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A place for Kids of all ages!! Take a look around. Your sure to find something of interest for you and the kids.Song pages, optical illusions, games, graphs and animations and much more. Feel free to add a page or two.
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I worked at Manhattan College for Marriott and Sodexho the companies that run the food service. For several years I had the opportunity to work with students from JM Rapport School For Career Development in the Bronx. Our goal to train  students for jobs when they graduate. I am retired now , but the students are still there.All over our country students are at work sites learning skills that will enhance their personal lives as well as prepare them for employment. I would like to send out the following messages.
 Encourage Students to join the work sites.
To the students at the work sites. Great Job. Keep trying, never give up.
Thank you to the Companies that are allowing the programs to function within the workplace.
 A special thanks to the managers and workers who help train the students.
To the parents of the children, You Guys Are Special. You have raised some great kids.
 To the teaches, what can I say. Your job isn't easy, you are under paid in my opinion, you do a great job at the school and the work sites. Thank You.

I want to welcome all Kids of all ages, it doesn't matter if you are 5 or 95 I am sure there will be something on theses page that will makes you smile. Glance through all the pages, enjoy all the wonderful tidbits of information and fun things that our members have placed here. Feel free to add anything you think will be of interest to our members and the children who visit. At the bottom of the Group Communication list you will see More Discussions, click it to see all the pages. .
Thank you all
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everywhere you go.
Scatter bits of courtesy -
Watch them grow and grow.

Gather buds of friendship,
Keep them till full-blown,
You will find more happiness
Than you have ever known."

Peace & Love Bella

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Message: Take sustainable actions and earn $$ for your charity!  

I recently stumbled upon a site, It's a lot of fun and my kids and I just love it! They let you choose from a number of sustainable tasks that you can fulfill and when you've completed them, you earn 'points' that their brand partners would match in $$ donated to a charity that you support. It's pretty ingenious! I think it's a great way to teach my kids about sustainability and charity-giving. Thought you guys might enjoy it as much as I did (:

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{ else }   Blog: Help Change Our World  
Hello All
We have all seen or saved the following links.
With the best of intentions we have added them to our favorite places. 
Only to have them lost among all our other links.
Well here they are all in one place.
Please add any links I don't have.
Thank You

Click Here

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