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A group designed to inform voters and allow them to design and take actions designed to affect change in our political system. No debates just information and action suggestions. If you approve the action, take it. If not, don't.
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Please post when you have taken a posted action so that we can track how affective our actions are.  Thank you.

There is a heirarchy to actions.  Mass e-mail, and e-petitions are low on the priority list, they must be well crafted with great clarity on the issue being addressed, what you want done, and by who.  They must be directed and sent to a person or persons in a position to do something about it with specific information like a bill number, and specific action desired on this issue.  In order to be effective they must have 10's of thousands of signatures on a state level, and 100's of thousands on a federal level.

The next level up is a personally written (word processed) and (hand)signed letter.  In order to craft a successful letter writing campaign, you must create a form letter that people can download and personalize and provide links that enable them to address their letters to their own respective representatives.  That form letter must contain all the detail that a well crafted petition requires.  This level still requires thousands if not 10's of thousands participants to make a difference.  It must contain the the name, adress, zip, and phone number of of the person signing and should contain a personal paragraph about why the issue is important to the signer.

The next more effective method is a personal call to the representative's office.  The next level up is to arrange a personal meeting with the representative(s) and most effective is to arrange for a group of people to meet with said representative(s).

Effective activism requires hard work, knowledge, and determination.  Every individual must decide for him(her) self just how important getting their message heard is.

One of my members found the information above discouraging.  This is my response:

I hope my info didn't come across as discouraging petitions.  I hope to have the people in my group writing their own petitions.  But I want them to succeed.  I want them to learn to formulate their own actions instead of only sharing existing petitions.  I want them to know what information they need to write a successful petition or letter, and how to make their phone calls clear and succinct, so that they can really make a difference.  My purpose here is to empower you, not to discourage you.

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