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VIRAL ACTION NEEDED Investigation of Walmart Pork Suppliers

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If you still eat meat, you approve of this treatment. Wouldn't you rather save animals? Please go vegan! (And please remember that it is not enough to ban gestation crates: pigs are still exploited and made to suffer unimaginable horrors

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Victoria Oakey (124)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 12:19 am
Noted. Thank you.

Patricia H. (440)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 9:25 am
noted, signed and shared

Pamela W (75)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 1:18 pm
Noted the article, as a link to other petitions on that page !! But (sorry to say) I personally find the opening words of the article (also quoted above) "If you still eat meat, you approve of this treatment." an offensive generalisation regarding all who are non-vegan ...... sorry, but I'm duty-bound to be honest !!

Tuesday December 10, 2013, 1:49 pm
For some reason I cannot connect to this site to sign the petition. I do not eat meat....but for those who do the humane treatment of animals during the process of slaughtering them must be enforced. It is morally the right thing to do. Thanks Kelly for sharing.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 1:53 pm
I'm unable to disagree with the thrust of this artcle. Unfortunately, though, I've seen too much of the dark side of PETA.
And to you, PAMELA W., you obviously fail to realize that by being a meat eater who
'eats what she likes and when she likes', you implicitly approve and acquiesce to the treatment described. And this means guilty. To proclaim that one loves animals yet eats some shows ignorance of what love truly is.
To become a vegan is no easy task. It demands a commitment to helping the environment, opposing animal exploitation, and concern with one's own health. And this requires some measure of self disipline, among other requirements.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 2:01 pm
In countries where slaughterhouses are open for public inspection upon demand, conditions are much more humane and sanitary than in the US where the public is denied access to inspecting such facilities. Some countries require cams be installed every step of the way through the slaughterhouse so that no matter what time of day or night it may be, inspectors and the public may view the conditions of the facility and the treatment of the animals from the time they enter through the time that they are processed. We need more regulation to ensure humane, hygienic condition in meat processing facilities.

. (0)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 3:22 pm
if you are vegetarian or vegan you might not know what I just found out
that we here have funded the humane slaughter of 177,147 farm animals.
I thought the redeem recipient was an association, charity, society or group.
it is one farm, with a facebook page and recipes for the animals you and I helped raise

Katie and Bill D (107)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 6:24 pm
When I saw kicked and etc. I did not watch this but it holds true for this company, they know there will be people that have to buy this crap! They will if it's cheap! They will continue to stuff their own greedy pockets!
Thank You Kelly

Manel Dias (20)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 6:29 pm
I hope those low life scumbags will suffer the worst pains before their death.

Pamela W (75)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 7:38 pm
I apologise in advance to those who are not concerned but I defend my right to say what I did in my earlier post and see no reason at all for the attack made against me by Gerald M above. Quoting from my profile does not inconvenience me in the slightest but the phrase in question has been interpreted by that person in the way HE wanted to interpret it ..... just because I am not vegan does NOT automatically mean I eat meat !!! That was the whole point of my earlier comment - if "certain" people took the trouble to actually READ what they see, they might not find themselves with their "foot in mouth". I made an observation about just such a generalisation being offensive (NOT to me personally, but to all non-vegans) and, lo and behold, someone else does exactly the same thing. I have a deep respect for vegans, and have OFTEN stated as much on threads about veganism, so the totality of Gerald's post is innacurate (as regards myself) and typical of what causes such a "rift" between vegans and other Care2 members !! Incidentally I also have MANY friends who are vegan (both online and in real life) and NONE of them has ever treated me or other non-vegans in this disrespectful manner - probably because they actually KNOW me !!

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 9:12 pm
Oh, PAMELA W., if , as you say you're not vegan, then you're could be a veegetarian, in which case you probably eat dairy, hooney, and other animal byproducts. If you do, then, you're still contributing to the pain and suffering in animal exploitation, in the same way and manner as I previously submitted. Do some research if you don't believe it.
As the Colonel in the movie, 'Code Red' said, 'You can't handle the truth.'
I retract nothing.

Christine Stewart (134)
Tuesday December 10, 2013, 11:45 pm
One of my sister's friends has a pot bellied pig as a pet- yet still eats bacon- claiming that "One is raised for food, and one is raised to be a pet". I am so sad that some people refuse to see that their loving smart pet is no different than the one raise for slaughter- so how can they stand to allow the cruelty of factory farming, just because they like the taste of bacon?

DaleLovesOttawa O (198)
Wednesday December 11, 2013, 1:29 am
The entire world is not the U.S. or Lotusland and even within the U.S. itself one can avoid factory farming and find sources from small farms that are not into factory farming. If people choose not to eat meat, or if people choose to eat it, that is their decision.

For those eating meat, it is a better choice to choose from farms that are not engaged in factory farming. For those who are vegan, the world will not stop eating meat but people can avoid factory farm products. Most of my diet is plant based but I do eat some organically raised meat from small farms occasionally.

The idea that eating meat will end is not realistic, it is not going to happen. If one chooses to be vegan that is fine for those following that path, but other people are still going to eat cheese, honey and other animal products and drink milk. Many other nations have far stricter regulations than the U.S.

I have done my own extensive research which is why I obtain any food from non-factory farms including all non-animal foods as I won't buy GMO produce. Since vegans object to the use of any animal products nothing short of stopping the eating of animal based foods will satisfy them, but in reality, this will never happen. As for not handling the 'truth', there are some vegans who can't handle the fact that animals can be raised humanely on small farms where they live a humane life.

