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This is a network where people can discuss their starseed connection in the universe and share information regarding this subject
Hi there! Do you feel a longing or a belief that you belong somewhere else in the universe and the cosmos.Maybe you,ve had strange experiences or dreams regarding this.Some starseeds also feel like they're on a quest on earth in this period of earths history.Her you have chance to share your thoughts,knowledge or belief in this subject
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3 years ago (38 replies) |
Last reply by Corbett : Kevin, I am not kind, I know that.  It is against my nature.  Each one of us has to figure out how to overcome our perceptions or low worth to the world.  Your description of your childhood matches mine.... more»
6 years ago (37 replies) |
Last reply by Past Member : Hi, Sending hope, and blessings your way. Be patient about the Ascension. I'm still working on it. I can explain what it is if you'll believe me. *grouphug* *peace* ... more»
6 years ago (57 replies) |
Last reply by Keith : I have noticed that the ringing in ears was first noticed when of the age of 8, I fall in this group also. Now I am 58 years of age and learned to tune it out. But during the past few months the ringing has increased in... more»
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