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People born under the Chinese astrological sign of the Dragon are natural leaders. Feisty and gifted with power and luck the dragon is the sign most admired by others. Dragons are idealists and perfectionists. This can, however, lead them to be inflexible and unwilling to compromise.

Dragons are dynamic and delightful to be around. But beware their flames of aggression and determination. Irritable and stubborn, the dragon has a tendency to speak before thinking things through. Despite this, nine times out of ten, a dragon's opinions are worth listening too.

The Dragon is gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing and generous. They can do anything. No matter whether the Dragon chooses an artistic career, medical or political one, they are going to shine in it. They will be a success wherever they go.

Famous people born under the Year of the Dragon include Bruce Lee and Florence Nightingale.

Year of the Dragon (animated) by Diana Sasse
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