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Everything related to the Moon . WELCOME !
The Moon lives in the lining of your skin.
     Ode To A Naked Beauty, by Pablo Neruda.

The moon is seen as a female symbol, and was worshipped in ancient times as a powerful force.
It is believed to be linked to the unconscious and our feminine side.
The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic cyclic rhythms of life. The changing phases of the moon were linked to the death and rebirth seen in crops and the seasons, and also to the female monthly cycle that controls human fertility. The moon calendar is still important and many festivals exist around the lunar phases.

Starry night.jpg
A Moon Prayer for Peace

Dear Woman of the Night Sky,

We need your help.

We love our Mother earth and want to save her.

We need a just end to conflict, violence, and war.

Help us to bring the healing feminine energy into balance so we can live in harmony.

Please help those who lead this war release their blocks to wisdom and understand that we are all one. We are interconnected, and what we do to each other we do to ourselves. Expand our vision. Help us rise above conflict to see how we can co-operate for the benefit of all.

Help us release our blocks to understanding so we realize violence and abuse of power are destructive, not constructive. Help us understand that our past, present, and future are at stake, and to accept and respect the spirit in each other and all living things.

Grandmother, help us release our blocks to compassion. Bring to us the deep knowing that darkness, fear, and destruction live in each of us but we must not cultivate nor stay in that dark place; we can choose reflection and introspection for healing then turn toward the light.

Open our hearts, Grandmother, and release our blocks to love. Help us replace mistaken superiority with humility so that the nourishing life force of love can flow between us all. Help us release hate, and give us the courage to face our mistakes and walk, talk, and speak from our hearts.

Grandmother, help us release our blocks to forgiveness. We are only human, and we mean no harm. We know the world is not a place of opposites, of black and white, of Òthem and us.Ó Please bring us your creativity and clarity so we can find new ways to accept our differences and see our sameness. Help us find a common ground in our love for nature and open us to change.

Help us release our blocks to acceptance, for life hangs in the balance of here and now. Let us see and heal our wounds and the wounds of those who have gone before us, so the earth will be a safer place for our children and the web of life can continue. Help us know that true spiritual truths resonate across all cultures in all times, and that we are all spiritual beings in human form.

Grandmother, help us release our blocks to gratitude, and understand that we have everything we need. Let healing energy fill us and dispel our need for power, control, and greed. Teach us to bless all living and growing things with the power of our thoughts.

Light the night sky with your moon trail to help activate peace in the warrior and our higher purpose in our souls.

Bless our minds, our hearts, and our hands with your light, and bring us together as one.

Adorable Moon' s utilities

Click here to see a virtual image of the Moon, as appears now from the Earth:

Click here to see the current Moon phase:

Click here to find more astrological datas of our "Adorable Moon" (you have to set [edit] the page on your Country):,%20TX

Do you want to know where the Moon was on the moment of your birth? Click here to have quickly your free Natal Chart:
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