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Three subspecies of zebra exist: the mountain zebra (Equus zebra zebra), Burchell's zebra (Equus burchelli), and Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi). The mountain zebra is found in the montane regions of southwest Africa and prefers inhabiting mountains over grasslands. Burchell's zebra, or plains zebra, is the most common of the three types of zebra. It is found plentiful in the grasslands and drier savannas of East Africa from Kenya to South Africa. Grevy's zebra inhabit the hot, dry, semi-deserts of central and southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. They are slightly bigger than other zebra species and have a slightly different social structure. Today, populations of the Grevy's zebra are endangered in part due to overhunting. Competition with domestic animals for food and water and loss of habitat also threatens zebra populations. Only about 500 Grevy's zebras remain in their native habitat.

Zebra (Tanzania) by Deborah Boyd - WWF
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