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"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." - Henry Wheeler Shaw
"I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world." - Samuel Johnson
"A really companionable and indispensable dog is an accident of nature. You can't get it by breeding for it, and you can't buy it with money. It just happens along." - E B White, The Care and Training of a Dog
"They [dogs] never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation." - Jerome K. Jerome
"I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck
"You may have a dog that won't sit up, roll over or even cook breakfast, not because she's too stupid to learn how but because she's too smart to bother." - Rick Horowitz, Chicago Tribune
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{ else }   Alert: Very Urgent! German Shepherd mix puppy will be put down friday, july 24 if not saved!  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Other
Location:North Carolina, United States

#35 Urgent GSD Gir

German Shepherd Dog [Mix]
Medium Baby Female Dog

Kennel # 35 German Shepherd Girl. Available NOW. Very cute puppy who knows how to offer her paw to shake, and sits. Please come get this sweet little girl. Don't let her die here. Candidate for euthanasia Friday, July 24, 2009.

Policy on strays: First come, first serve. The shelter can not hold dogs for people, you have to physically be there when the dog's time is up. Please register with animal control when you arrive and let them know who you are interested in. If they don't know, they can't help you!


  • Columbus County Animal Shelter

  • Whiteville, NC

  • 910-641-3945

  • Posted: Jul 21, 2009 10:43am | (0) | (0) |  
    Blog: Animal Testing Petitions - Pls Sign!  



    Stand Up Against Vivisection - NEW


    Victims of Vivisection - End the Carnage! - NEW


    Ban Animal Testing In The United States - NEW


    Stop Importing Animals for Labs - NEW


    Boycott SC Johnson Products Until Animal Testing Stops


    Tell Clorox To Stop Testing On Animals


    Millions of Dollars Save Millions of Lives


    Stop Cigarette & Smoke Testing on Animals


    Urge Tobacco Companies to End Smoking Tests on Animals


    Ask the Canadian Government to Stop Testing Pesticides on Animals


    Please Sign Against Animal Experiments in Sweden


    Keep Covance Animal Testing Lab Out Of Chandler, AZ
    (For people outside area)


    Keep Covance Animal Testing Lab Out Of Chandler, AZ
    (For local residents)


    Make it Illegal to Experiment on Primates in Ireland



    Save Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, & Primates from Torture Medical Experiments


    Stop the Killing of Live Animals in Schools




    Mice Living the Life of a Test Subject






    Tell Iams to Cease Cat and Dog Experiments


    Tell Iams to Stop Cruel Animal Testing


    Stop Iams Pet Food Co. from Continuing Inhuman & Horrible Treatment of their Animals


    Against IAMS Animal Testing and Killing


    Procter and Gamble, Stop Animal Testing!


    Urge Procter & Gamble to Stop Cruel, Outdated Experiments on Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Ferrets, etc.


    Pledge to Boycott Procter & Gamble Products Until They Cease Testing on Animals


    Pledge to Boycott Procter & Gamble Products Until They Cease Testing on Animals


    Petitions: Against Animal Testing



    Posted: Apr 19, 2006 11:53am | (6) | (0) |  
    { else }   Blog: Justice For Mooie - The Acid Burned Puppy  
    Justice For Mooie - The Acid Burned Puppy


    Justice For Mooie - The Acid Burned Puppy







    Name: Walter Washington
    Title: Manager
    Organization: King County Animal Services and Programs
    Url of Target Organization:
    Address: 500 Fourth Ave Rm 411
    City: Seattle
    State/Province: WA
    Zip/Postal Code: 98104
    Country: USA
    Phone: (206) 205-6306
    Fax: (206) 205-8043




    Petition Title: Justice For Mooie - The Acid Burned Puppy
    Select petition category: Animal Welfare

    Sponsor: Lilith Graves

    Organization: Puppy Passions Rescue and Transport
    Start Date: 03/20/06
    Stop Date: Ongoing
    Country (if petition applies to a single country): USA
    Signature Goal (number): 500
    URL for more information: (WARNING - GRAPHIC PICS)

    Summary of Petition:


    According to the veterinarian who euthanized Mooie, she was burned over nearly 98% of her body possibly using muriatic acid, an acid used to clean concrete, and used for meth-amphetamine production. The puppy was even forced to drink the acid, burning the inside of her mouth.

    Text of Petition:


    We are writing on behalf of Mooie, the four-month-old Federal Way, WA puppy that was so badly burned by acid that she had to be humanly euthanized by the Veterinarians of Valley Animal Hospital in Auburn, WA.


