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Here we discuss all-natural healing techniques as applied to our pets, i.e., all-natural diet, remedies, herbs, massage, Reiki...What have you used on your pet? ("Pets" meaning ALL of God's pets. They were all placed in our care!)
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A Dog-Gone Good Natural Pets Group
I know every bird of the mountains,
and the creatures of the field are Mine.
~Psalms 50:11


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"We need to extend compassion to one another and to everything living ... Through elevating the cause of every creature, we elevate our own humanity." ~U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich

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Organic for You and Pets Too!
A group to discuss or learn about organic eating and lifestyles for people as well as pets. Commercial pet food is so ingrained in our minds that we forget that pets and people should be eating real whole foods.

ALL of God's Creatures are Meant to be Honored and Loved!!!

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Latest Host Announcement:  This IS a DOGGONE GOOD Natural Pets Group!
Jan 15, 2014

I haven't been very active on Care2 for the past couple of years, but LET'S REACTIVATE our efforts here in this wonderful group! 

Anyone wish to help co-host?  We focus on Natural Healing for animals.  There are a lot of animal groups on Care2, but none are quite like our group.  We have an extremely important mission here to fulfill! 

The side effects from drugs are as hard on them as they are on us.  Natural healing...  (more)

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Welcome and Introduction to Pets 59 10 years ago
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Success Stories - PLEASE READ ! 45 5 years ago
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Audio/Video Presentations 46 10 years ago
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Jun 1
{ else }   Blog: Feeling Bugged? ZAP!!!
by Mary Evans (4 comments | 0 discussions) — Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling down to the office of one of my former instructors and mentors, Dr. James R. Overman, inventor of the Harmonic Quad Zapper. It was a good experience for me personally, to be getting back in touch wi... more »

Mar 14
by Mary Evans (14 comments | 0 discussions) — As many of you already know, my 91 year old mother, Frances, recently had a very serious heart attack.  Through prayer and her will to live, and God's will, of course, she survived.  Thank you to all who sent Light.  It was a m... more »

Jan 12
{ else }   Message: All Natural HealthWorks!
by Mary Evans (0 comments | 0 discussions) — *announcement*I\\\'m sending this out to my whole network.  I\\\'ve never done this before, but it seemed like a really good way to share the new news that I have.There\\\'s a new group I hope you will like.  Check it out and see what you think!&n... more »

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