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I was driving on the Dempster Highway in Canada with Torrie Hunter, a Yukon Territory Game Warden, when this Gray Wolf (black phase) crossed in front of us. We were 25 miles North of the Arctic Circle, and the late August tundra was spectacular. The wolf only traveled about 30 feet from the road before it stopped to chew on an old caribou carcass. I was able to fire off some shots with a telephoto lens without disturbing it in the least. When I got out of the truck the wolf only backed off about 75 yards. It may have never seen a human before. What I remember most was the fire in its eyes...glowing like yellow embers, the wolf stared through my very soul! All too quickly it loped away, looking back only once before it vanished across the endless tundra. - photographer, John Wasserman.

Gray Wolf profile (Canada) by John Wasserman
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