freedoms for want THEY want...hmmm, sounds familiar....
Seems not only has the greed trickled down from the corporate rulers to the people, but also their tactics and human respect for others. Friends don't even get that same respect. However, I look beyond your ego and absorbing of their negative influence, and hope one day that you will see the true Spirit of you within..., that I see. A brother on this planet that wants ALL to have their FREEDOMS back, with LOVE and PEACE to return to its people. Namaste, Dar

Sandra M Z (114)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 11:37 pm
Hi Paige, I agree you can find these conditions in our big cities, and I add, all over this whole country in many different destructive forms. Perhaps I've seen your comment posted before that we need to worry about our own. I don't care Less for the American people, but I don't care MORE for them than any other souls worldwide, either. I don't believe your own government and all it's branches care for you any more than just a worker bee. I think at the basic human level that is very true, people care, are trying, people want to help, small politicians want to help, etc. But as you go up the ladder that becomes less true with each rung up, we each matter less and less, we are cogs only as some always have to be disenfranchised to be kept down. I don't understand how you can elect a President, since we haven't in the last 2 elections and your vote won't matter any more this time. The people "allowed to win" do not represent us to the world, they represent the Real Power that is running our country, right into the ground on purpose, IMHO. And running the whole world!

Hi Elgin, I was going to comment that I didn't say we all wanted the same things, but that we wanted the same GOOD things that Mamabear wants(positive changes I've seen in her many comments), but I see in a later post Mamabear doesn't want the same good things I want, and you also say you don't want the same things! Those parties you mention(libs, etc.) are varied, but none of those parties win more than a few seats anywhere, they've no power. I think we have a ONE party system, not two. When Gore and Kerry conceded without a whimper "for the good of the country" what a crock! I do not believe your "1000 new young men voters of color" votes will count anymore than mine did. Still, there is optimism in that more people are getting involved and more info is getting out to all of us. That is good news! The bad news is the bombing is still going on and they all voted to continue it(see my DU comments above). Now Obama has caved in on telecom immunity and warrants, there is more freedom being taken away from us, and it's ALL of them, working in tandem. I have "no hope" either, on one level, and then I do have hope, as Dar speaks of, that bigger things are in play, on many levels. We can only keep working for change for the BETTER for ALL worldwide.

Hi Rochelle, If I were an Iraqi, I would only see Americans genociding my people, turning me into a refugee who has lost everthing and poisoning my land for 4.5 Billion Years. A good website is: Baghdad Burning. This incredibly brave woman blogged the war the best she could right from the heart of it, she tells it like it is from a regular, educated Iraqi woman's perspective. It stops in Oct. 2007, when she went to Syria, but the earlier years are all archived to read. Sorry it didn't link, you'll have to copy/paste.
It would matter not who was better or different, because no one is really stopping it, and they won't be, not even after 2010! We need to get rid of the electoral college and have elections where the votes are counted by reps. from all parties right there and then when the polls close in full view. Any vote counted, read, or tallied by machines or scanners are riggable, and over a million people have been genocided because of it. I think it would be very easy to involve the citizenry to count these votes, and then it would be a democratic process again, for what good even that can do against the real power, I don't know. We both know how dangerous the world is.

Hi David Gould, I don't see how you can make a difference either voting in rigged elections? Voting for people that have voted AWAY ALL OUR FREEDOMS, THEY AREN'T GIVING US ANY, IMHO. I have voted my whole life, but I cannot buy into what I now see as the con. I know you also want to affect positive changes, but how will we unless we are living in a free country, and we are not! Patriot Act, Homgrown Terrorism, many more laws they've enacted that we don't even hear about! I have used that same logic in the past with others who didn't vote, you can't complain, it will be your fault, etc. etc. For me, it just doesn't work anymore. I would have to turn that around and say to all that vote in rigged elections, you must then take responsibility for allowing death and atrocities to continue for people to get rich on. I just saw a book titled "Century", very large volume of photos of the last 100 years. Instead of the usual "positive achievements" time capsule pics of each year (and there are those), many of the pictures document the endless wars, suffering, people being murdered, genocided, on and on, all over the world. We have killed more people in the last century than over all human history. This does not reflect leadership to me.
Mamabear, the problem: Iran want to act just like us and we won't let them. Plus, they want to take only Euros for their oil and we can't have that! If I lived in Iran, I'd be worried about an Earthquake coming from our HAARP. I'm sorry, I don't understand the rest of the comments you meant for me..........
Hi Dar, AGREE W/U that the true goal is the enslavement of all of us that will be allowed to live WORLDWIDE. We have to get past all the false history we have been told, we were and are great people, but now we are all expendable, they have billions of humans to exploit and we will be joining the ranks of the world's poverty people in spite of all the wealth right in front of our faces. It will soon be out of reach of all but those who have access to the top shelf.

