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Couple Sues Wal-Mart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos

Society & Culture  (tags: society, children, family, Wal-Mart, Photos, accusations, police, rights )

- 3135 days ago -
For Lisa Demaree and her husband A.J., it was the hardest time of their lives. It all began a year ago, when the Demarees dropped off some digital photos to be printed at their local Wal-Mart in Peoria, Ariz.

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Dee C (23)
Monday September 21, 2009, 4:44 am
""It was a nightmare, it was unbelievable. I was in so much disbelief. I started to hyperventilate. I tried to breathe it out," Lisa Demaree said, struggling through tears.

Among the batch of 144 family photos, the developer spotted eight photos that shocked her and she turned them over to police.

According to the police report, photos were of the children in provocative positions, with their genitals exposed."

Read more and see video at site..

Past Member (0)
Monday September 21, 2009, 9:07 am
I soooo fell for this family right now.

It is hard when you are a person who is not ashamed of nudity and do not want your children to be either, and because of that you are going to be lumped up into the same class as a child molester or child porn distributer.

I whole heartedly agree with this statment, for it is how we are in our home as well.
"Our family is very open and comfortable. We don't want our children to feel inhibited in their own house," A.J. Demaree said. "If they want to run around in their underwear, if they want to go run and grab an old Halloween costume and throw that on and run around the house, or if they want to run around the house naked and play around, that's what we encourage."

I so feel for them right now. It isn't hard to tell the difference between kids playing and kids being forced into doing something....

I once was using A-hole AKA AOL as our Internet provider. Sent my Mother In Law some pic's of my then 2 and 3 year old boys in the tub. I think every parent has a funny tub memory of their kids and many of us like to take pics and have any FUN moment documented. AOL sent me a warning saying that I could be showing child porn and my account had to be watched for 6 months. All cause I sent a Grandmother some pictures of her Grandchildren in the tub having a bubble bath making funny images on the wall and themselves...

We parents are under the microscope all to much these days... Because of the few bad one's we better parents are in constant fear of us being looked at as wrong or lumped up in the same crap as the bad ones.

it isn't right...

My oldest daughter was angry with her father when she was about 9 or so. Told her school counselor he was hitting her, her brother and me.... Even with the Child Services woman knowing that she was lying after she spoke to her for about 3 minuets, my husband had to be in the child abusers registry for a whole year, before his name would be cleared. They came to my home, interviewed all of our kids and each one of us separately,I had to take them all to the doctors my city has with dealing with child abuse, costing us out of pocket money cause our insurance didn't have that doctor on their preferred list. The whole thing took about 2 months.

I was never ever so insulted by any of my children and have not since then. She still knows it bugs us cause she was trying to use that to get what she wanted. Do we hold it over her head, no, no way would we, she was 8 for goodness sakes, but after it all came down and she realized what she tried to do and what would of happen to her and her family... I can say she is still very remorseful about it.

Rhonda Maness (580)
Monday September 21, 2009, 12:23 pm
Thanks Dee

Nikki C (7)
Monday September 21, 2009, 1:55 pm
Wow,their whole life was derailed over this.

Lydia J. (0)
Monday September 21, 2009, 5:11 pm
I saw this story for the first time today on GMA and am still completely shocked at what has happened to this family. I am a mom and we have bath time photos of our son as well. This is completely insane. I don't know how this has been rationalized by more than one person not to mention these are supposed to be professionals who should know the difference between bath time photos and outright child porn!! This puts us parents in a whole new light with how careful we need to be with our children, their innocence, and the stupidity of others who don't think about the consequences their actions bring. I think all photo labs need to better train their employees on the difference although you would think a rational person would know the difference. I think what I find most appalling is not so much the Walmart employee as much as law enforcement not seeing the difference. I think this "cop" needs to look at his mom's photo album and he too might find some bath time photos of himself!! I am so sorry for this family and I hope they are able to recover from this nightmare.

Wolfweeps Pommawolf (251)
Monday September 21, 2009, 5:19 pm
That this Walmart Asscoiate went to contacted the police over this before dealing with the store management is clearly seen here. shem on the attention seeking employee that DID NOT think of the consequences before acting.
The problem is that every act that a parent does with their child is seen as abuse anymore, and shame on those that do not have common sense anchored in their brain.
Walmart deserves to be sued, as do everyone involved, for theya re the ones that did the damage, and destroyed a family's innocent time in their lives.

What is so sad is that the real abusers are ignored, and the good parents punished on a daily basis. The Walmart employee needed better training, and should have followed a better protocol.

Past Member (0)
Monday September 21, 2009, 6:00 pm
DEE for bringing this TRAGEDY to "FAMILY" MINDED PEOPLE everywhere you deserve a THANK YOU: "THANK YOU."

WAL MART! ___and POLICE... and "just had to" INTERRUPT with the FAMILY UNIT entirely... IT IS A SAD SAD concept and
I read that a CHILD SEXUAL PREDATOR recently received only 8 YEARS for his exploitation of CHILDREN... ! WHAT a thing that the GUILTY have so little consequence and the INNOCENT are too often DURESSED!

