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This group is for those who realize or strongly suspect the 9/11 tragedy was a conspiracy to scare the populace into submissive compliance with the removal of freedoms.
DEFINITION OF CONSPIRACY:~~~~~ An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act. A group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.~~~~~~ GROUP POLICY: Given the controversial concept of this group, we are bound to have posts from those who have joined with the sole purpose of challenging that which is too painful for them to accept. Those who post in an obvious attempt to ridicule the intelligence of members will be warned once and if the warning is ignored they will be banned. Posts that insult or ridicule may be deleted at the descretion of the Hosts. We are determined to keep closed minds from forcing us into closing the group since it is preferable to have an open group for sharing information.
    A suggestion By Bear: Having followed Chem Trails, I know that webpages and pictures have a way of conveniently disappearing. Therefore, if you have room on your hard drive, I would COPY any text, pictures, or Webpages that you find for future reference.
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