Yes, they end up eaten or are for dairy but then, on a small farm they live a life where they are not stuffed into cages and the other factory farming horror stories. They get a life which is worth living while they are alive. The fact that they are eaten is a fact but if they were not, they would never have lived in the first place as most people don't have pet cows, pigs, hens in the living room. Some do, but that is a minority of the populace.

Vegans cannot change world history in that humans have consumed animals throughout much of our history. If they choose not to, that will not deter others from eating meat but others can avoid factory farms. And the Inuit who live in various arctic nations with -50 and worse temperatures eat a mainly meat diet and have lived there for thousands of years. They will not move south to change their diet or traditional lifestyle because some people down south disapprove of what they eat. Neither will First Nations or Métis.

I have vegan and vegetarian friends and they don't generalize about people who obtain meat locally from non-factory farms. If they are vegan, they won't eat it or honey, etc., but when we show up at gatherings no one condemns the other for what anyone else eats be they vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. We can socialize and not demonize the other for what one does nor doesn't eat. I eat meat once in a while and I don't approve of factory farms or their conditions and if they can't raise animals in humane conditions they should be legislated out of existence. Closed circuit TV should be mandatory, any employee engaging in cruel acts should be prosecuted and jailed promptly.

One can get any animal products raised in non-factory farm conditions, Christine Stewart if one is willing to take the time to do so. The same goes with honey, cheese and milk, etc. What matters is reality... and the reality is that people are always going to eat meat, drink milk, eat cheese, yogurt, honey and other animals product, so what is preferable...factory farms or the alternative of locally raised non-factory farms that are small and manageable?

You can tell me not to eat meat but I am an omnivore and so are many others. Some people will have pot-bellied pigs as pets and still eat bacon and if the pigs are raised on non-factory farms, then the pig has had a much better life than any pig on a factory farm.

Gerald M, generalizations are generalizations. Period. To make blanket statements of who loves animals and who is 'guilty' and who is not shows an ignorance of the fact that not everyone fits into a generalized One Doctrine Fits All Cookie Cutter Description of how things work in the world. Vegans comprise three percent of the global populace and people will not stop using animal products because a fraction of the world disagrees with it. Vegetarians who eat cheese, yogurt, honey and drink non-factory farmed milk are not going to throw up their hands and follow a vegan path because you disapprove of what they eat or drink. Neither are omnivores.

Some can feel free to sit in Judgement of others on a pedestal and bang their judgemental gavels pronouncing to the world with some vegans saying things such as anyone eating animals can't love animals, or we approve what goes on in factory farms even when we boycott them, but go right ahead as I know that avoiding factory farms is a lot more humane than buying food from that source.

In the end, the meat animals die but if they were not raised for food, they would never have (on the non-factory farm), lived outside in the sunshine and felt the grass beneath their hooves, etc. Chickens don't have to be stuffed and crowded in cages. But nothing I say is going to change the minds of many vegans. Truth can be both subjective and objective.

Pamela W, the trouble with some is that they believe in what they believe to the exclusion of all the other realities in the world. Some vegans will talk exclusively about factory farm conditions and totally ignore the fact that other omnivores will boycott factory farms and get meat and other animal products from other sources.

They can say "do the research" all they want, yet ignore the fact that the world is not one giant factory farm thinking that meat only comes from factory farms. They cannot square the circle in that they abstain from animal products but the rest of the world uses them. The way around it is that animals be raised in natural conditions and not factory farm horror show conditions.

Some vegans cannot accept anyone on the planet using animal products but the fact remains, people will always drink milk, eat cheese and some will eat some meat and use honey and wear wool hats. Some vegans can campaign to their last breath against this but they will never stop it or outlaw it. So, as I said before, if one uses animal products, avoid factory farms. Regulate factory farms and if they can't change what they do, shut the things down and just obtain meat from farming as it should be.

Shut down GMO production of veggies and fruits, etc., while we are at it as well or 50 years from now we will not have any organic veggies, Monsanto seeds will have cross contaminated all organic fields while then forcing organic farmers to cough up money for their patented seeds ruining an organic farmer's field Isn't corporate greedocracy just wonderful? Will we even have any natural veggies left 50 years from now? Soy is now mainly GMO. I forage milkweed seeds and other wild plants, lets see Monsanto GMO that. I have to wait until the warmer weather for foraging, (Who knows, they just might ...after they rid the world of real veggies).

People will always eat veggies but we don't need to eat Monsanto Seeds of Destruction GMO 'food.'

Most people using computers, getting vaccinations and a whole myriad of products especially medical products often end up using animal products as well. Some can tell everyone else that we don't have the discipline, the love and all that some vegans smugly believe that only they can possess which is likely why there is only three percent of the world that is vegan, the rest of us simply accept that things are not that black and white and work with what we have, such as avoiding factory farms. It does not mean that somehow we are inferior to or lessor than vegans are or that we 'can't handle the truth.'

Agreed Brian M, strict regulations and enforceable regulations are required for factory farms as many countries are far stricter than the U.S. is for example.

Kerrie G (116)
Wednesday December 11, 2013, 5:47 am
Noted, thanks.

Wednesday December 11, 2013, 6:08 am
I still cannot connect to this site....anyone else with the same problem?

DaleLovesOttawa O (198)
Wednesday December 11, 2013, 7:19 pm
Jinny L, try out another browser and see if you still have the same problem, if not ask why you are having problems in the Care2 groups dealing with technical issues on Care2.

kate K (481)
Sunday December 15, 2013, 9:35 am
Noted. Previously signed
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