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Wolves have long been admired for their close-knit family groups and social interaction. They usually live, travel and hunt in family groups, consisting of an alpha, or dominant pair, their pups, and several subordinate wolves. Highly intelligent and equipped with keen eyesight, acute hearing and an exceptional sense of smell -- up to 100 times more sensitive than that of humans -- wolves can easily adapt to their surroundings.

Gray wolves were once common throughout the United States' northern Rocky Mountains. But the government eliminated wolves by the 1930s. Defenders of Wildlife was successful in restoring wolves to Yellowstone and central Idaho in 1995. Today, we celebrate the growth of that wolf population to over 200. Send this card to show wildlife your love or show your love you're wild!

Click here to learn how you can help save the Yellowstone wolves.

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Northern Rockies Wolf by Monte Dolack Graphics
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