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Spirituality was formed to explore our Spiritual nature, however that shows up. It is a group where all paths are honored and creative expression is welcomed. We believe in freedom of expression and do not limit communication of our members.
        Welcome to our group!

This group is for YOU.  It is of your creation for you to play with and express yourself as you desire.  There is no censorship in this group and anything goes, including the freedom to question things that don't seem right as well as the freedom to do what needs doing in each and every moment.  The ultimate goal of this group is for its members to have a place to freely explore any topics that pertain to LIFE, and by exploring Life, we explore our Spiritual Nature.  Please join in the discussion and thanks for showing up.  There are no rules here; however, it might be helpful for you to remember to have fun.

As a courtesy to our visually impaired members, we request that you use 12pt type.  Thanks

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