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We oppose the Tea Party and Obama-bashing rhetoric. Behind talk of freedom, reduced government and taxes, pro-business policies, and aggressive foreign policy are corporate elites who want ultra-conservative Tea Party Republicans in power. We do not.
HELLO TEA PARTY OPPONENT! I have no intent to build a large group or ask anyone who joins it to do anything but act on their own however they may wish and in accord with their convictions.

This group exists solely as a place where I and those who stand in opposition to the Tea Party (and those conservative Republicans and others allied with or party to it) may express views and share information and ideas without being distracted by the ignorant comments and propaganda of Tea Partiers. We may debate and expose them "out there" on Care2, but here you have an oasis.

I will myself express ferociously in opposition to the Tea Party elsewhere on Care 2 in comments and articles I post under my own name. At no time however will I as group owner pretend to speak for the group or those who join it, nor will I post elsewhere what you post here unless you ask me to. Last, I will delete anyone who in my own judgement is here to espouse or promote the Tea Party agenda.
--Gregory Hilbert Feb 10, 2010
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