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I want to get more people involed with the fact that the state wrongfully accuses parents of things.This is a picture of the last time I saw my son and they had to rip him off of me, when does it become the states job to became the parent to a child?
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Here is a link to a petition that I have . The more people sign the better it will be so we can try and make a change in this world. If you know anyone, please send this to them and have them sign it. Again, thank you, leighann
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Blog: Maine Department of Health and Human Services  

I have a 16 year old daughter who is a runaway, she has run away from home dozens of times since she was eleven, in fact she has been in crisis units, psychiatric units and a group home in which she had also ran from, except the psychiatric unit because it was a locked facility.  I have dealt with DHHS for several years, every time my daughter would get mad at her father or I, or if she got in trouble for something, she would go to the police and tell them that she was abused and they would in turn  call DHHS to investigate.  They would always find that my daughter was lying and life would go on again. Out of the ten or so times DHHS was called on us, we never once had the same case worker, so every time, my husband and I would have to tell my daughter's history all over again.  I often asked them, "don't you people talk to each other?"  Anyway, my husband and I did everything we could for our daughter over the years, countless hours of counselling, thousands of miles and thousands of dollars, for her to be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder with underlying bipolar tendencies, they didn't want to full out diagnose her with bipolar disorder because she was so young at the time and they thought it may be hormonal....well it wasn't!!  Anyhow, shortly after my daughter turned 16, she ran away, only this time it was different, you see, Maine State law says you can run away at 16 and there is nothing your parents can do about it, they can't force you to come home.  She knew this all too well,, being in the system and group homes and such, she learned a lot.  She also researched her rights at school on their computers.  So this past summer, she "couch surfed" with friends, had a few run ins with the law, but none so severe that she would have charges on her because she knew that if she got in criminal trouble we then could take over.  She bounced from house to house until the parents would lay down the law of the house, which she had no intentions of following anyone's rules, so she would move on, all the while we were asking for help from DHHS and they kept telling us there is nothing they could do because she was 16.  My husband and I made hundreds of phone calls to everyone we could think of, even the runaway hotline, attorney general, governor, senators, lawyers, who all told us there was nothing we could do or nothing they could do to help us even though this child had been taken to the hospital several times for psychiatric evaluations for threatening suicide. but being familiar with the ropes, she would play her game at the hospital and they would let her go saying nothing was wrong with her.  Finally, the last place she was at this summer, had enough of her and she ran away only to be picked up by the cops, the cops had also had enough of her over the last few years and called DHHS and gave them no choice but to pick her up and put her in foster care because she was still refusing to come home, in her words to the cops, "I am not going home, I will win this!"  I was called and had to go to the police station and sign her over to DHHS because she was refusing to come home and they couldn't leave her out on the streets, this was two months ago.  She has been in foster care ever since, she now has jet black hair and facial piercings that her foster parents let her do to "express her individuality."  She roams the streets all hours of the night and hangs out in known drug houses. Today, my husband and I got a letter from DHHS siting us for abuse and neglect because WE LEFT HER HOMELESS!! I called DHHS and asked how this could possibly be, she always had a home to come back to, but refused and the child has never been abused. I have stacks of letters from previous case workers and the police department with her admitting that she was lying about the abuse to get her way. One time, she even had her boyfriend at the time, beat her up and told the cops her father did it, but the boyfriend got scared when questioned by authority and admitted to what they had schemed. She was 14 then and her goal in life was to be a teen mom and live in a rusty old trailer with her boyfriend's uncle who had fathered his own neice!! She was NOT raised this way!! DHHS told me that they had to come up with something to charge us with so they could take legal custody and abolish our parental rights to get her the help she needs.  I called BULLSHIT on DHHS and have contacted my local senators, the governor, and am in the process of filing a formal complaint against DHHS.  Any helpfull suggestions would be appreciated.. thanks in advance Leisa

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Blog: I remember the day I was stripped of everything that bought me Happiness.  

On that not quite so warm spring day in May of 2011 the State of Nebraska after 3 years of fighting for the reunification of my three boys, they unjustly dragged me into court and gave me an option of either voluntary giving up my rights or having them terminated. Sometimes I believe I was the victim here. Those boys had a great child hood, always had food in their bellies and a warm place to sleep. If anyone would listen to my story they would understand why my life is so hard to continue on with after I lost my three beautiful boys. I am not a drug addict, even though it would make they why factor in my brain so much easier to understand, they tried to say that I needed a guardian ad litem because I supposedly had a mental illness , that had never been proved by anyone else, and the state appointed attorney I had, basically told me that I would have more rights to my kids if I voluntaryly gave them up, instead of having my rights terminated. I just don't understand, why this was all done to a family unit. I thought it was the goal of Health and Human Services to reunify children with their biological parents. Not to mention that the ages of my kids where old enough to know who their parents were. Isn't that harder on them as children? I guess I will never understand and as I stand here with my hands tied, crying every night wondering why me God?

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Blog: what would they do if it was there child that was getting taken?  

