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Buddie, a four-year-old weeper capuchin, is a true success story! She came to Jungle Friends because she was attacking her owners and they did not know what to do with her. At her arrival, Buddie weighed 3 lbs.-every bone in her body could be seen it seemed! Within a few days she crashed and nearly died. We suspect she was so aggressive with her owners because she felt so ill. Now she is regulated on insulin and receives injections twice a day, and she is one of the healthiest, happiest monkeys here! The day she felt well enough to laugh was truly a miracle! She is known as the "champion laugher" here at Jungle Friends, because she does so so often, always bringing smiles to our faces and brightening the day.

Now she spends her day running, playing, and laughing with Connie (our other diabetic monkey), Gizmo, and Jimmy. Not enough can be said about Buddie-- no words can describe her progress and her fun-loving personality. She is a miracle.

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