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As Obama, Romney Hold First Debate, Behind the Secret GOP-Dem Effort to Shut Out Third Parties

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The Commission on Presidential debates sounds like a government agency, it sounds like a nonpartisan entity, is intended to deceive the American people. This is an agreement by Both Parties and the Corporations to keep out dissenting views.

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Sheryl G (360)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 12:57 pm
It is the first of three presidential debates before the November 6th election. Tonightís debate will focus on domestic policy, but one issue that will not be covered is the actual structure of the debate itself.

The Commission on Presidential debates sounds like a government agency, it sounds like a nonpartisan entity, which is by design, is intended to deceive the American people. But, in reality, it is a private corporation financed by Anheuser-Busch and other major companies, that was created by the Republican and Democratic parties to seize control of the presidential debates from The League of Women Voters in 1987.

The Obama and Romney campaigns have secretly negotiated a detailed contract that dictates many of the terms of the 2012 presidential debates. This includes who gets to participate, as well as the topics raised during the debates.

Now 18 pro-democracy groups are calling on the commission of presidential debates, a private corporation that runs the debates, to review the details of the negotiated agreement.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, has filed an antitrust lawsuit for entry into the debates against the Commission on Presidential debates.

In addition, supporters of Green Party nominee Jill Stein plan to protest outside of the debate under the banner of Occupy the CPD.

Stein and Justice Party Candidate Rocky Anderson will appear on Democracy Now!'s expanding the debate exclusive tonight.

We will air the Obama-Romney debate, pausing after questions to include equal time responses from Dr. Stein and Rocky Anderson. We invited Gary Johnson, but his campaign said he had other plans for the night. The special begins at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.

If it's not being broadcast on your station as itís being broadcast throughout the country, you can also go to the website at

Whether your heart is totally in the Democratic ring or the Republican ring, this story still pertains to fairness. If you truly want the "just" in the system you live under. If you truly want the Corporations out of the elections, then you Truly need to listen to the interview with Democracy Now.

You can still watch the debates, but Democracy Now is allowing ALL Parties to speak that are viable, not the two that Corporate has chosen.

It's your Government, it's your Country, at least watch this before the debates start.


David C (129)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:05 pm
I for one will be trying to find Amy Goodman's debate, much more enjoyable than Mr. Obama and Mr. Robmey.....

David C (129)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:06 pm
cannot currently send a star to Dandelion because you have done so within the last week.

Christeen A (371)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:08 pm
Thank you so much for this. It should never be about a party but about who is best for the job.

Edwin M (346)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:11 pm
Thank you Sheryl

Jae A (316)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:31 pm
This is why I don't care about watching the debates...pre everything in advance and only between the two candidates. Who will watch... to listen to what they say...and who will watch... for no other reasons than their hoping that one or the other will make a gaffe..or have Rick Perry ..duh..moments ? See what I mean :-)

This alternative sounds like the better listening and viewing and learning experience to us ...

Thanks Dandelion........

Joe R (190)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:36 pm
Thanks Dandelion. Not sure what I'm going to do tonight (or how much Romney I can stand.) Would love to see control of the debates go back to The League of Women Voters and have all parties represented.

Sheryl G (360)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:37 pm
You cannot currently send a star to Jae because you have done so within the last week.
The rest of you I was able to give stars. I myself am tired of this back and forth ping pong match that has brought us to this point in our Country, a mess and a disgrace how many lives have been ruined, how many more thrown into poverty, how many still without health care, and little has improved or changed, and it should never have gotten to this place to begin with. I want to listen to other viewpoints and I'm grateful for Democracy Now. For those who can if you can throw a donation to Democracy Now, they can always use they help, they are not bought out by the Corporations, meaning they need us to help them to bring us all points of view.....not just the Corporate media view.

Barbara Tomlinson (431)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 1:44 pm
"that was created by the Republican and Democratic parties to seize control of the presidential debates from The League of Women Voters in 1987."
Thank you very much for this info.
The League of Women Voters is a highly respectable and non-partisan organization that SHOULD be conducting these debates. The whole idea was THEIRS in the first place!

