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Senate Outraged at Having to Work Weekend to Save Nation Read More: Http://Www.Newyorker.Com/Onlin e/Blogs/Borowitzreport/2012/1

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- 1937 days ago -
Howls of protest filled the halls of the U.S. Senate today as dozens of Senators expressed their outrage at having to work through the weekend to save the United States from financial Armageddon.

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Carrie B (306)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 5:50 pm
Posted for Mitch D.

Florence Eaise (132)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 5:54 pm
Poor Congress, so they dont want to work the weekend to save our country? Then maybe they souldnt spend the entire year making stupid decisions that get our country into so much trouble im sorry but it had to be said thanks Carrie & Mitch noted with much disgust

Jae A (316)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 6:24 pm
Yep..I'm playing one of those worlds tinyest violens for these folks......

Too bad they aren't haven't to world in department stores all weekend for min. wage during ..the years biggest sales ! I doubt they could handle that kind of presure either.

Fact is if they hadn't been a large part of the reason we're in this mess to begin with they wouldn't have to be wasting more tax dollars over the weekend. All that extra expensive bottle water and food they have privy too over the weekend..just that cost is surprisingly high and for what results..more of their same ol stall as their obstructionist efforts roll on ? Guess they are just eager to get those lobbiest pay checks spent ...and to hell with the nations problems. I give them two thumbs down and a big foot up each of their ___________ !

Past Member (0)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 7:25 pm
Thank you.

Chris C (152)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 8:51 pm
They CAUSED this problem - they can now take the time to deal with it...idiots!

Heidi Aubrey (16)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 9:23 pm
Amazing. How about cutting their salaries placed in the deal.

Kit B (276)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 10:28 pm

I read this earlier and had planned to post it at Care2 as well. Good job Carrie - Andy never fails to find the humor in any situation. How very sad that the Senate and the House are being asked to actually do their jobs. Or as Alfred E Newman would say, "What me work'? And often said by Maynard G. Krebs a character on the Dobie Gillis Show of '50s-'60s TV days.

Expect the Congress to work? How dare the president? Outrageous!

Carrie B (306)
Sunday December 30, 2012, 10:34 pm
They should be paid according to the number of days they actually work. Wouldn't that be something? They would probably starve to death, except those with family money.

Cheryl O (82)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:16 am
LOL ty.

P A (117)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:59 am
Listen to the people Congress - not the multinationals - you SHOULD have to clear up the mess you've made - but I doubt you will!

P A (117)
Monday December 31, 2012, 2:06 am
Oh and another thing - all of the 'sweetheart deals' that ALL of our governments have awarded themselves - for example the one year of pay after being deselected from a Parliamentary Seat that the ex-MPs in the UK get if they can't get a job in that year that is equivalent to the one they have left (everyone should be that lucky!) - and I know that Congress whilst stopping others getting good health care has a wonderful deal for themselves and their families. Then there are the other ones - like the fact that they are allowed to go about doing what in the rest of the world would be considered 'insider trading'!!! (I had to check up on each of these as I couldn't believe it when I heard of them) - these and all the other abuses of power need to be stopped - forthwith!

Carol H (229)
Monday December 31, 2012, 4:12 am
noted, poor babies!!!!

John B (185)
Monday December 31, 2012, 4:52 am
Thanks you so much Carrie for posting this here on C2NN. I signed up to receive Andy's article via email and read this in a email yesterday. I just love his satirical comments and he does it soooo well. Reread and noted.

Roseann d (178)
Monday December 31, 2012, 5:15 am
Awww, what a shame! My heart weeps.. They created the crisis, now deal with it.

Ro H (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 6:56 am
tough nuggie

Süheyla C (234)
Monday December 31, 2012, 7:55 am

Nancy M (197)
Monday December 31, 2012, 8:13 am
"I feel your pain".

Theodore Shayne (56)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:12 am
Fire the whole damn lot of them and get some qualified people in there who actually know how to run a business.
It's the same up here in Canada. These folks only work six months of the year and get paid for twelve along with benefits and a golden parachute.

Anton Macio Madison Sr. (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:17 am
Noted I can't feel sorry for them

cecily w (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:41 am
Poor overpaid people. They should just quit to show their displeasure (PLEASE).

Mike M (43)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:46 am
Screw them! They started this problem and either they fix it to the satisfaction of the American people or we send them home and charge them for their stupidity.

