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A place for actors of all skill levels and disciplines to swap knowledge, ask questions and just get a little moral support. It's a tough business, we need all the support we can get! Film makers, writers and others in "the industry" welcome too!
I searched all over Care2 connect for a film actors' group and couldn't find one, so here we are! I hope we can all give each other support in our quests for creative expression, entertainment, success and even fame.

Just a few guidelines:

1. Please no pornography related posts. I know it's a big business, but to most actors it's not a field we'd even entertain thoughts of joining, so please respect our time and save it for another forum.

2. When you post about a specific area (i.e., LA, NY, etc.) please note the location in the subject line. For example, "Subject: San Francisco, CA - Audition for the movie RENT." This will make it much easier for people to browse for info relevant to them.

3. Please be supportive. No bashing, discouraging for fun or schadenfreude!

Thanks, and welcome!
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