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This White Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) doe stands alert in a field in a suburb of Boston, MA, USA. White tailed deer have proved remarkably adaptive to the encroachment of human settlements. In fact, researchers believe that deer populations along the US eastern seaboard are as high as they were when the first settlers arrived, thanks to abundant food vegetation growth along roadways. White Tailed deer are named for their distinctive white tail that they raise as a warning flag to warn group members of possible danger. Adults weigh 120 to 150 pounds (54 to 72 kg) and have a reddish-brown coat in summer and a grayish-brown coat in winter. Fawns are generally born in June and have a white-spotted coat for the first six months. Males grow antlers every spring and drop them after breeding in December or January.

White Tailed Deer (Massachusetts, USA) by Dorothy S. Long
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