We are fortunate to have the Care2 forum to share knowledge and evole to new ways of thinking, which we can't do fast enough!

Sandra M Z (114)
Saturday July 12, 2008, 11:41 pm
Sorry Mamabear, I left out your "Hi", I apologize!

Sandra M Z (114)
Sunday July 13, 2008, 1:08 am
It looks like Mamabear has dropped me, anyway.

RC deWinter (418)
Sunday July 13, 2008, 10:32 am
It's a shame that people can't disagree on a relatively small issue like this and still be friends. A lot of my relatives and I disagree about most socio/political issues but we still love each other, even if we each secretly think the other is clueless...LOL! Mamabear not only dropped me from her list, but posted a nasty cartoon comment of someone getting punched in the eye before she did. Rolling my eyes...

Past Member (0)
Sunday July 13, 2008, 6:33 pm
i agree cate, this whole thing had gotten completely out of hand... and i have seen racial division worsen in this country to a degree that i haven't seen since the late 60's and early 70's... and they think NOBAMA is going to bring this country together..."NOT"

Sunday July 13, 2008, 11:07 pm
Boy oh Boy Filp flop who Mccain yes Obama no if you you could get your your nose out of the garbage you would be able to see the difference
If People who are (NO Obama are not recieving respect umm maybe it is because you show no respect Hi Sandra I am sorry you do not understand and even if I have taken just about everyone off my "friend List" doesnot mean I should not get a Hi Cate yes you were one on the list i deleted and it had nothing to do with this disagree about Obama but I will say if you were in my life in the real world I would not give you the time of day Why? show no respect and I will not have anyboby in my life who have no respect Disagreeing ok disrespect no Quite honestly A number A list does not tell truth but oh well back to the task at hand Oh I for got You and and many others Don't have anything to say posstive abbout Obama So we don't have anything to say that is posstive say it late I am tried so good night

Darlene K (356)
Monday July 14, 2008, 12:46 pm
I will say something positive!
Senator Obama is one of the most talented speech commentators I have ever seen, in my life. It is true, and I am sincere.

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 24, 2008, 1:45 pm
Dar stop stretching the truth ! There are no millions of you not voting for Obama so why lie .
Those intelligent voters who want to help themselves and our country are not holding out with the childish poor sports and they will vote Obama because he is a Democrat and with 16 year of Republican's robbing our pockets ,killing our children in wars and distroying our economy we can't afford another Republican and even they know that !
Some of us accept our candidate din't win and then we have those that just can't let it go !

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 24, 2008, 1:53 pm
Dar you have a perpensity for lying ! Please ,,this has nothing to do with Hillary ,,don't make me puke .I have read your blogs on Hillary's site and it has everything to do with Hillary losing and Obama winning and you cry babies will ruin our chances in Novemeber just out of spite.
I have nothing more to say I think this poor excuse of a discussion with a bunch of bitter Hillary supporters is a poor excuse for a discussion.You can call it that but I know a -itch venting fest when I see one !

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 24, 2008, 1:54 pm
Keep spreading the hate people and see where it gets us 4 years from now !

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 24, 2008, 2:08 pm
Elgin thsi time we agree ! This is the first honest post I have read .Everyones expectations are so out of wack its not funny !
Reality has no chance of survival here with few exceptions !

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 24, 2008, 2:09 pm
My mom used to have a saying Cate .The more you stir shit the more it stinks ! Enjoy yourself people !

Darlene K (356)
Saturday July 26, 2008, 1:38 am
Well..sweet Linda, who claims so much of Indian culture..., that I have yet to see the wisdom...As your tongue is sharp with criticism to beliefs against your own, instead of communicating with mutual argeeing to disagree. I was very sincere in my statement of NObama's speeches..., and who wouldn't be??? This is what moved the larger portion of the people.., remember, the "passion" that hasn't been felt in sooo long, and the tingle up Chris Matthew's on MSNBC news..., it was prophetic...lmao. I have to agree, his speeches were excellent.

Why you spew hateful and negative words to my sincere positive statement, is a puzzle to the cosmos, at this point. I could only guess you are too full of anger for your own reasons. Even you desperately bring Hillary You are so emotional, you feel a need to puke.., I mean who is the one that is bitter? very bitter? and angry?

I simply will be saying what I have said the last 8 years...I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM.

