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Committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice & grassroots organizing, this is the independent California Green Party Group, featuring news feeds and discussion about all things green in California. Green lifestyle posts welcome.

Did you know that there are more than 113,000 registered Greens in California? We welcome all who share the Green Vision. Join us in creating a new (non corporate owned) politics by registering Green Party, voting Green, and living green. Did you know that the Green Party accepts no corporate 'donations'? Why waste your vote on any other party?

Do not waste your vote on corporate money controlled candidates or parties, such as the Republicans or Democrats. 

Consider registering and voting Green Party. 

Attend a local green party meeting. Consider running for office as a Green party candidate in your local area. 

If you do end up voting for the dualopoly, as a 'green', your vote will be a swing vote, making the difference in elections, since neither Democrats or Republicans have enough votes on their own to win elections. Being green forces BOTH parties to listen to your needs and fill them. 

Bottom line, no matter what, it PAYS to be green. More power, less waste, more efficiency, more transparency, more accountability, and a better future for our children


California Green Party website;

Volunteers needed;

What is good for seven future generations of our California children, and their children's children

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