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Participation in weekly sessions to send/project healing/positive energy to specific objectives.
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Dear friends, this group is an exercise of light for everyone that participates, the object is to project healing and positive energy to petitions made herein.

As of this year the group will be open to discussion, I ask only that you observe the following rules:

1.- One thread will be opened per week (this is to avoid confusion and losing postings in a sea of new threads). On Sunday at any time you wish you may project healing/positive energy to the some or all petitions made in any way you want (prayer, reiki, ritual, etc.) If you wish to continue a subject, re-post it in the new thread at the beginning of another week.

2.- RESPECT OTHERS ABOVE ALL, AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO RESPECT YOU. This group is about coming together in spite of our differences to support others and their petitions with healing/positive energy. Please no bashing, name-calling, flaming, trying to convert others or assert someone's position is the only true one and/or better than anyone else's, such posts will be pomptly removed.

3.- Questions regarding methods of projecting healing/positive energy are welcome in the spirit of learning, please do not challenge or try to lessen other's beliefs in this regard. If aggravated, do not fuel the fire and please deal with others in a non-confrontational/accusative manner or contact the hosts directly.

4.- This board is open to all people regardless of age, color, religion, ethnicity, citizenship or any other reason. It's a place for all to come together and do something positive.

5.- Please be patient with the hosts, we will do our best to make this project as efficient as possible.

When projecting light, we will first be filled by it, if compassion and divine love reside in our hearts the positive deed is it's greatest reward. Lets keep focused on healing ourselves, each other and our precious world with light.


  • 21 September 2010 International Day of Peace

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    Special Peace Candlelight Vigil 5 14 years ago
    The Power of Love. 4 12 years ago
    December 2-9, 2007. 9 12 years ago
    November 13-19, 2006. 2 13 years ago
    May 22-27, 2006 2 14 years ago
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    Oct 25
    Message: To make a positive difference in the world.
    by Aisha M (1 comments | 0 discussions) — There is strength in numbers as there is strength in faith, thought and intention. Please join us in projecting positive and healing energy to those in need; this can be done through prayer, candles, chanting, reiki, any way you feel comfortable with.... more »

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