WHY NOT a SOCIAL JUSTICE SYSTEM that in situations of "CONCERN" the CHILDREN are, unless PROVEN ENTIRELY a FACT... NOT REMOVED from the PARENT(s) that is PROVIDING A QUALITY ENVIRONMENT based upon allegations... especially ALLEDGED BIAS that misconstrues such AREAS as "BATHING FUN for a CHILD(ren)" and or "SWIMMING FUN!"... as the parent stated:

"It took us a long time to take a picture," Lisa said. "I even worry about them in their bathing suits now, if I get a shot of them in their bathing suits and they're tilting their heads a certain way or their hips are sticking out a little bit, all I think of is 'Does someone think that it was posed? Or how is that going to be perceived?'"
from the MOTHER victimized in this ORDEAL along with her ENTIRE FAMILY!


...and Our USA government owes ALL PEOPLE that are DURESSED and their LIVES INTERFERED WITH... inclusive the WRONGFUL INPRISONED LIVES of the USA... $ COMPENSATION along with PUBLIC APOLOGY!



Marty H (119)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 12:57 am
This shows you just how Gestapo like Child Protective Services can be. Oh they can do some good too but they are out of control as far as I'm concerned. Digital cameras folks and print your own! Thanks Dee!

. (1)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 6:20 am
This is absolutely insanity! I would assume 90 percent or more of parents have taken pics of their children, in the privacy of their own homes, when kids are little, in a bubble bath, running around in their "Supeman underwear" and so forth! This family has suffered for nothing. I realize we have lots of child exploitation out there, but from what I am seeing and hearing these parents were just taking memories, for their kids to see when they are older, grown and have children of their own.
I had an incident when my son who is now 30... when he was three. In fact actually it was in our Wal-Mart. My son had been over to my ex Mother in Laws house playing. He went to pick up her kitten, and it accidentally scratched in just under his right eye. She had called me at once, and I picked him up, took him to our family physician, who said it was not anything to worry about, gave my son a round of antibiotics just to make sure no infection was to set in, and we went home. I had been in Wal-mart a day or so later, and my son had a little bit of bruising from the scratch. A Wal-Mart Employee that had been in my own graduating class and knew me, well enough to know I would never lay a finger on my child (I never found out for sure of course it was her, but I had remembered her making some comment about my son's eye that day). Later that afternoon we were outside in our front lawn, and my son was playing. A car pulled up and it was CPS!!! They questioned me, and took a look at my son. I told them they could call my ex Mother in Law, and my own family doctor who could tell them the truth! Of course they did, and all was dropped, but the very fact, that this was Summer Time. My son was in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. The scratch was tiny, and it was just a tad bit of bruising under the eye. Heck, most of us had worse scraps and bruises just learning how to walk and falling... and there was not another mark on him... yet this person totally embarrassed me, made me feel horrible, and nothing had been done wrong. I feel for parents now. The ones that try and do the right thing, and teach their children about things properly wind up in this kind of mess. Yet, there are many out there treating their kids worse than a stray animal and yet they get by with it for years! Every time I walk into our Wal-Mart and see that woman, I want to tell her off. It has been 27 years since it happened and sometimes just seeing her still upsets me to no end.

Kenneth L (314)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 6:44 am
Nothing wrong with what this couple did.
This is a case of how people who have committed harmful acts against children have gotten the authorities to paint everyone with the same brush.

Not unlike when you were in grade school and one or two kids were goofing around and talking and wouldn't stop, so the teacher keeps THE WHOLE class after school. Punishes everyone for the bad acts of a few. Which is the case with this incident and many others.

This is also why everyone has to lock their vehicles, their house doors, etc. Because of a minority of criminally-minded people who would break into cars and houses, everyone has to spend money, time, and effort on multiple alarm systems and similar things. The good and innocent (which is the majority) have to suffer because of the bad actions of a few.
It sucks.

Elvira S (82)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 1:29 pm
I'm all for child protection, but this is taking it too far. The story shows how easy innocent people's life can be affected by "over protection".

Gillian M (218)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 2:35 pm
My elder son worked in a similar position based here in the UK. If any employee had seen anything that may be construed as abuse/pornographic then they had to follow a procedure. The company is required to work with the authorities in such a case.

In this case the family were totally innocent and I think that the whole thing went on far too long, such investigations do not take that length of time in the UK, they are not on a register and it is unlikely the kids would have been put into care unless there was real concern.

Bear in mind this case was innocent, not all are, and how loudly would you be condemning the people involved if they had failed to report the pictures if abuse was involved?

By the way, I sympathise with the family, I think all parents take pictures of their kids with no clothes on as they don't see it as anything other than part of their childhood. Both of my sons have been brought up in a similar way and I think that it makes for a relaxed atmosphere in the house. However, I have spent time in social services and am fully aware of what happens to the children when they are abused.

Pam Burton (25)
Tuesday September 22, 2009, 4:05 pm
"Bath Time" photos are turned in by an OVERZEALOUS "FUNDIE"......yet I have 5....YES-5-convicted child molesters living within 10 blocks of our middle school.....And we don't knw who/where unlass we CHECK ONLINE....

The only thing DIRTY here is this EMPLOYEES MIND.......

Ann D (0)
Wednesday September 23, 2009, 12:46 am
What a assine employee! Is all of American going to prison because they took pictures of their children naked? We have pictures of our kids taking baths, running thru the house. They are both adults and have seen the pictures for more than 35 years!
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