For the first time in the history of Presidential debates, the participants have been given the questions in advance. Obviously so that bumbling fool Mitt the Twit, could CRAM on board his boat with his advisers. Not that it will do him the least bit of help! I am sure Rmoney will do everything in his verbal power to dodge, evade, vaguely generalize and not commit himself to ANYthing. Just "trust me" is his campaign motto. His advisers are just trying to find ACCEPTABLE wordings for what he has already said.

I see the TROLLS are at it again with their anything-to-use-against-obama trash-talking. They all support each others' postings and drive OURS off to the back pages.
Their purpose is to discourage Obama voters and make them stay home. That will give Rmoney RELATIVELY more votes. And that, in turn, will make the election much easier to STEAL when the Diebold voting machines, built specifically for this purpose by Repukelican engineers, are hacked and a bunch of our Dem votes are moved over to the Repukelican side. This is made more "plausible" if the election can be seen as "close".

Vote for third parties if you must; I won't try and argue.
I CERTAINLY want to hear what Third Parties have to SAY. I have been following Jill Stein's campaign with interest. Some of my friends are working hard, on it.
I have heard it suggested, that one should perhaps vote for third parties in 2016. If Rmoney and his crew get in, if the Koch brothers and Evangelical Xians and others get their way, there may not BE a 2016. I am referring to Nuclear War with Iran, as Rmoney has promised {if he can be said to have committed himself to ANYthing, it's THAT}.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 2:00 pm
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"
You cannot currently send a star to Dandelion because you have done so within the last week.

America: where else can you have two capitalists confront each other and never address the merits and the failings of capitalism; the need for proportional representation; the extent to which each have accepted corporate payola; their willingness to suppress individual's rights to free speech, due process, and privacy; the need to take immediate action to save this planet from environmental catastrophe; and they both will still have the nerve to look in the camera at the American people and call their dog-and-pony show a debate?

Jill P (64)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
I'm glad you got the link for tonights INCLUSIVE debates Sheryl. I've bee trying for two days to send links to my articles about it.Care2 has been less than cooperative.
One was for the link to DN which you have.
The other talks about the rigged debates.

Rigged Presidential "Debates" Amidst the Supine Media

A href="">Open Debates Explains the history how the League of Women Voters was forced out of running the debates and being fair and how our debates were hijacked.
if a Third Party candidate even shows up to watch the debates they are thrown out or arrested. Security is given a paper with the names and photos of every third party candidate and told to look for them. If they see them throw them out or arrest them. Even if they have tickets to attend.
Why people still think we are only "compromising" and things are not that bad is beyond me.
Our country has been hijacked long ago.

divergent r (309)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 2:06 pm
Thanks Dandelion.Not sure if I won't be watching the new SOUTH PARK , lok Just kidding.I'm all for having more than two parties like in Vermont.So many green parties there.Most progressive state in the country.

Suruna WTF (38)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 2:44 pm
Off "Debate" topic, The League of Women Voters is a good source for clarification and guidance on your down ticket issues and races.

MmAway M (506)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 2:51 pm
Thank you Sheryl ~ I do plan to watch closely!

JL A (281)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 4:03 pm
I remember debates when 3rd party candidates participated--and that often added to the depth issues got debated/discussed, which also added value for us all.

Sheryl G (360)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 4:11 pm
Indeed, it's been rather sorrowful since then. If you really think about it, since the last open debates this Country has really gone downhill. League of Women Voters was shoved out in 1987.

Laurie H (817)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 4:19 pm
Thanks Dandelion!!!!~

Jim Phillips (3257)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 5:16 pm
Thanks for the article, Ms Dandelion.

I quit watching TV many years ago as I was tired of the the crap that was being broadcasted.
I only use the TV to watch picked DVD movies and so on.

I was not aware that the debates had become so "Corporate Controlled". I do remember that the League of Women Voters had initiated this debate. The last third party debater was Ross Perot if remembered corrected.

Yes, the third party people have been shut out of the debate process and they shouldn't be at all.

No, I won't be watching the debate but I will follow criticisms by the independent and progressive critics.

