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Now It's 'Obama the Irrelevant'

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- 2330 days ago -
President Obama should be the most transformational figure of the century, but instead he wields all the power of a substitute teacher in charge of night school.

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PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 10:34 am

Four More Years ... Of perpetual gridlock???

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 10:38 am

More Validating Care2 News

I seriously doubt that anyone will challenge my articles with mainstream counter-evidence, however I am most certain that there will be bad-n-plenty of hot-air political hardcore self-protectionism rhetoric to abound!!!

Elle B (84)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 11:13 am
"The height of stupidity is most clearly demonstrated by the individual who ridicules something he knows nothing about." 
~ Albert Einstein

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 11:16 am

Too bad President Obama is not as smart as Einstein, but instead He believes himself to be another Abraham Lincoln incarnate and that particular psychological complex has absolutely no basis in substantial reality for leading a nation!!

Elle B (84)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 11:47 am
It is doubtful that President Obama considers himself to be an Abraham Lincoln incarnate. It is possible that he thought he could artfully employ some Lincoln tactics. However, I cannot draw conclusions without direct acknowledgment from him. It seems very likely that Pres. Obama overestimated the general public's awareness and acumen on civic and political matters. It is an ominous challenge for nayone to effectively lead a nation purporting to be a democracy when a substantial number of citizens significantly influencing the political process do not have any intent of letting it be one. Anyone as intelligent as Albert Einstein does not want to be President of theU.S.. In fact Einstein considered immigrating to America. to be an error that would take more than a lifetime to remedy.

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 11:59 am

... Unfortunately due to my comment #1 reference 'perpetual gridlock', President Obama is now being publicly cast as an epic failure, go figure.

And therefore: "President Obama should be the most transformational figure of the century, but instead he wields all the power of a substitute teacher in charge of night school." rings true!!

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 1:38 pm
Is he irrelevant? I think that was demonstrated when he was given his job speech and House Speaker John A. Boehner and Vice President Biden where caught on microphone talking about golf. See "The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency" at

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 6, 2011, 4:11 pm
Good to know. Thanks for this article.

Jae A (316)
Wednesday December 7, 2011, 4:03 am
OMG...This from the Washington Examiner . com.....which is an ultra rightwing site of below tabloid quality had all that to say about Obama....well ......I'm shocked. . . !!!! LOL ...too fricken funny Pink,even if just B.S....that you posted a piece from a rightwing site expecting others not to know that about them.....

I guess you really did believe that others on care2 are that uninformed and easily lead to B.S. from a rightwingcrazy piece about Obama on an ultra rightcrazywing site as if it were a nonpartisan piece ...Wow, either you are that uninformed or out of it to think that would fly on care2.

John, they all had copies of the speech given to them before they already knew what he was going to say..which has been the case for all presidental speeches for decades. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Pink said....."Unfortunately due to my comment #1 reference 'perpetual gridlock', President Obama is now being publicly cast as an epic failure, go figure." Now that is ROTF funny if it was said in seriousness, which I hope even you aren't 'that full of yourself ' to believe such a rediculous B.S. statement is anything other than one meant to be funny ! ...

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Wednesday December 7, 2011, 5:05 am

> More Obamism To Contemplate:

Horse slaughter plants are now in legal operation once again within the U.S., with the stroke of President Obama's pen in signing the H.R.2112 spending bill and thereby lifting set restrictions on horse meat processing for human consumption.

Help Stop It Now!!!

"Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter For Human Consumption -- Real Video" - News & Petitions @ Care2 News

> Election 2012 Alternative:

Occupy Wall Street meets Occupy the White House through Green Party's 2012 presidential hopeful and already established political veteran Dr. Jill Stein, who is embracing the OWS movement and taking the nation's college students under her wing.

"The Hill: "Occupy the White House" Movement - Green Party Watch" @ Care2 News

The truth is the truth -- no matter where it comes from!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday December 7, 2011, 11:48 am
It takes a certain powerless, low-class kind of person from a one horse town to make themselves feel big by denigrating the same person week after week after week. The Republicans won't win this time, so all your venom is for nothing.

. (0)
Wednesday December 7, 2011, 11:48 am
noted..but remember..the truth is a lonely hunter

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Wednesday December 7, 2011, 12:20 pm

Obama Is 'Irrelevant' and held hostage inside a perpetual gridlock ...

Like a dead duck floating on the river ... But it will sink eventually.

Quanta Kiran (67)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 2:21 am

Arielle S (313)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 10:45 am
You gotta give Pink credit - she obviously believes that Repug thing about saying a thing often enough will make it true.... sorry, but you have quite a ways to go yet, Pink. Keep trying tho - I do get a kick out of your wayward thinking...

Kenneth L (314)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 11:16 am
He also eats small babies.

Dotti L (85)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 12:47 pm
Am posting on this thread to once again thank Jae and Arielle Too soon for stars. President Obama is relavant to me.

