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Animals have no voice in Turkey , despite there being animal walfare laws they are rarely enforced. Dogs are routinely poisoned or shot, this is unacceptable . We will be their voice - we will tell Turkey to care for the stray animals .
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SHELTER ME by Maria Daines :

There are many ways in which stray dogs in Turkey are disposed of, from poisoning to starvation to dumping the dogs in places where they cannot find food or shelter.

Urge Turkey to Stop Inhumane Dog Cull! :


The following link is a documentary of the life as a stray in Turkey..It is called " Ghosts of the City "

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11 years ago |
Avril says: On October 4th 2008 The animals of Turkey were given a voice. 16 countries across 4 continents held rallies in protest to the needless killing by poison, shooting, beating and collection and dumping in remote areas of stray... more»
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