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This group is for those who are desperate to help the ones they love, and need the support of others to do so. We'll all share the resources we have, and use them powerfully! This is also for those who would like to post a petition supporting a cause!
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Note: This has been a question of a certain individual, no names mentioned, however this group is NOT just for Patrick. This group is to express all opinions, petitions, and concerns regarding injustice, wrong doings, and activism. This group is not biased, nor discriminatory and does support MANY causes. Although, what is happening to Patrick is why I started the group, is reasonable means to include his petitions on the page! The injustice happening to him is just the tip of the iceberg in this world. We can melt away one part at a time, but we need supporters that believe this group can and will change things. 

OUR VOICE COUNTS, EVEN IF ONE PERSON ISN'T LISTENING!     There will be 100 more who are!

Please sign Patricks petitions!!
This one is so that he won't be given a third
strike for getting lost in the forest and having a
warming fire!
There is a full recap of his story on his petitions and factual reports as well.

This one is for O/R release, he was denied this
and his bail is 2.2 million dollars yet, he has
already served 20 months awaiting trial!

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             Remember you always have a friend

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            Justice will prevail

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Don't give up on those you love, or those you can grow to love....

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