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This is a friendly group that is hosted by cats and their humans. Members may post pictures and start threads. Negativity and hate are not allowed. The hosts will remove inappropriate and animal cruelty postings. Welcome to our family group.
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6 days ago (8 replies) |
Last reply by Vic : BELLE – IT’S AWFUL !!!! They brought home a PUPPY !!!   IT SMELLS !!!   I’ve been hiding since yesterday when they got home, at least they moved all MY stuff into another room away from that... more»
3 weeks ago (105 replies) |
Last reply by Vic : Hank has lymphoma :'(  they figure he's at stage 3 and has 1 - 3 months.  He will be 9 this year, so it's not far from the norm, but that doesn't make it any easier. we are just doing the best we can for him,... more»
2 months ago (155 replies) |
Last reply by Maryellen : I'm still here. Belle ... more»
3 years ago (166 replies) |
4 years ago (233 replies) |
5 years ago (204 replies) |
6 years ago (6 replies) |
7 years ago (26 replies) |
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