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Open Thread - 1/13/2014

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Open Thread )

- 1595 days ago -
Personal news, a Jig Zone puzzle, 3 short takes, and a homemade cartoon (shown). Still sick.

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John B (185)
Monday January 13, 2014, 2:44 am
Thanks take care my friend.
New Yorker; Andy got it right...What BS, Christie knew and no doubt encouraged the action.
Raw Story: Since this case involves my State, I will be following this closely.
Mr. Robert Reich is so right:
1. Raise the minimum wage.
2. Extend unemployment benefits.
3. Launch a major jobs program to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.
4. Expand Medicaid to the near-poor.
5. Enable low-wage workers to unionize.
6. Rehire all the teachers, social workers, police, and other public service employees who were laid off in the recession.
7. Exempt the first $20,000 of income from Social Security payroll taxes and make up the difference by removing the cap on income subject to the tax.
Read and noted.

Lona G (80)
Monday January 13, 2014, 3:41 am
Hope you're starting to feel a little bit better, TomCat. You know how it is with doctoring a flu: if you do nothing and see it through it will take seven days, if you take all the medicines you're prescribed by doctors and friends it'll take only a week.

Chris Christie really brings out the best in people: Andy's satire has been razor sharp and spot on for a few days now. Andy is sure going to miss Christie when he has to resign, but I doubt many of his staff will.

A very belated Kudos to Ohio on having such a wonderful law prohibiting candidates and political groups from making false statements in campaign advertising. This should be federal! As you say, TomCat, it is going to be very interesting indeed to see how SCOTUS is going to rule on it stifling the right to free speech.of an anti-choice group no less. So lying is now turned into free speech, huh? How convenient. And utterly preposterous.

Robert Reich has the right ideas, some of which I like to see implemented in my home country too. But since the stupidity of cuts is so pervasive, I have little hope of anyone listening to the sound of reason.

You get 10 out of 10 for your cartoon from me, TomCat.!

P A (117)
Monday January 13, 2014, 4:03 am
So sorry to hear you are still so poorly TC – but at least it doesn't seem to be getting any worse(!) – scant comfort, I know, but we are all worried about that, so we take comfort where we may! (Am still praying…).

Robert Reich is wonderful – intelligent, clear, incisive and right – as always! I clicked through to the article and it was true – the Democrats aren't strong enough to stand up for their voters – and all the population – against the 1%.

Loved the New Yorker piece – glorious!

pam w (139)
Monday January 13, 2014, 5:32 am

Winn A (179)
Monday January 13, 2014, 6:54 am
Get well soon! Thanks Tom

Carlene V (202)
Monday January 13, 2014, 7:08 am
Tom, So sorry you are still feeling ill and hope the flu bug takes flight soon.

Robert Reich is so spot on, as usual. How do we get these things implemented with the Republican's hold on Congress and the corporations hold on them? Remove the cap on SS taxes is so simple but then maybe they couldn't have yet another vacation home.

Remove lying from politics? Never going to happen.

Dotti L (85)
Monday January 13, 2014, 7:55 am
Get well soon, Tom so that you can enjoy watching the Broncos win their next play.

Gloria picchetti (304)
Monday January 13, 2014, 8:10 am
We are fans of Robert Reich. We love his documentary Inequality for All. It's easy to see how he was so effective in the Clinton Administration.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security (unemployment benefit admin) has a link to their job site which is called On the bottom corner of the site it say there are 51,382 jobs there. And it says there are 72,372 resumes submitted to the site. And if you don't look for work on the site Big Brother is looking! So so much for those that think unemployment is free lunch. It's not.

"Beginning in 2014, individuals who collect unemployment insurance benefits and do not use to look for work will be audited and could be required to repay benefits if they cannot show they actively looked for work.
The new auditing ability is designed to protect taxpayer money, return workers to work more quickly, and fight against waste, fraud and abuse. The majority of payment fraud occurs by individuals who falsely claim that they have not returned to work."

Arielle S (313)
Monday January 13, 2014, 8:54 am
Robert Reich for president! And Tom can be VP - maybe THEN we'd get straightened out....

Mitchell D (87)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:01 am
BEAUTIFUL cartoon, Mr. TomCat. I might suggest, in all humility, that you add Nixon not being a crook.
Arielle, I love your idea.
If solutions were sought, that simply made sense, and did not hurt others, this country could really fly!

Pat B (356)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:34 am
New Yorker: UGH.! What a quagmire Christie's in, and the mere fact, along with Andy's piece, that he has fired almost everyone just shows how transparent he really is. Telling the truth to the people is not in his agenda. (Blame it on everyone else!).
Good article on Robert Reich, I like making a ruckus.
Raw Story: Interesting. Telling the truth or not from repugs...?... nah, not gonna happen. IMHO.
Loved the cartoon today.
Do hope that you get better soon, just rest, take plenty of fluids, and rest, rest, Sleep.!!! Take care, Tom, and thanks for this.

Past Member (0)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:42 am
Thanks TC. Feel better. Don't mess with the flu--------okay---that means doctor/meds.

JL A (281)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:55 am
Love the cartoon. Sorry you're still 'under the weather' TC.
Wish NJ had OH's law and it could apply to CC.
Glad Reich is continuing to try to teach our leaders basic economics as well as their constituents (who show in polls they understand much of it and agree with his recommendations). CA is among the states whose leaders get economics and raised the minimum wage.
What about the general principle of truth in advertising? If the group arguing for right to lie in political ads wins will that mean corporations can, too and FDA cannot go after them for false claims?