Can I say the "fourth party" people... hahaha...

Ty, Dandelion.

P. L. Neola (21)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 5:41 pm
Well, I am not affiliated with any party. I planned on watching the debate on Las Vegas PBS or KLVX PBS. To be honest, with all the political corruption and incompetence, it is getting more difficult in my older, wiser age to even want to vote anymore. However, I will be voting with an absentee mail ballet within the next two weeks!

Jim Phillips (3257)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 5:50 pm
For those of you who mailed in your ballot, please tell me, what happened to it? You don't know, do you? I can tell you that in the last election, half a million absentee ballots were never counted, on the flimsiest of technical excuses.




Julian Robert Gonzalez (112)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 5:50 pm
you have stated what I have been saying for so long, just more eloquintly.
Yes I support a Constitutional Party and they need to form ASAP and get into debates. These debates are lost because of back room deals. Write to your politicians and ask them to contack Dennis Kucinih, Alan Grayson and Jesse Ventura if they share same values. As grassroots we should nominate and vote in people to the Constitutional Party. Lot of work to be done. Lets start with debates and question what is or not said. Shine the light on them.


Sheryl G (360)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 6:17 pm
Check out the Justice Party, Julian, I have worked hard at getting that ticket onto the ballots of Florida and we do have that option in this State as well as other States. To learn more about the Justice Party and the Anderson
Rodriguez ticket, see if it is already in your State, go to this Hotlink below.

Freya H (357)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 7:11 pm
I'm voting Libertarian. P*** on both Obama and Romney!

Robert H (42)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 7:33 pm
My fervent hopes are that people are slowly beginning to awaken to the sad and unfortunate that there is no meaningful difference whatever between the Dems and the Repugs; merely two sides of the same coin, and the people loose no matter which side comes up in the flip.

It's long past time for major change in a system that has become infilterated with gross corruptions of the worst kind from top to bottom and virtually everywhere in between. New parties and new possibilities? YES... that and more!

Jill P (64)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 7:42 pm
Time to think outside the Parties.

Sheryl G (360)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 8:01 pm
I've been watching Democracy Now that allows Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party join in on the debate. I'll tell you, both of them are blowing the Republican Romney and the Democrat Obama out of the water. What a shame we are denied a REAL choice in this Country, because only the R's and D's are given the mainstream media and is slanted in this rigged system to remain our two choices. I do hope more and more people wake up as you say Robert, and Jill it is more than time to think outside of the two Parties. Freya I do give you credit, at least you have also been looking outside of the two Party system.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 8:22 pm
Thank You so much for this wonderful post my friend !!!!! As always you are right on target. Being a member of the Green Party and a BIG fan of Jil Stein , who I couldn't say enough good things about, is indeed a person to look to if one wants to look to a direction of change.

JL A (281)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 8:32 pm
Did anyone else find it rude when he insisted on talking when it wasn't his turn in the format he had agreed to abide by? Wish I'd had a stop watch to clock how much extra he spoke, most of it without facts as content but mere assertions and fluff...nothing related to higher education or how to balance the budget without adding hugely to the deficit his the expectation that deep revenue cuts now for some mystical future revenues (that weren't forthcoming the last time that approach was tried)...but the conservative commentators seem to think his performance strengthened his GOP voter support. Third party candidates might have added decorum.

Edith B (146)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 8:54 pm
Sheryl, I get on here too late, didn't see your post until after the debate. Sorry, I probably would have benefited more from the third party debates than the one I watched. Neither candidate impressed me tonight. I did not know the history of the debates, either. The League of Women voters should have been allowed to continue holding them, but as with everything else this is corporately controlled now, too.

SuSanne P (193)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 9:27 pm
Thank you Dandelion. I had no idea, although it doesn't surprise me at all. This "news" just blew me over with a feather. It is more disgusting than the crap I just viewed. Unfortunately I got home just in time to watch this pathetic debate, before having a moment to open this news. I'm afraid it is all too clear as Robert H. sums it up! Great post BMT...many great posts.