Elle B (84)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 1:29 pm
"If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read "President Can't Swim." — Lyndon B. Johnson

"Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth." — Franklin D. Roosevelt

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does the truth become error because nobody will see it.” ― Mohandas K. Gandhi [he did not like reference of Mahatma]

“You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most people do.” - Norman Justerv

I'd recommend adjusting the binoculars. Obama is no dead duck floating on any river . . .he's swinging the compass while navigating rogue waves and stormy weather under heavy fire - taking hold on a first rate Ship of Malversation and making way. Pirates and stowaways are scuttling on board dressed as ship's company - slinging chain-shots while yelling the captain can't steer and he's sinking the ship!

NOTE: One cannot learn to sail the high seas while splashing about in corner puddles.

Arielle S (313)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 2:11 pm
Dotti, you ARE a star - and Elle, you, too - love the quotes!

Jonjon Hoy (146)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 2:16 pm
We don't need four more years of I Have A Dream Vacation with no results that wait till last minute......

Bill E (41)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 2:23 pm
We expected an Abe Lincoln, an FDR, or a John Kennedy, but we got ourselves a Gerald Ford instead.

Robert B (60)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 2:25 pm
The fault, dear misguided Pink, is in congress. Not in our President. The GOP/Tea bagging miscreants have stood in the way of ALL progress.

OBAMA IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!! GOP OUT IN 2012. WE CAN'T GO BACK TO THE DARK AGES OF IGNORANCE AND GREED. It is the right wing extreme that is IRRELEVANT.

Janet R (38)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 5:04 pm
Obama is certainly more relevant than any of the Repug blowhards currently fighting or tripping over their shoelaces for the Repug nomination (I know I spelled it wrong, I don't care). The real issue is Congress. Over half of them are millionares so of course they are not going to pass any legislation that would cost them any money. If Obama says it is green, they say no, it is blue; anything he tries to pass, they will have no part of it. We need to get people in Congress who want to serve America and make it the great country it once was. Anyone who isn't rich and is voting GOP or tea party needs their head and heart examined.

Eddie O (95)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 7:13 pm
Amazingly, this article doesn't say much of anything, and certainly no major statistics. Just some more babble and right wing spin without saying anything. Talk about irrelevant, look at all the GOP candidates that soared to the top, only to crash and burn within a few weeks. Newt will be no different as he has more baggage than all the airlines put together.

Pink, - if you want to read some facts, for a change, check out this link

It’s from an insider, not some spin artist who sits on the sidelines!

Also, Pink, if you want to become a bit more educated about this subject, just google “Obama accomplishments”, and you’ll come up with a lot of links of lists of numerous Obama accomplishments, in spite of the massive opposition from the PARTY OF NO! --- NO HEALTH CARE, NO EDUCATION, NO SOCIAL SECURITY, NO MEDICARE, NO MEDICAID, NO AAA CREDIT RATING, NO COMPROMISE, NO HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, oh, and there is one yes --- YES FOR GREED, CORRUPTION, DIVISIVENESS AND INSANITY!!!

Wayne W (12)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 9:03 pm
"Examiner Columnist Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute."
Is there anything more anyone needs to know about the article?

Just for reference:

Folks, I think this, by the CATO Institute's Gene Healey, might stand among the greatest wingnut columns ever produced:

Right-Winger: Obama’s Too Skinny to Lead but Fat Old Haley Barbour Would Make a Great President!

Cindy B (61)
Thursday December 8, 2011, 11:29 pm
I am not enamoured with everything Obama's done. He was quite naive in thinking he could just come in and clean house, end the wars, close Guantanamo... Nope, he shouldn't have promised all that. Every politician finds out things are a lot more complicated, when he's really swimming in the water, than they looked to be from shore. At the time Obama made all those promises, I KNEW he wouldn't be able to keep them easily because I'm a total news junkie and knew exactly what a HORRENDOUS, MULTI-TENTACLED MESS bush had created. A monster like that can't be killed with a couple well-placed blows..

All anyone has to do is look at the basic Repug philosophy and agenda... it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Wrong for a viable and well-functioning society, wrong in the face of human psychology and variability, and ESPECIALLY wrong for the difficult and complex times in which we now live. OH, so very, very wrong and just plain stupid. Overly simplistic. Clueless. Selfish. And hypocritical to boot!

So no matter how badly Mr. Obama has disappointed me, Ms. Pink Mindy, the alternative is UNTHINKABLE. I'm sure the American public will see that too. (Especially with the motley crew now lined up on the other side.)

I'd say more, but what a joke.... this posting doesn't merit it.

Myron Scott (70)
Friday December 9, 2011, 5:30 am
Where's the beef, child? Just another substanceless post from the queen of the red meat eaters.

Really, I've reached the conclusion that those of us who despise her obsessive, vapid hate Obama posts should just ignore them. To extend the school analogy she started, she's like the disruptive student, the button pusher, who doesn't mind getting sent to time out or even detention, as long as she gets noticed. When we notice her, we reward her, reinforcing her behavior. Above all, do not note her anti-Obama crap unless you really agree with it. (I never do.)

WAYNE: Good comment, as always. And always good to see one of your comments.