Nancy M (197)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:47 am
Well, we all knwo that they have certainly been on strike (with pay).

Antonia Windham (6)
Monday December 31, 2012, 9:58 am
Worked a lotta weekends myself and some on holidays. No big deal and politicos should be more adult about it.

Nancy M (197)
Monday December 31, 2012, 10:45 am
"Alan Simpson, Republican Senator from Wyoming and co-chair of President Obama's deficit commission, calls senior citizens the "Greediest Generation" as he compared Social Security to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats."

OMG! I am sure my 85 year old mother would love that comment (she said sarcastically).

Arielle S (313)
Monday December 31, 2012, 10:49 am
If the Senate had been doing its job the last four years, it wouldn't have this issue... no sympathy, only total disgust. Great post, John, and Nancy, I can be outraged for your mother - if I'm a cow, I wonder what that makes Mr. Simpson...? Lots of words come to mind, none of them printable here....

Wilde Thange (10)
Monday December 31, 2012, 12:20 pm
le by last minute deadlines like most of society but then in this case slapping together a really skillful set of loopholes for lawyers to profit from is very demanding. Whatever they cobble together is rule not that much different then Kabul... Whatever the loopholes are it will take years to figure them all out and even longer to do anything about them.

Winn A (179)
Monday December 31, 2012, 12:24 pm

James Maynard (84)
Monday December 31, 2012, 12:43 pm
Good thing this turned out to be some Borowitz
satire - I was about to have a screaming fit at
the headline. :)

Mary Donnelly (47)
Monday December 31, 2012, 12:52 pm
Thanks for this post Carrie.

Not only should Congress be upset about being recalled, so should the American people. The 'Fiscal Cliff" need be only a slide, reversible at the next scheduled meeting of Congress.

The USA needs some stimulus to keep its recovery going, so these tax hikes and spending reductions should not have been passed in the first place, because together they are contractionary, not stimulatory.

It's a pity Congress didn't realize that at the time.

Shirley B (5)
Monday December 31, 2012, 12:57 pm
Kudos John Gregiore, in the words of a popular song "Ya took the words right outa my mouth".

Dotti L (85)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:13 pm
Thanks Carrie and also John G. Star on it's way. This brings to mind all of the Holidays I have worked, overtime,double shifts (retired Nurse I am). Policemen, firemen don't get their desired time off. Tose poor "babies" in Congress!!

Deborah W (6)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:18 pm
Shouldn't we, as their employers (yes, they work for us) expect no less than some bang for our buck? 'Bout time they reentered the reality of their negligence.

Past Member (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:23 pm
Paul (Ayne Rand) Ryan and the tea baggers won't deal on his nazi budget. Too many Karl Rove, college republican conventions will shape a human that way. Thanks, WI. Thanks, Karl.

Suzanne P (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 1:37 pm
Boo hoo

Joanne D (38)
Monday December 31, 2012, 2:25 pm
Andy is always very, very funny. And it's tough to write satire when the reality looks like satire already. Great post.

Phil Hanson (21)
Monday December 31, 2012, 2:40 pm
This article would also have been appropriate at "The Onion." As always, a large dose of truth washed down with a barrel of laughter is much appreciated.

Carlene V (202)
Monday December 31, 2012, 2:59 pm
Satire as it was written but in truth proably very close to the truth if they ever spoke it (the truth that is).

Sheri Schongold (9)
Monday December 31, 2012, 3:13 pm
McConnell is a lot of things like a jackass, a freeloader, stupid, cold & uncaring, and then a lot of things I can't say here. If he feels this country is not worth saving, then let him go somewhere else. See how it likes that, like Cuba or Venezula. Football is more important to him than saving the country. What a joke. Maybe if he wasn't so rich, it would mean something to him. At no time that I can remember, has Congress been so angry about giving up their time. We elected them to do a job for the people of this country and not for them to watch football. It is time the American people stopped subsidizing the Congress and let them fend for themselves, ie retirement funds, postage, oh yes and medical insurance. Why should we pay for this anymore. Let the lobbyists pay. The give them enough bribe money, why not ad some more. I suppose I could, as could millions of Americans, go on forever, but I won't. I will just say that we need term limits on Congress so the old cronies will get out before they have to be carried out, we need to get rid of the lobbyists so that Congress will have to put in some time to the job and not get paid for rubberstamping for the lobbyists & big companies. Most of all, WE NEED TO GET RID OF THIS CONGRESS AND ELECT ALL NEW MEMBERS!!

