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The Dirty Truth About Israel

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: lies, terrorism, war )

- 1941 days ago -
The real truth they wont teach you at school.

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Lynn Squance (235)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 2:15 pm
Why is it that we do not hear more about this? Is the lobby so strong? Is history so blind?

To be sure, Jews were despised in Europe for centuries upon centuries to the point where Jews disguised themselves to be safer. There were Jewish pogroms in Russia in the early 20th century. As Nazi Germany began to rise, Jews emmigrated to Palestine. Hitler had his Jewish solution --- the holocaust where millions of European Jews were murdered. Yet the Jews did unto the Palestinians what had been done to them. They did not learn. They ... did ... not ... learn! And the fight continues with Palestinians still being denied their rights. This bear scat cannot continue.

There was a reference to the Balfour Declaration in the video. The Jews are not solely responsible. The colonial powers like Britain are also responsible for pushing agendas in the UN. This is madness, like having a pack of rabid dogs running loose. It must stop!

Thanks for video Mary and forward Carrie.

Florence Eaise (132)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 2:21 pm
WOW Mary thanks for posting i had NO idea! noted and sharing

Mitchell D (87)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 3:43 pm
WOW is right.

. (0)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 3:46 pm
The statistics, most of the historical information can not be debated. What I found was a slanted, Jewish look at perceiving the Israelis's as flat out murderers. Were Palestinians killed? Absolutely. Did the world try to stop this forced containment on the Palestinians? The UN didn't. The wars Israel suffered against its Arab neighbors had nothing to do with the Palestinians. They simply hated a Jewish presence in the Middle East. If these Arab countries cared, they would have taken the Palestinians who wanted to leave into their own country, This never happened.
The Zionists, a grassroots organization that struck a flame world wide,were able to buy Palestine - plain an simple. The references to Palestinian owned land simply was a lie. These were tent dwellers in a land owned by the British, The video also mentioned owned deeds - to whom? The British, the Israelis?
This was going to be a Jewish homeland at all costs. Within ten years, Israel was a different country, and the Palestinians who "suffered" under Jewish rule lived a quality of life they never expected.
This is what Arafat hated about Israel. Only the most militant were behind him; he never has support from the Arab world. It took Arafat to convince this terrorist that Israel was here to stay. Accept it, or continue to lose a long lost battle.

AWAY AWHILE Cal Mendelsohn (1067)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 5:37 pm
At the First Zionist conference in 1899 the delegates almost voted to set up a homeland in Uganda. The idea of a Jewish homeland predates most Palestinian settlement in the area dating back to Biblical times. Films like this, though statistically valid, are incredibly slanted and conveniently omit the persecution that Jews in Arab lands suffered during the post World War II period

A clever piece of propaganda

Mary P (157)
Tuesday January 29, 2013, 7:08 pm
Thank you for your notes, forwards and inputs! Much appreciated! Thanks to internet access
Israel is unable to keep the people of the world BLIND no longer about
Its war crimes, theft, daily oppressions and genocides against a unarmed people who innitially
welcomed them with love and friendship; only to find that these occupiers
were wolves in sheep clothing!

Please keeping forwarding far and wide!

Those who still happily go along with israel's inhumane treatment to Palestinians, please
know that Truth IS overcoming Falsehood and Justice shall Prevail! Wait and

Peace to All

P A (117)
Wednesday January 30, 2013, 1:43 am
As I understood it, part of the reason that Palestine was 'resettled' by Jews was that by and large the Arab countries had sided with the Axis powers, so as the West tried to make amends for their ignoring of the plight of the Jews in Germany before WWII the Zionists took advantage of this to gain vast areas of land in Palestine.

Will this misery never end? People seem still intent on wounding others as they or their families were wounded themselves - this must stop. The tale of that poor woman whose brother was shot in front of her and who lost most of her family as a result of this 'resettling' would melt all but the stoniest heart.

I found the film fair - and the fact that most of the speakers were intelligent and compassionate people who happened to be Jewish was most compelling.


Lindsay Holeman (8)
Wednesday January 30, 2013, 8:11 am
I don't have to even see the video to see complete and utter bullshit. There is no racism. There is no aparteid. The thin lie is there.

Sheryl G (363)
Wednesday January 30, 2013, 9:20 am
Lindsay H. said, "I don't have to even see the video to see complete and utter bullshit." Really? Wow, talk about working from the Whether you agree or disagree with what was presented AFTER having watched it is one thing, but to not even view and make such Judgement!

I hope never to have you sit in a court of law, I do feel that if you stayed home or slept through it you might feel very confident in casting your verdict. You list yourself on living in the USA, why does that not surprise me. Unfortunate, that we have so many who live here now that have all their facts formed by listening to opinionated fools.

