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Chi Chi, a Cinnamon Capuchin, is one of the most cherished monkeys here at Jungle Friends. She may be the oldest monkey we have as we estimate her to be in her late 30s. Despite her old age, Chi Chi is a spunky girl! Her history is vague. As the story goes, she was in a circus or carnival for many years until she started biting people. She is very dependent on human attention and very set in her ways. Chi Chi will serenade you with her songs of love, she will dance and twirl and practically stand on her head, Chi Chi fully expects anyone in view to join in the dance! She will groom volunteers for hours at a time, making sure she picks off every scab and freckle! She just loves the attention! We recently introduced her to the world of TV. And now she will sit and watch her cartoons from time to time throughout the day.

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