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The Transformation


The time of the metamorphosis of the human race is rapidly reaching its emergence into the light of consciousness, into the magnificence that we were truly meant to be. To long has man's transformation into the magnificent galactic butterfly lain dormant within us. This potential magnificence has been held back since the time man has become the self will agent of the unfettered dualities upon the material world. "We are at the stage of The Butterfly Affect." Brave and true light-workers, bring forth your sword of light. Pray to Great Spirit for guidance and strength and fear not.

Goodess, forgive me. Let it be known that if one could use mind speak instead of struggling to express their true thoughts and feelings with the English language which lacks the words to express the true wisdom that lies within. This would most certainly even make the best of poets cringe with envy at those who mind speak.

The Song Of Colors


Although our biological minds are limited and finite in conceiving the totality of all that is within the infinite consciousness, it is not impossible for the spiritual consciousness or subconscious mind to see the entire spectrum of light, visible and otherwise.


Every aspect of every potential band of color in the continuum of light has significance, both the dark and the bright. Both bring forth from the depth of their own embodiment in consciousness the resonance to that light, which then brings about a full complement and understanding of the light radiating on every shade or band of color both known and unknown to the conscious mind.


Just remember, colors are not only attractive and beautiful to look at. If you also listen with your heart as well as the ear, you can also hear the various harmonics of sound and color in the spectrum of light. I call this *the song of colors*. The ability to hear the harmonics of each shade of color, or each sound frequency containing its own spectrum of color in each melody.


When taken together each change in the vibrant frequency of the song of a bird fills the air like a symphony orchestra. Sound comes to my ears then converted in my mind into every vibrant color of the rainbow. By hearing the harmonic sound of colors in nature I believe one could actually learn to converse with nature in color codes.


Such is the nature of Gaia, she loves us so dearly as to share some of her secrets with us, if we but stop, look and listen attentively. Not only with the physical eye and ear, but also with the inner eye and ear . Can you imagine that? Even after all the pain that Gaia has endured at the hand of man, she still loves us and bestows upon us gifts beyond imagination. We can only pray that we are able to share these gifts such as the music of the colors with another who has an open enough heart and mind to receive them.



Hi everyone, I have joined this site over three months ago but just come to start to learn how the diferent functions and formats work in the last couple of days.  My only greatest desire is to share and learn from the members here.


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