JL A (281)
Wednesday October 3, 2012, 9:41 pm
You cannot currently send a star to Edith because you have done so within the last week.

Arild Gone for now (174)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 3:22 am
The system is rigged to make the choice between the Democratic or Republican Party,all candidates should be heard.Thanks Sheryl.

Teresa Blackard (37)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 5:49 am
Again TY 4 all u do !!!! It's all part of our Creators plan matter what we do down here on Mother Earth.

Patricia E G (54)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 6:02 am
Missed the program "Democracy Now", which is unfortunate since I am
a big Rocky Anderson fan. This private Corporation business is deplorable.
All candidates should have their say at the podium just as the Rs & Ds.
Thank you Sheryl.

Sheryl G (360)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 6:37 am
Sorry I didn't get this on sooner but I am not able to get on here so fast, I've got a lot of irons in the fire so to speak but I'm glad some did become aware of it with my placing this on here. I like to think that maybe they'll do the same with the next debates, I haven't heard one way or another to this.

In any case, this article above IS VERY understand how things are rigged. If this article at least provides that much information then I am truly glad I got it on here. So all is not lost by my placing this post on, and for those who can't watch the video just click the word transcript and you can read the information on the page.

JL A. yes, I found Romney to be very rude, and Obama although not rude did not offer me much in a feeling of gee I'm glad he is up there. Between the two of them it was a sad representation of "is this the best this Country has to offer"? Well it is in these two tired worn out corrupted Parties, I guess, and we somehow need to let more people know that there are "other" choices. I found both the Green Party and the Justice Party Candidates a breath of true fresh air.

After the Democat and Republican had their say, Democracy Now would ask Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party the same question, and their answers were much better, more thought out, clear and understandable. After one go around with Romney and Obama I was left with ????? say what??? and when Jill Stein came on she said right off, if you can't see the forest through the trees from that exchange don't feel badly neither could I. I'm like, well right on, what a dance around the bushes Romney and Obama had done, a lot of words that said......nothing.

But the American people will cling onto these two traitorous and worn out Parties like a baby clings to their baby blanket that has seen it's better days, for despite how torn it is, despite how worn out it is, and how dirty it becomes, how badly it smells, the child still wants that blanket even when offered a new one, that is clean and fresh. I will not support the worn out dirty parties but will cast my vote to day I would like to think we would have a choice between the better of two goods, like between the Justice and Green Parties, they did a fantastic job I wish more could of viewed them.....but that is why they WERE blocked.

As George Carlin said, the REAL power has you by the b*lls, they just give an illusion that you have a say in matters. So until you throw off your chains and fool them by voting not that which they have you conditioned to do, you will keep clinging to the dirty worn out blanket until there is nothing left to cling to.


Jae A (316)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 8:12 am
..and that is why I would really like to see Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson campaign as a team/running mates if you can imagine such, and do so from the get go for the 2016 election...but at this time I would be fine with either in the next election,at leat from what I've read about each of their plateforms and 'visions' ,to date,which they can go for easier than either the Dem Or Repub party candidates can... as their polices are set in stone more or least the way I see things. People just need to do as the Repubs have done snce day one of Obama 's first term and start the campagin for at least the two I've mention from that day ...forward.

Jill P (64)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 8:21 am
America is a massive dysfunctional family. With dysfunction each member clings to the dysfunction because it is familiar. No matter how much better things could be, no matter if they are offered their freedom and a chance for a better life, no matter how dangerous, abusive, and painful it is..the fact is it is familiar and you cannot unclench thier tight, bloody, white knuckled hands from the dysfunction. Even though the familiar is so painful, change is much more scary. And so here we are...

. (0)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 8:31 am
Thanks for the post Dandelion and for all the links provided. The little I saw of the debate, the more apparent it became that it was and is a joke..............and yes we are!!.....

Sheryl G (360)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 8:31 am
I know the Green Party has been around for a few years, think it was somewhere in the mid to late nineties, so are still relatively young by comparison, but somehow they got to get themselves more know, as not just the hippy or environmental party only, for that is what I think a lot of people who even know of them, think. Is why it was good if people could see that they are more than that, that Dr. Stein was very well versed on many subjects.