What is happening to the Palestinian people is so very similar to what happened to the American Indians and the First Nations people of North America. These origninal inhabitants of North America were living in villages with their families, had their own culture, their way of life, and were millions in numbers of them.

Then the Europeans came over in boats and wanting to get away from their own religious persecutions, looking for adventure, wanting a new start, running from the law, felt superior over others, felt their God told them it was theirs, being sent by the Kings and Queen to go "take" and bring back, we had the same misfortune played out upon us, starting in 1492.

The entire continent of North America use to be lived upon by the native people, over time these Indians were tucked away on land least wanted by the Europeans and their decendants called reservations or according to government documents, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is prisoner of war camp #344. That is they are living on this land if they were not massacured first and their villages burned, crops destroyed, and all that would show they had existed wiped off from the land, only to be taken over by the Chosen Ones who felt "right in their might". One way or another Indians were removed and their numbers depleted down to now being only 1% of the total population.

That the USA would condone, back, support, turn a blind eye to what Israel is doing does not surprise me as it is all to common an occurance of what happened upon the lands of what is now called the United States. Hey, it had worked for them, why not Israel. If USA speaks out on Israel and say tisk tisk they might have to look in a mirror and see what had happened and is still happening here to the native people of this land. When the majority of the American people can't see and understand what took place under their own feet they fail to see the same things in other lands.

When they fail to see the Human Rights abuses to other people they fail to see the Human Rights abuses being done to themselves, like the Corporate take over of their Government, the stealing of lands and homes by the Wall Street and Banksters, the rape of their environment by the Oil Barons and MultiNational Corporations that poison the air, waters, foods, giving them cancer and other diseases.

Putting blinders on, failing to READ or WATCH all types of information doesn't protect anyone, least oneself. We are all brothers and sisters upon this Earth, one no better than the other, and it's best that we stand together and not perish as fools together.

Here are a couple of maps people might want to check out. Can you see the similarities. I can.
Shrinking lands of American Indians

Shrinking Map of Palestine


Jason S (50)
Wednesday January 30, 2013, 11:16 am
Good posting,thanks

Mary P (157)
Wednesday January 30, 2013, 2:05 pm
Thank you Dandelion! Very eloquently said! Some israeli loyalists prefer
To remain blind to the sufferings of other people; I wonder how Lindsay H would
feel if her child was burnt to cinders by israeli bombs; or not allowed through the
Israeli checkpoints to take her sick baby to the hospital!

Watch what the teenage soldiers with guns do to unarmed peaceful adults and children at the checkpoints! I posted a video abt the "israeli checkpoints- a day in the lives of the palestinian people! One soldier had the
Audacity to say he was a human and the palestinians waiting at the checkpoints
were animals and should be treated as such! If watching that video doesn't bring
Tears from deep within any soul, then that person is soul-less!!

Farah Hage Ali (152)
Thursday January 31, 2013, 12:18 pm
noted, thank you

Stephen Brian (23)
Saturday February 2, 2013, 9:03 pm
Pre-Zionist wave-migration population of Israel noted in the video: Less than 4% of the current population (counting Israel and the Palestinian territories, which were in the highlited region of the map). As of 1915, according to the Jewish Virtual Library, the Islamic had grown to a little under 5% (which would be 20% growth in a single generation, pretty huge growth, so I'm not calling it an underestimate despite relevant bias).

If a territory contains less than 5% of the population it can support with modern agriculture, I'm going to call that mostly empty. That was the case at the time of the first modern organized Zionist wave of migration. In fact, with the Arab migration away from Israel in 1948, the Arab population of the region into which the Jewish population grew was cut in half, according to Rashid Khalidi, who is in this video. (Nur Masahla put the number who left at 80%.) The statements in the video contradict the data it presents.

It manages to make a major error and contradict itself inthe same line later: Land was not "stripped away" from local residents, at least not in the usual legal method of "stripping away" land (denying people the right to own land, and then sale of the land by the state to whomever it wishes). They never owned it. The landlords, who mostly lived elsewhere, sold it to Jews. There was nothing illegal or unusual about the transfer of ownership. Then it talks about the clashes in the 1920s, after opening with the claim that there was no long-standing antipathy between Arabs of the area and Jews.

Then it misleads again: Efforts increased among Jewish organizations, not by "the world" trying to "make ammends" for the Nazis' behaviour. As the remaining powerful states saw things, Jews owed them, not the other way around. Then there is the hilarity of "43% of the land". Look at the map: Jews got a whole lot of desert, not habtable land. Even today, with the massive population growth of a previously "not empty" land and concerted efforts to make it inhabitable by one of the most technologically advanced countries on Earth, that desert still only supports under a tenth of the total population. The "8% ownership" is also misleading: Using the same standards, does anyone here know how much of the land Arabs "owned"? The vast majority of the land in any country is public property, in that case, "owned" by Britain, which was leaving.

I watched only the first half. Is there anything better in the second?
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