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This is for people who want to learn about a declaw procedure on a cat. This is for alternatives, advice, help and support for those who already have declawed cats. All are welcomed. Also post declawed cats for adoption here.
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Declawing is a terrible and unnecessary surgery.
It is a fact that this surgery is forbidden in 31 countries.
In spite of all the petitions , letters , emails , requests of a lot of vets from inside and outside the US and Canada , the Veterinary Organizations in this countries  , persists not to vote against a prohibition on this surgery. 
It is a shame !!!
The information who is posted in this group is excellent !!  Unfortunately is the former host not longer active and the group inactive for 8 years now. 
My intension is ,to make this group again to the wonderful group that Connie M. once created.
Thank you Connie !!

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