Sandra M Z (114)
Saturday July 26, 2008, 1:16 pm
Hi Linda R. I don't feel like a "childish sport" for refusing to play a rigged game now that I have figured out that it is rigged. It feels like I've opened my eyes and am seeing what is going on around the world in Our Name no matter what party is in office, and these truths do make me puke. These crimes have been going on forever, it's me that's just getting it. For me No in November. It will only be a few of us, yes, not millions, not yet. But if enough people didn't vote, they couldn't claim these atrocities were done by the will of the People, they could only take the blame themselves for Crimes against Humanity. I like many of your comments I see around, but you are very negative here. I was for Kucinich and passionately believed he could change things, until I saw the way they ridiculed him to the public. He offered up what America WAS, and they couldn't have that! I as desperately as you want change and thought MY candidate would give it to me, but he couldn't, and IMHO no one else's candidate will be able to, either. These elections serve the purpose of playing on our emotions and making us think we are actually doing the choosing. Kucinich's bumpersticker will be the last Party sticker I ever put on my car, because all those parties do is keep us all divided. About half us "win"(read: lose) each time, but nothing improves. I don't want to alienate anyone when we all need to join together. My new sticker reads: Global Economics~Survival of the Richest. That is the platform of Both(one)Party(ies), IMHO.

This year I will say what I never have, I didn't vote. I can see no way to change anything in the system that has been so corrupted against us.

Dar! I will be saying what I never have before, I didn't vote. Until the votes are counted by hand and the Electoral College is stopped being used.

Sandra M Z (114)
Saturday July 26, 2008, 1:18 pm
Dar! I know you knew that already, lol, editing glitch!

Darlene K (356)
Saturday July 26, 2008, 8:23 pm
You are too cute Sandra. Oh yeah, and that electoral college..heh. I am so happy I have a good sense of humor, or I would be one crazy Lightworker. Now, You, other NOvember members, Me, and others who won't be voting for NObama nor McCain...will be BLAMED for the FALL OF AMERICA.....oh no..shame on us....

Past Member (0)
Monday July 28, 2008, 9:45 am
Dar for someone claiming to be Cherokee you sure have a folked tongue and I might add your tongue is also quite vicious for someone who claims to be a so called spiritual lightworker ,lmao.
FYI the principle Cheif of the Arizona Cherokee Nation supports Obama !
You may fool some of these people but I know a republican when I see one ! BTW say hi to Mike for me and the rest of your PUMA Republican's !

Past Member (0)
Monday July 28, 2008, 9:57 am
No Dar Obama will win in November in spite of your little minority PUMA Republican's groups efforts to sway Hillary supporters to either vote McCain or not vote .Obama has far more support than you would admit that will carry him through this election to become president.

Past Member (0)
Monday July 28, 2008, 11:43 am
In answer to the people who think the American people didn't vote for Obama that some corporate power or whatever manipulated the system your not looking at that realisticly !
Yes the DNC decided to punish Michigan and Florida for pushing up their voting date by taking away the deligates and not counting the vote ,,but then again both states understood that before they did it .They could have chose not to do it and then there would have been no punishment and disenfranchizment of anyones votes !Right ? No conspirosy there !
In Florida it was a Republican not a Democrat Governor who decided to push the date up for maybe some unsavory reasons we will never know about and in Michigan it was a Democrat .Since it seems to be Michigan that you have the biggest problem with since Hillary got all the votes she won in Florida and Obama got his votes and the deligates were given half votes for both candidates then it was the Democat in Michigan who chose to go against the rules knowing they would be disenfrachized and did it anyway they are to blame for going against the rules set down before they made their decision.If you have a beef it should have been with the person who made the decision in Michigan not the DNC.
Both candidates new the DNC ruling and agreed to it in writing .
At that time either candidate could have won the nomination without these states.It was only when the American voters and more deligates started to vote for Obama that Hillary became disatisfied with the DNC ruling saying it was unfair and she also wanted to not count all the caucuses because she felt they were unfair because Obama won them all .
Apparently as a Democratic Senator able to vote to change the voting rules she saw nothing wrong with holding caucuses in the previous years until she became a candidate for president and the votes weren't turning her way .Now to me that is poor sportsmanship when you want to change the rules in the middle of the election just because your losing ,,but apparently you who defend this don't see it that way,,cheating to win is okay as long as its your candidate doing the cheating.
I don't like many of the voting rules but you certainly don't change them in the middle of a race you either change them before the race begins or you accept the outcome and work to change them the next time around ,,that is the fair way to do things.
This is the thing most Obama supporters have a big problem with the Hillary supporters on ,,what is fair.This is what has caused so much anger between Hillary supporters and Obama supporters,,not playing fair .Yes he won all those votes and deligates fairly whether you want to believe that or not and counting the cacuses ,,which should be counted if you start an election holding caucuses ,,and the votes he won in Florida and the non-committed votes that were in fact intended all along to go for Obama who wasn't on the ballot and were told they could vote for Obama with an uncomitted vote ,,he won the popular vote as well as the delagates.It was Hillary herself that promoted the unfair discount of all the caucus votes and taking away all the uncommitted votes in Michigan who let her supporters believe she had won the popular vote when in fact she didn't. The DNC got it right when they allowed Obama the uncommitted votes in Michigan because that was the voters intention all along. If the DNC changed the rules under pressure from Hillary and her supporters ,,it was the only fair thing to do and as far as the caucuses they have always been counted in every other election we have had before so why should they have changed that now to suit Hillary and her supporters .If there ever was anything unfair about this election it was when Hillary started putting pressure on the DNC to change their rules and discount Obama's uncommitted votes in Michigan and ask to have the votes and deligates in the caucuses Obama won taken away !
Oh I know some of you won't ever see it for what it really was because you wanted so much to see your candidate win and won't ever accept that she was fairly defeated by another candidate .
Hillary supporters said she wasn't treated fairly in the press while you over-looked CBS doing a whole debate on an Obama bashing fest asking the most rediculous questions that had already been answered and dragged through the news over and over again wasting the whole debate on this nonsense instead of asking questions that voters really wanted to know . There were more dirty stories and insults in the news and repeated over and over again about Obama than they ever did Hillary .As I saw it the news did not favor Obama at all in fact they seemed to be against the man as they are right now giving McCain a free ride and even editing out his talk with Katie Couric where he mispoke about Iraq bordering Pakistan which it doesn't .They edited out everything that he said that made him look like he didn't know what he was talking about .They even took Obama's recent trips to foreign counties and downplayed them or turned it into a negative which is certainly far from the postive stories reported in England,German,and Iraq .The news is more right than left and they like candidates that are more right than left !