I have read all of the stories and it has broke my heart to hear such sad stories. 6 of my friends have all had there children taken off them for being wrongly accused.I have heard plenty of peoples stories and they all end the same. I have noticed that everyone gets told that there are no problems to be said in the court papers but yet when the court hearing does come there seems to be so many problems and mistakes that the parent has "apparently" made. They say how they are doing it for the childs safety but yet they dont think on how it is affecting the child (mentally, emosionally). I am setting up a petition with in the nelson area with in the next month or so for the parents that have had there children or child taken away from them. new reporters will be there as people need to hear other peoples stories on how they were done wrong by social services. And to find out exactly what social services have really been up to.

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Blog: DFS and Juvenile and Children Mercy  

I am a grandmother of 6 wonderful grandchildren.  The last two that was born were pre. newborns. One was born at 30 weeks and the latest one was Emergency remove at 29 weeks born at 2 lbs 12 oz on November 6, 2009.  The hospital he was born at was bagging, CPR, and chest compressing him to bring him back, and the CMH was on the way to pick him up to rush him to their hospital.  He was in bad shape.  He was released the middle part of January of 2010 with Oxygen, and machine.  In March I have noticed he had a leg that was not looking correct, so I informed my son and his girlfriend to have it looked at.  He had a O2 appointment the following day, and I was informed that he had got his leg caught in the babybed rail.  So when they took him to his dr appointment they done a xray seen nothing, done a bodyscan and told the parents he had 9 fractures but would not tell them where. They kept the child and then called the hot line.  I was there at the hearing and they mention 7 fractures, then handed my son a letter to take the child into protection care it said 5 fractures.  I asked how old is the fractures they could not tell me, and then I had mentioned that we will get a copy of the records and have another doctor look them over.  The next day the mother requested a copy of all the medical records and was deneid the doctor deneid her to get a copy of the records.  I see the Juvenil officers with his file, so the hospital gave her the file and do not want to be in trouble for letting it leave the hospital.  The baby's lawyer informed me that the doctor can not deny her those records and I informed her that he is.  So something is hiding in those files.  I also have pictures of him in the hospital at birth and it shows bruises on his legs, and his wrist bone and wrist is off set.  So the Juvenile and Social Service and the Hospital is wrongully accusing parents of abuse when the parents have passed the lie detectors and stuff.  This came from the Investigation of the police department.  They are still trying to take a (my) grandson away, and what makes me the maddest is I want those files to see what they have in them.  and the Social service and juvenile informed my son that he has to provide diapers, and formula for his son while he is the state care.  I had to hire an attorney to keep these animals from pressuring my kids.

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Blog: Lost my son In November of 2008 by DYFS..I feel as if a part of me died that day, too.  

Hello All,

I have read so many of your stories and each one brings tears to my eyes..My mom (who has a history of mental issues and also has a history of calling the authority's on anyone she is mad or upset at..its her def way to get back). Well on Dec. 15, 2005, I argued with her about how bad my husbands 2 girls from a previous marriage were acting out that weekend. My mom never liked my husband and def didnt like his 2 kids and his ex wife, who I'll admit also caused alot of drama. mom wanted me to take my son and stay the weekend with her..and leave my husb alone with his kids. She just HATED my husband and his kids..She wasnt even at the hospital when my son was born in Sept of 2004 b/c she didnt want to be near my spouse and was jealous that my husbands mom was there..She never even visited me until about 2 mths after he was born. Then she started coming around and trying to help with money..etc. But there was always a price. Anyway..I refused to go with her that weekend..We got into a vebal argument over the phone and she was MAD that I wouldnt do what she says..Im in my 30's..I didnt know I still had to obey her commands..Well she got really mad and called DYFS and said I was abusing my son by hitting him, neglect and that my son shouldnt be around my husb, his kids and his ex wife..DYFS came and removed my son and put him with my mom..About 2 yrs later she told her lawyer she wanted to recant her story..that she may have taken it to far..that she didnt know I could loose my son..She hired a big fancy lawyer to fight for adoption..and after 4 yrs of fighting..the Judge thought my son was better with my mom..My mom lied in Court about everything..But b/c she is a wealthy NJ housewife..she clearly looked better than me with my measley public defender..I see my mom periodically..My mom lives 10 min from me..My problem is I lost my son..a part of me died that day in Nov of 2008. I cant even move on..Im so depressedl I almost feel as if my son died..eventhough I know he didnt..I feel alone w/o my lil boy who is almost 6 now. I pray for everyone who has gotten into the system. I did everything and more for DYFS and everytime we'd go to Court..they'd miracously misplace my certifiates from my phyciatrist, therapist, etc. They even lied to the Judge one time and said I was kicked out of a parenting program..Thank God I had the certificate with me..

I guess i could go on and on with how awful DYFS was or is..But how can they take a child away with no proof of anything? They came to my house twice from 2005 to 2009. Awful. Bottom line is I lost my baby..Im NOT his mom anymore. I miss him..If anyone has any advice as to how to move on in some way..Id love to hear about it. Ty for reading my story...

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