Deb E (63)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:56 am
Hope you feel better soon ... Thanks for your dedication, here TC.

Free speech is one thing ... but I don't think it has anything to do with defrauding the American people, and I am pretty sure that there are, right now, laws on the books that make fraud a crime. There should be Federal laws in regard to politicians who lie in elections. Lie and you are out. Everything that goes on in every state in these "United" States affects the entire country. It sure would be nice if we could all make our decisions based on truth for a change. But, with the way Supreme Court has been making decisions lately, they will probably conclude that it is against someone's Constitutional rights.

I wish they would listen to Reich. He is always spot on, and he shows how his ideas can work. Why won't people believe the people who are actually telling the truth??

I hope the truth about Christie comes out soon so all the people who are comparing this BS to Benghazi will shut up. I don't know if he lied or not (strong feeling he did) but what his staff did in no way compares to to what happened surrounding Benghazi ... not even close to what was alleged, much less what really happened.

Mitchell D (87)
Monday January 13, 2014, 10:02 am
Hey, TomCat,, how about a "strange bedfellows" arrangement with Christy and Alex Rodriguez?

Lynn Squance (235)
Monday January 13, 2014, 11:10 am
Puzzle — 3:57 I didn't get the point of that one!

New Yorker — AB is so spot on! Anyone who believes that Christie didn't know about the bridge issue has been smoking wacky tabacky! Had he been talking in August like he is now, that is one thing. But to take the current stance at this time is, in my mind, a clear indication that he knew and he didn't want to jeopardise his re-election. Personally, I hope that Christie is removed from office like was being hinted on in the Canadian news. The decision for a separate election that put Cory Booker in Washington and cost NJ taxpayers additional unnecessary funds was already a politically motivate issue. Christie didn't need the Washington Bridge issue on top of that. Let's hope that the blue state of New Jersey becomes even bluer with the exit of Christie!

Raw Story — Oh that is rich! . . . a conservative dominated SCOTUS ruling on a conservative request. Another conservative activist decision coming in the name of "justice".

Robert Reich — Reich missed the most important proposal of all: put every Republicanus/Teabagger politician in the unemployment line. Do this and the other 7 proposals will be much easier to accomplish and the country can get to recovery and growth!

Cartoon — Absolutely perfect!!!!!!

Yvonne White (229)
Monday January 13, 2014, 12:46 pm
I agree 100% with Tom & Robert Reich "That’s why it’s so important to (1) raise the minimum wage at least to its inflation-adjusted value 40 years ago — which would be well over $10 an hour, (2) extend unemployment benefits to the jobless, (3) launch a major jobs program to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, (4) expand Medicaid to the near-poor, (5) enable low-wage workers to unionize, (6) rehire all the teachers, social workers, police, and other public service employees who were laid off in the recession, (7) exempt the first $20,000 of income from Social Security payroll taxes and make up the difference by removing the cap on income subject to the tax.
"I fully support all seven of Reich’s proposals."

Joanne Dixon (38)
Monday January 13, 2014, 12:55 pm
4:16 my shoulder is still pinned back.

Christie - Yeah, makes about as much sense as anything.

SCROTUS - It says so much that Republicans are not ashamed to even ask the question! A book could be written on just that.

Reich - I wonder how much strength the Democrats would actually have if we started - and by we I mean those in office - to try to use it.

Here's the link Patty asked for (since it's AP there are other links to the same story, of course):

Cartoon: All equally valid, but only one is actually trying to maintain his statement.

Gene J (290)
Monday January 13, 2014, 1:01 pm
"In short, the question before the Court is whether Republicans have the Constitutional right to lie in their campaign ads. This case could prove most interesting."

I believe this might be the first time, in the modern era, that Republicans have ever actually sought permission to lie, that they do, have done and will is beyond question, but this reaches new heights of idiocy, even for them. Please, sir, may we lie now? That entire party is one very bad joke.

David C (131)
Monday January 13, 2014, 1:19 pm
thanks, TomCat....feel better very soon.

Chris C (152)
Monday January 13, 2014, 1:23 pm
EXCELLENT cartoon, Tom!

Birgit W (160)
Monday January 13, 2014, 1:35 pm

James Maynard (84)
Monday January 13, 2014, 2:25 pm
Gotta love the Constitutional right
to lie (don't try this in court!).
Robert Reich is spot on, as usual.
We three pins,
disoriented are,
dragging out,
my time so far...

. (0)
Monday January 13, 2014, 4:42 pm
Great thread, TomCat. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Get better soon.

Edith B (146)
Monday January 13, 2014, 9:34 pm
Get well soon. I always enjoy Andy and agree with REich.

Twyla Sparks (208)
Monday January 13, 2014, 11:42 pm
Hope you get to feeling better really soon. There has been so many people sick around the country so you hag in there and get better,

TomCat S (129)
Tuesday January 14, 2014, 12:46 am
Thanks everyone.

Robert B (60)
Tuesday January 14, 2014, 7:23 am
Right to LIE????!!! This blows me away! Are people allowed to lie in a court of law? Can Doctors lie to their patients? Can Drug companies lie about the safety of their products? Is a company allowed to lie and make unreal claims about what a product can do? Why should a political AD be any different? Hey SCOTUS, it's a no-brainer, it's called FRAUD. And if a candidate lies about his opponent, guess what that's called? SLANDER!!
Sometimes I feel like I just woke up in an alternate universe called Goofyland!

Gary L (138)
Tuesday January 14, 2014, 10:20 am
Thanks TC I enjoy reading your posts I hope you start to feel better
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