    Although intentional animal cruelty is a Felony in Washington State, according to Pasado Safe Haven's sources (a Monroe, Washington-based animal welfare agency), King County Animal Control and the Federal Way Police Department cremated the body of the tortured puppy before a necropsy (animal autopsy) or toxicology tests could be conducted. Why did the law enforcement responsible for investigating such a horrible crime threw away the evidence? Surely you know full-well that information gleaned from necropsy and toxicology reports are the corner-stone of any prosecutorís case against a perpetrator? When a Vet Clinic regrets ever having turned over an animal's body to the "proper authorities", is it time to question the authorities' ability to do its job?


    In the past three years there have been three animal cruelty laws passed in Washington State. What good are the laws if the investigators, paid to do their job, choose not to use them?


    Why shouldn't we expect a professional and appropriate protocol for handling physical evidence in animal cruelty cases? Would authorities discard such evidence in a human-related case?


    Does King County Animal Control and the Federal Way Police Department want the person capable of such a hideous act of cruelty freely roaming the streets of our cities and towns among our pets and children?


    The authorities of our court systems have taken an oath of "protecting all God's creatures" and we have the greatest confidence that the law will be set straight for this sweet little dog who suffered so much.


    Click here for more information (WARNING - GRAPHIC PICS)





    • Town Hall Meeting - you need to be there!

    • Chair of the Metropolitan King County Council calls for full & complete inquiry into this tragedy

    • Police take over case from animal control

    • Collar saved from cremation

    • King County Animal Control responds to your e-mails

    • Pasado's seeks possible caustic materials records from hazmat team

    • Reward exceeds $15,000

    • Volunteers continue to flyer neighborhood

    • New international petition launched

    • New Mooie blog developed to provide forum to seek justice


    Pasado's Safe Haven's sources tell us that Larry Phillips, Chair of the Metropolitan King County Council has called for a full and complete inquiry into the tragic death of Mooie. Writing to King County Executive Ron Sims, Phillips states, "After being contacted by a great number of citizens concerned about King County Animal Control's handling of the recent animal cruelty case...the Council urges prompt and thorough investigation of this tragic and shocking case...These are serious crimes that warrants our government's full attention and careful investigation..."


    Pasado's Safe Haven gratefully acknowledges this effort on the part of the King County Council and hopes that this inquiry exposes the lack of procedures used in animal cruelty investigations. It is our hope that a set standard of protocols, not dissimilar to those used in any violent crime investigation, be identified and implemented. Violence against animals portends violence against humans.


    Police Take Over Case from Animal Control
    According to Pasado sources, your efforts to get this case attention are working. We are told that the Federal Way Police Department is now resuming responsibility for the case. Originally the case fell in their hands (as a felony case should) but they turned it over to King County Animal Control (which cremated the body, destroying critical evidence).


    This Thursday night (3/23/06), The Federal Way Police Department will host their bi-monthly Community Forum. YOU, WE, ALL of us need to be there! It would be so disrespectful to Mooie to have ten or twenty people there. We need EVERYONE who feels passionate about this case be present


    Please join us at 5:00pm for a (peaceful) demonstration outside the Federal Way City Hall Council Chambers. We hope you will consider voicing your opinion in a respectful manner. Remember, YOU are speaking for little Mooie - you are her voice. And we need to represent her well.


    Click here for directions!





    Posted: Mar 20, 2006 1:26pm | (1) | (0) |  
    do not adopt to rebecca or tony williams 8:27 AM
    This is not the first time this persons name has come around ... do not adopt/sell/place to/with them... PLEASE CROSSPOST


    Tony & Rebecca Williams (e-mail: ) claim to have a rescue
    in Rocky Mount, NC and are trying to get dogs from all over the Eastern
    Seaboard. (She offered to take 14 dogs since Monday) She continues to take dogs,
    most are pit bulls, with some offers to adopt Presa Canarios, Rottwiellers,
    Dobermans, and Wolf hybrids.
    In addition, she had previously posted that her roommate was looking for a
    Great Dane or Great Dane mix.
    She also posted that she was "desperate" for a Chihuahua and she
    really wanted a Mini Pin and a Jack Russell.

    She claims her rescue is a pit bull rescue, but another pit rescuer
    called the local Animal Control. Animal Control's comments:
    "She's been barred from taking any dogs from the shelters in her area. He
    also said she has a long criminal history, has been selling Pit Bulls on
    street corners for 15 or 20 dollars and has been under investigation for dog

    Atlantic Rescue has now banned her, after finding out this information.
    These are the breeds she has asked for:
    a.. Pit Bulls
    b.. Rottwiellers
    c.. Dobermans
    d.. Presa Canarios
    e.. Tea Cup Chihuahuas
    f.. Jack Russell Terriers
    g.. Shar Peis
    h.. Min Pin
    i.. Great Dane (Pure Breed or Mix)

    She uses the little dogs as bait! Please cross post
    Please check for your breed above and notify all rescues.
    They are going out of their area looking for dogs to adopt.

    Posted: Jan 9, 2006 11:52am | (11) | (0) |  
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