Lloyd H (46)
Friday December 9, 2011, 8:20 am
Ah, another morning dose of the Pink and mindless talking points Parrot pimp of the reich-wing of the Repug/Tea Bagged party.
Let us start to days lesson with the Washington Examiner, formerly owned by Murdoch/News Corp who basically gave it, for $1 Million, to Billionaire Philip Anshuts. WE/Anshutz since then has endorsed to the hilt the 2008 Campaign of McCain/Palin and co-sponsored the Ames, Iowa Repug/Tea Bagged Debate, the one that put Bachmann in the Front-runner position. Now Gene Healy, the author of the piece o'crap article, with the totally fabricated Chris Matthews quote-the use of GQ as political experts-and the clothes horse snipes, linked to above who is the Vice-President of the Cato Institute. The Cato Institute is an ultra-reich-wing think tank, funded by Charles Koch, yup one of The Koch Brothers of infamy, and co-founded by Koch and Edward Crane, who remains president of Cato. Cato is better known for helping the Bush/Cheney Administrations formulate their deregulation strategy for the Big Banks and Wall Street, and we know where that got us and is trying to keep us.
As to the irrelevance via gridlock, what the hell else do you expect Pink and mindless one when the sole stated goal of the Repug/Tea Bagged in the US House and Senate is Not to govern, Not to create American Jobs, Not to Improve the US Economy BUT ONLY to do what ever it takes to ensure that Obama is a one term President,you know Mindy just exactly what you have dedicated yourself to every time your mouth opens or your fingers type.

Eddie O (95)
Friday December 9, 2011, 8:43 am
Thanks Lloyd H., for the wonderful post and exposing more of the corruption and greed and lies behind Phik's post. Obviously, in regards to politics, if it's from Pink, it's nothing by BS and propaganda, with no real substance, heart, sanity, or compassion included in any of her posts.

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Saturday December 10, 2011, 4:49 am

*Related Article:

Less than one year out from Election Day 2012, voters remain overwhelmingly pessimistic about the U.S. economy and their concerns are taking a toll on President Obama's re-election chances.

Most Say Obama Doesn't Deserve Second Term -- News/Video @ CBS News

Past Member (0)
Saturday December 10, 2011, 3:11 pm
Be thee on notice:

I am no longer going to send Obama hate and darkness and confusion.

He's already got enough of that. I surely wouldn't want to have all that blackness directed at me for me to have to fumble around in.

I am going to send Obama Light and Love realizing he is also a fallible human being confined to this HELL called physical universe.

I also send you light and love.

I renounce hate with all of it's wickedness..


David Christman (7)
Sunday December 11, 2011, 5:54 am
Mindy, you continually amaze me with you myopia. Blaming EVERYTHING on Obama is so obviously politically juvenile that it nullifies pretty much everything you say - even though it does convey your fearful flailing for an answer to the damage being perpetrated by the Do Nothing congress. The President is not a dictator, so why do you assign every action, or inaction to him? You need to seriously broaden your source(s) of information, much less your thinking...

Myron Scott (70)
Sunday December 11, 2011, 6:57 am
Obama has said that he isn't going anywhere unless the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits are extended:

GOP Seeks to Make Obama Pay Big Time for Keystone Decision

Maybe you all Bama baangers should check Boehner's itinerary.

Myron Scott (70)
Sunday December 11, 2011, 8:23 am
Or, on Care 2:

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Monday December 12, 2011, 10:36 am

More non-substantial Pro-Obama camp rhetoric to endure, but everyone has the right to harbor their own personal opinion.

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Monday December 12, 2011, 10:39 am

President Obama was going to sign legislation that would have approved the Keystone XL Pipeline, until He found out that it would further damage his election chances with the environmental activists, so he put the decision off until AFTER his re-election 2012 campaign.

Shrewd Political Move!?!?

Isabelle J (81)
Monday December 12, 2011, 11:07 am
I am canadian and i'm so jealous of your president. I would give a lot to change Harper for Obama!! All the people criticizing him, do you miss Bush ? Cause that would be crazy!

Myron Scott (70)
Monday December 12, 2011, 11:46 am
Brava, Isabelle. Crazy they are - and about 50% of thwm racists at heart.

PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Monday December 12, 2011, 12:06 pm

Uh-Huh, ... Don't forget that gridlock stagnation brings with it very uncertain outcomes across the board.

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove that you weren't a racist, then vote him out in 2012 to now prove that your not ignorant too!!

Eddie O (95)
Monday December 12, 2011, 4:56 pm
WOW, Pink Mindy, I don't know how you can be in favor of destroying our precious environment with the Keystone XL, as your home page portrays you as someone who loves animals, and I had thought nature as well.

Sometimes one has to stand up for what's right, and Obama standing up against the greedy oil industry deserves praise, in my book, not people continuously trying to beat him down, and promote greed and money above all else.


PinkMindy Ellinwood (567)
Sunday December 18, 2011, 5:40 am

Only desperate people still believe in Obama's empty promises, which are entirely wrapped within gridlock stagnation.

And the crowd roars and cheers over (any one of Obama's recent speeches applies) ... Absolutely nothing!!

He has been such a discouraging let-down.
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