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This is a place for people from all over the world to meet Lithuanians, learn about our country, its people & customs. Join the group and share friendship, fun, support. Must be at least 17 yrs old to become a member. Languages: English & Lithuanian.
Our group was created on Oct 25, 2005 and we're glad to see all our Network Friends, not only those having blood ties or other relation with Lithuania, joining and participating.

Thanks for coming to see us!

NEW MEMBERS, it's nice to see the group growing but it would be great to know those who's joining us better. So, don't forget to post your Introduction , please.

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So far we have group members and visitors from these countries (your country flag should appear after you visit page) :
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"Lithuanian is a very old language and the ability to speak it is a point of pride for any linguist.
 After scouring the internet for podcasts on learning Lithuanian and finding nothing, we decided to create a resource for anyone wanting to learn the language.  Raminta, a native speaker, and her North American husband Jack will step you through the language." (quote from the website
Lithuanian Out Loud- Lithuanian Language Lessons with printed material and recordings.
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