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We work to ease the situation of Muslim Prisoners in British Prisoners and globally, through ensuring that they get the same human rights as should be affored to every other citizen, regardless of religion, crime, or race.
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Apr 6, 2009
Dear Friends - just a word to say how saddened I was yesterday evening to learn of the death of Stanley who has been one of my friends for as long as I can remember.  He was a lovely person, always kind and always helpful when some help was needed. He was a man any friend could count on.  He also had the loveliest sense of humour and dry wit that would make me laugh and I am going to miss him...  (more)
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Blog: Campaign Pack and Petition for Faraj Hassan  

Salam Alaykum and Hello to all,

A new campaign pack is now on the website regarding Faraj Hassan, a Libyan National who is currently being persecuted through UN Financial Sanctions brought maliciously by the Italian government, as well as a control order whose injustice is well documented.

He was the subject of a previous action alert, however this campaign pack elaborates and clarifies exactly the kind of misery that he faces through a cruel case of mistaken identity and outright vindictiveness by both the British and Italian Governments.

These sanctions and control order conditions not only penalise a man who has been found innocent of all terrorism-related charges in a member country, but they also persecute his wife and young child.

Please read the campaign pack, pass on to friends and family, and most importantly take action to help this individual following the guidance and sample letters at the end of the campaign pack.

The campaign pack can be found here :-

Please also remember to sign the petition, which you can do here :-

Make today the day you help stop oppression!

Walaykum Salam and Take Care

Umar Abdullah

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