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This group is dedicated to the end of war, imperialism, and hate. Stop by, and share your ideas, discuss relevant current events, or anything else you believe can help achieve peace and tolerance. A better world begins with you!
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If you get a message stating that one or more of your posts has been deleted, fear not! It is nothing personal. I'm just doing a little house cleaning while I have this rare luxury called free time.
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  • This group is dedicated to the end of war, imperialism and hate. Members fitting this description will be welcomed with open arms!

  • Intelligent discussion is welcome. That said, anyone here to cause trouble (known as 'trolls' or 'FReepers' on many message boards) will be banned, and their posts will be deleted. No exceptions!

  • As unique human beings, we cannot agree on every single issue. If you wish to counter something that someone has posted, attack the issue, not the poster!!! Ad hominem attacks will be deleted. If the member is in good standing, s/he will receive a warning before being banned. If the member is a known troublemaker in other groups, s/he will be banned on the first offense.
Pacifica Radio, the nation's first entirely listener-supported radio network, was formed in the wake of World War II as a voice of peace and non-violence. Today, this remarkable network still exists and offers a wealth of programming that all members of this group will enjoy.

Their homepage contains links to all five affiliates, which offer 24-hour streaming. You can also listen to recent broadcasts such programs as "Democracy Now!," "Flashpoints," and "Free Speech Radio News." Check it out at

Additional relevant sites I recommend:
  • CODEPINK's Prevent War with Iran site: This awesome resource lists several things you can do to prevent Iran from becoming the next Iraq.

  • I Will Not Kill: If you are of draft age, reaching it, or if you are the parent of a young person, this site is a wonderful place to start your conscientious objector file. Check it out today. It could save your life!

  • Iraq Veterans Against the War: Pro-peace site run by people who had to serve in Iraq. Before you listen to yet another chickenhawk's perspective, listen to those who were there.

  • Baghdad Burning: Unembedded, unfiltered accounts by a bright young woman who has to experience war and occupation firsthand everyday. You won't hear this information via the corporate media.

  • Peace Takes Courage: Ava Lowery's website. If you haven't seen her animations, please do! I hope to see this young lady in Congress or even the White House someday.

  • Stop the War Coalition: Especially for my UK friends, but a valuable resource to all who oppose war.


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Aug 26, 2008

Hello, all!

Despite my settings forbidding anonymous posts, an anonymous spammer was able to post a bogus get-rich-quick scheme in this group. Because of this, all posts will be moderated until further notice.  Hopefully, the spammer's action was just a temporary side effect from the recent upgrade, and the moderation thing will not be permanent.

I acknowledge that it's not fair to have to punish all of you for the actions of one bad apple, and I hope you will understand. Please...  (more)

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On May 1st, 2007 the House and the Senate passed two resolutions: House Resolution 100 submitted by Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis & Senate Resolution 178 submitted by Senator Jeff Bingaman.  

The Resolution condemns the murders and expresses condolences and support to families of victims. Specifically, the resolution encourages the Government of Guatemala to recognize domestic violence as a crime and to promptly investigate the killings and prosecute those responsible. It also encourages adequate resources for police and prosecutors to investigate the murders thoroughly and urges the U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala to meet with the families of the victims. Finally, it recommends that the Secretary of State develop a comprehensive plan to address and combat the growing problem of violence against women in Latin America.

More on this important issue:

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