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After the war is over.... The International Campaign Against Hate-Weapons.
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Aftermath is forming an international coalition against Hate-Weapons.

These are weapons that are left behind as War-Litter and they kill and maim innocent people and animals, they are also weapons that continue to have an impact long after they have been used. They include landmines, cluster bombs, chemical weapons and depleted uranium.

The central aim of the group is to seek for every country in the world to unilateraly ban the design, manufacture, sale and use of Hate Weapons by its citizens, agents and within within its territorial borders.

Aftermath seeks for a future devoid of Hate Weapons for all the peoples of the world.

Aftermath will seek to acheive these goals by seeking high profile opportunities to remind the public of the torture that our armies leave behind and thorugh networking and campaigning, to make banning Hate-Weapons a top priority for governments the world over.
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Blog: Cluster Bombing  
There have been reports of cluster bombing during the invasion of Lebanon. Cluster bombs are illegal in civilian areas. Millions of undetonated bombs could still be lining the streets of Beirut and southern Lebanon. Imagine surving the horrors of a bombing attack only to have you or your family blown up by a rogue undetonated bomb. If the United States/UK knew, or even ignored, the use of these bombs, their governments should be held accountable. My hope is to either bring light to issue and have it resolved as a rumor or international investigators investigate our own weapons of mass destruction. Isreal, US, UK and the World community should be held accountable. Uninvolved Lebanese citizens are taking the biggest hit.
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