The Justice Party is the newest kid on the block having only come into existance the when it was first organized in November 2011, so it isn't even a year old and it has done wonders in such a short time. To give an example one can see how many States have the Justice Party on ballot.

Colorado (Justice Party), Connecticut (Independent Party of Connecticut), Florida (Justice Party), Idaho (IND Independent Candidacy), Louisiana (Justice Party), Michigan (Natural Law Party), Minnesota (Justice Party), Mississippi (Justice Party), New Jersey (Justice Party), New Mexico (Independent Party), Oregon (Oregon Progressive Party), Rhode Island (Justice Party), Tennessee (Independent), Utah (Justice Party), Vermont (Justice Party), Washington (Justice Party).

In less in a year.....this was managed. So you see there are a lot of people who are NOT supporting the Democrats or the Republicans, if you combine the Green Party and the Justice Party. Perhaps they should of come together, but maybe, if we get real lucky, as I said, we'll have a choice one day of the "better between two goods"......if our Country and planet survives that long.

So is why I have seen how URGENT this is that we not beg or kowtow these two parties that do not listen to the people (except around elections when they say they do) but keep acting in the best interest of the Elites, the Oligarchy. But we need more Green Party and Justice Party people to run at all levels of Government, not solely on the Federal level.

If you State is not on the list I gave you may be able to do a write in, these are States that allow it.

Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington D.C.

These States are still seeking volunteers to get on the ballot or to qualify for write in.

Arizona, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, North Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming

contact Walter:

Good luck to us all.....we need it.

Russell R (87)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 1:30 pm
We could have avoided all this if you, Dandelion, had put yourself on the Ballot. At least, then, I would have known that vote counted for something. I sure won't vote for a man that thinks he is fixing the budget by omitting a mere 0.00012% in 2011, for the best educational, informative, entertaining TV, that government has ever spent! We will save more than that in Secret Service protection needed to protect the Mitt Romney Clan!

Sheryl G (360)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 3:00 pm
lol.....thanks my friend; concerning the ballot.
You cannot currently send a star to Russell because you have done so within the last week.

Lois Jordan (63)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 6:57 pm
Corporations own America, and I don't know if it's too late to change that--but I will do whatever I can to help oust them from power. It's sickening that third parties aren't allowed to be involved. The Powers That Be are running the whole was clear months ago that Willard would be their candidate. They gave each GOP candidate about 3 weeks in 1st place before they destroyed them....and on to the next one. Only Willard was left. It's obvious to me that democracy in America died...had been slowly suffocating for several years until the Bush Regime shot it in the head and buried it. With people like the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson pumping money into politics, the only recourse we have left is to gather great numbers of people to speak truth to power....while badgering the media to present facts rather than truthiness.

Sheryl G (360)
Thursday October 4, 2012, 6:59 pm
Well said, couldn't agree with you more.

Stevie A (10)
Friday October 5, 2012, 11:44 am
I'm registered Green. It started in Europe, perhaps Germany? over 20 years ago. Friends, I am sorry to say, that after the "Hanging Chad" Florida Vote Debacle I am unwilling to vote third party UNLESS, as with Perot, it is a party that will DRAIN the REP. VOTE instead of the Dems vote. I have repeatedly written to the Dems and said that I am a Green party member and that I wish the Dems would come out with a Party Platform along the lines of the Greens 10 point Platform. The Dems did come out with a 3 or 4 point platform which is a start. I absolutely agree that it is WRONG for third, fourth, fifth... parties to be ignored. And, of course it was the League of Women Voters who got the debates started; and who should be doing it NOW!!
Thanks everyone for your SPIRITED comments - sure woke me up this morning (Fri)! I am going phone-banking this weekend. I ABHOR the idea of Romney as prez. Cannot imagine how I would cope...

Past Member (0)
Friday October 5, 2012, 11:51 am
A vote to maintain the two-party system is a vote to maintain the military-industrial complex. If everyone who isn't voting at all this time around cast a vote for Jill Stein, then we'd have a woman president in November. But the people are too afraid and apparently feel too powerless to take chances. Instead, free market capitalism and the system of corporate control of the masses will win; human beings will lose.

