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The maned wolf is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and endangered by the Brazilian government. The number of wolves remaining in the wild is uncertain, but estimated at 2,000 - 10,000. Maned wolves are close to 4 feet long, stand almost 3 feet high at the shoulder, and weigh around 45 pounds, although they appear to weigh more because of their long fur and tall stature. The maned wolf has long legs and large ears, which help it hunt effectively in tall grass savannas and dry shrub forests. The animal is so tall that its overall height is greater than the length of its trunk. Although termed a wolf, the maned wolf is in its own genus and more closely resembles an overgrown fox. They are native to Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. This photograph was taken at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose, Texas. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 2,700-acre, visitor supported conservation center that specializes in breeding programs for threatened and endangered animals.

Maned Wolf by John Wasserman
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