David Menard (43)
Monday December 31, 2012, 3:37 pm
The senate is outraged? They can cry me a river! What about our outrage? What a useless bunch of morons! the people need to say yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fired!

Wilde Thange (10)
Monday December 31, 2012, 4:12 pm
Ten years ago today GW came out from vacation down on the Ranch to say that an attack on the US by Iraq would cripple our economy so not long after we invaded Iraq crippling our economy!

Past Member (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 4:50 pm
Tar and feather the whole lot!!!

Ray M (0)
Monday December 31, 2012, 8:55 pm
Oh, boo hoo. If the lazy do-nothings got off their duffs during the year, they wouldn't be in this mess. They're on vacation ALL THE TIME. They need to be paid like part-time workers w/o benefits like most Americans who work for minimum wage.

Colleen L (3)
Monday December 31, 2012, 10:40 pm
Poor babies.. I'm a very caring person, but to hear that they had to work over the weekend, Doesn't make me feel sorry for them one bit. If they'd do their jobs like they are suppose to do, they wouldn't have to be doing what they are right now. They get ,more days off every year, than regular employees do with our jobs. With them having to go in on January 1st, just means they can't party too much tonight. Hope they feel what us hard working people feel like each and every day. Thanks Carrid

Dorothy N (63)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 3:41 am
Lol, this is a spoof - if probably - regrettably - true.

I must say though, in all seriousness, that I'm with cecily w. and Nancy M. on their comments.

I came across a video which seemed to show some pretty proof-packed pudding regarding the overall differences in US political parties.

4 of the 5 most miserable states have Republican Governors

Factors involved in the calculations included: unemployment, inflation, poverty, income inequality, air pollution, lack of health insurance, occupational fatality, underemployment

4 of the 5 happiest states have Democratic Governors.

Best of 2012: The Top 5 Miserable States in America

5 most miserable States

Mississipi - Republican Governor

Lousiana - Republican Governor

Alabama - Republican Governor

South Carolina - Republican Governor

Arkansa - Democrat

Factors include: unemployment, inflation, poverty, income inequality, air pollution, lack of health insurance, occupational fatality, underemployment

Happiest States:
Minnessota, - Democrat

New Hampshire, - Democrat

North Dakota - Republican Governor

Vermont - Democrat

Massachusetts - Democrat

Madeleine watt (243)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 4:43 am
With a few wonderful exceptions, all can go straight to Hell as can anyone who voted for the. We are done. It's our country.

You First! You get rid of your right to have sex with anyone other than your legal spouse.. Vote against gays? You'd better not get caught or YOU will do jail time. We will be coming for you with every law on the books. Don't want us to have medicaid or medicare? You give up your perks. Don't want us to have affordable healthcare? You give up your lifetime health care. Want us to pay for your and the other 2$er's lifestyles with our taxes? You first. Tax breaks for companies doing manufacturing offshore? Nope. no breaks for anyone off shore. Allow companies to pollute? Nope. YOU and your corporate sponsors pay for clean up.

donald Baumgartner (6)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 5:39 am
Have they EVER heard of a timely manner, Get 'er done, and this wouldn't happen!!

Lynne Buckley (0)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 7:14 am
The Senators who complained are pathetic.

DORIS L (61)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 1:54 pm
Hey you are all free to leave this country and make your home elsewhere anythime, senators and congressmen.

Past Member (0)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 2:45 pm
Well all politicians are in the jobs to line their own pockets They are not interested in the good of the country

Gloria H (88)
Tuesday January 1, 2013, 4:08 pm
Interesting how they scream bloody murder that teachers have time off (the ones I knew had to get summer jobs to make ends meet) during "vacation" days.
Yet they don't want to join the rest of us 99%ers who have to work nights, weekends at crappy jobs too! AND for minimum pay!
Double, no Triple,- dog dare them to work at a fast food joint for a shift! See how the rest of us work !!!! Many of us don't get a saturday/sunday off with our families!!!!! GRRRRRR!

Mitchell D (104)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 10:25 am
Thank you, Carrie.

Mitchell D (104)
Wednesday January 2, 2013, 10:27 am
Hey, John Gregoire, that's an old, but dear, letter, or mock-up of one, and it is right to the point.
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