Barbara Tomlinson (431)
Friday October 5, 2012, 12:03 pm
Rmoney DID commit himself to ONE thing -- SMASHING BIG BIRD AND PUBLIC TELEVISION.

Of course, NOT for the miniscule "savings" entailed -- but, rather, for the PRINCIPLE of the thing.
That means, that Sesame Street and other Children's Television -- will have to be "self-supporting", i.e., FIND ADVERTISERS.
And these ADVERTISERS, would not only have a CAPTIVE, IMPRESSIONABLE AUDIENCE in small kids, toddlers and pre-schoolers --
but, the Corporate Advertisers WOULD INFLUENCE CONTENT ALSO. Both subtly, and not-so-subtly. Both by INclusion, and by EXclusion.
Yeah, kiddies, Fracking and GMO foods are GOOD for ya!
TRAINING kids from the very EARLIEST ages, to become GOOD LITTLE CONSUMERS -- which is ALREADY being done on all the NON-PUBLIC-TELEVISION KIDS' SHOWS. And movies and music videos, etc. {Can of Coke carefully placed in the background -- identifiable brand-name clothes the "stars" wear -- etc}.

This is MIND CONTROL, DISGUISED AS "SAVING MONEY". A TYPICAL "STEALTH" TACTIC of the Repukelicans and their Koch brothers and Corporate sponsors. Getting in under the Public's radar.

Sheryl G (360)
Friday October 5, 2012, 12:18 pm
You cannot currently send a star to BMutiny because you have done so within the last week.

I realize that the Justice Party, only formulated in November 2011 and not even a year old most likely doesn't have a chance at winning. But at least I can feel good about my not casting a vote that as Brian said, keeps the military industrial complex going, nor feeds the greed of these Corporations that have a stranglehood over our two Parties that are beholden to them. We'll never get out from under this mess if even those who are registered to their Green Party will then not vote for them. Our planet doesn't have that long to wait for us to become ready to act on our own convictions. Rocky Anderson is also committed to the environment and has won many awards both International as well as Nation in his environmental actions.

And Big Bird goes the way of so many of our living Winged Ones out in the wilds as both the Republican and the Democrats do little to nothing to improve conditions and in many times allows worse to happen for they have the Corporate lobbyist in their laps all the time or even they themselves in the elected seat. Don't have to look to far to recall Dick Cheney, Vice President, and the Halliburton loophole that allowed Fracking to escape our Clean Water Act. What the point is it to have a Clean Water Act if you can just skirt around it for the Corporate monies they can make and be damned whether the chemcials that we don't even know about are getting into our ground water.

Please people stop supporting the Parties that are destroying you!

Gina Caracci (219)
Friday October 5, 2012, 6:43 pm
Thanks for the important info Dandelion! You ALWAYS have such great articles and they are much appreciated.
This country is going down fast and I wish people would STAND UP and DEMAND change before its too late. A thrid party NEEDS to step in b4 its too late.
Watching all the "ADS' by the 'candidates', I was thinking why is it illegal for a business to 'falsly advertise' something but candidates can distort "facts" and blatantly lie to get votes? i mean it really doesnt matter as they are all mostly liars anyhow, but this shows AGAIN, like Congress, they are ABOVE the lowly subjects who voted them in.

Gina Caracci (219)
Friday October 5, 2012, 6:45 pm
You cannot currently send a star to Dandelion because you have done so within the last week.

Mary T (178)
Friday October 5, 2012, 7:15 pm
Thanks Dandelion for posting all though I got this late after the debate, I was very sick in bed and listening to Mittens lie even made me sicker, A third party is not a bad idea but since I am only sure that either Obama or Mitt will win I have to go with Obama.

Sheryl G (360)
Friday October 5, 2012, 9:48 pm
That may be true, but I can't support Parties I no longer believe in. I am not in this to go with the majority, I'm in this to vote for whom I feel is best for our Country and the majority of people. Hope you feel better soon.
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