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Climate Counts is a nonprofit organization that brings consumers and companies together in the fight against climate change. We score the world's companies on their climate impact to promote corporate responsibility and conscious consumption.

Starting this February in anticipation of increased corporate environmental messaging leading up to Earth Day, is announcing the continuation of the ”Green Watching” campaign the group first launched the campaign last year to help consumers question corporate environmental marketing and support companies taking meaningful climate action. and partnering non-profits will encourage consumers to use the website, free iPhone and smart phone apps to send Green Watching messages to companies saying they see the difference between real green action and meaningless green advertising.

“If consumers raise their voices demanding true corporate climate action, companies will respond. Companies are constantly trying to meet the needs of consumers, but they need to hear that climate leadership is one of those needs. Through Green Watching, we want to ensure companies recognize that consumers want to spend their hard-earned dollars with companies taking true climate action,” said Mark Harrison, Campaign Coordinator,’s Green Watching campaign will reinforce its annual corporate climate scores, which help consumers realize the climate action or inactions of 150 scored companies representing over 3,000 brands. The campaign goal is simple: to stop companies from greenwashing consumers and to highlight companies taking climate action with substance.

Join the Green Watching campaign to make sure companies know climate change matters to you.

Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and check out the latest scores at

Why a focus on the biggest companies? It’s a matter of scale. If 150 large companies reduced their current greenhouse gas emissions by just 5% it would be like taking 42 million cars off the road for a year.

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