In your article Cate you said Obama threw Rev,Wright under the bus ,,well no matter what he did in that case he had Hillary supporters villifying him ,,he was damned if he did and damned if he didn't .First Hillary supporters damned him for belonging to that church and staying there for years they when he leaves the church and ends his relationship with Rev.Wright he is damned for that too.He is in a no win situation with some Hillary supporters and if you wonder why Obama supporters get angry with the Hillary supporters that is another reason along with silly things like not wearing a lapel pin , he is a Muslim, he didn't put his hand on the bible when he was sworn in are big or him fist pumping with his wife My god is it really a big deal or are you looking to make mountains out of molehills?
I understand the cynisisim in our country over our government ,"which by the way was what Obama was trying to say about the poor and the middle class that some people changed to mean something entirely different ,"but maybe just maybe you need to withold judgement until all the facts are in and wait until he is president to let this man either prove you right or wrong .Now as far as the gun bill I used to be against it but since our government became so corrupt under Bush and he wants to shut up those who are dissatisfied I think we all might want the right to bear arms someday even if we never wanted them before.

Now I have said what I believe I am done with talking about Obama bashing here and trying to defend why you shouldn't be posting unfair articles or treating a person with disrespect about before they have the chance to show all of us what they will do if they become president .Bush may have earned everyones disrespect but Obama hasn't and I think everyone should hold off on the judgement !If he proves to be all the things you say he is then I would not respect him either but there is no proof here only fear and cynicizim.

Darlene K (356)
Tuesday July 29, 2008, 7:14 pm
knock-knock-knock...., I never said NObama wasn't going to win, Linda, heh. Maybe you got confused in your bitterness..., I DON'T BELIEVE NEITHER NObama nor McCain't will stand for "we the people", bring our troops home which includes my family, heal this nation, and instill the strength of America, once again. So you are right NObama could win.., but we are in the toilet either way. He has proven to many, besides me that he is just another politician with wonderful speeches, and FEAR drives you and some of the people who need to insult others opinions of NObama, because....., THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. Truth is ugly sometimes.

AND, honey.....I am Hawaiian, and Cherokee...either way...I am NOT voting for NObama..heh,heh. So I guess I get two marks against me in your small book.....

This is bad..., man girl watch your Now..I am a REPUBLICAN, because I WON'T FOR NObama???? Ummmm, bless the Independent and Green Party...I say!! Somehow they aren't acknowledge in your small book. And I'm sorry you feel that you are qualified to JUDGE other AMERICANS in this nation, especially Michigan and Florida residents...again, wow. Do you realize, if you read your rants, that your the only one going off on Hillary at such lengths? Sorry, but I agree to disgree with you, as it is the DNC who screwed us in Michigan, and the other state of Florida, along with the politicians. Howard Dean, simply let it all happen..., and now the party looks like an even more massive JOKE, as comedians and news anchors ridicule and use punch lines with the DNC. It still hurts to see it, but they asked for it.

NObama disrespected millions of voters, with empty promises as he has flip-flopped already, just like his short congressional record. Our elected officials ANSWER to "we the people" and we are going to hold them accountable. We Are Waking Up to this Military/Corporate Union. Much Love...Namaste, Dar

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