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We are a new global society creating an entirely different way of life. Our quest is to create a society totally sustainable. An action oriented crusade to protect and preserve the planet and all who inhabit her. Join our Quest today!!!
Hello My Friends!

Here is the info everyone's been requesting...enjoy!

(I do not claim to be a great writer, so be easy on me with the spelling and grammar)

Sorry for the earlier post. I forgot to be more specific and tell you to go to the May 5th post, it explained much more than the other. My fault!

Sorry if I ramble, but this is a big project and there is a ton of info...this isn't even everything!

*100% self-sustaining society.
*100% eco-friendly.
*all organic foods.
*no gmos etc...just all-natural as Mother Nature intended!
*everything "cradle to cradle"
*organic, vegan, vegetarian and raw cooking schools.
*beehives to help with colony collapse (in a controlled environment)
*no employees, all volunteers from all over the world.
*culture & indigenous tribe preservation: invite tribal leaders to come and share their knowledge and pass the info down. We will preserve their ways by incorpoating them into our society.
*we will sell the villages period clothing to people all over the world so that when they come to the retreat they'll fit right in! And the proceeds will go to causes.
*All our efforts will be for "the Greater Good" and we will get "Back to Nature" and "Back to BEING".
*we will make our own clothes from our well loved sheep, alpacas, and from organic cotton fields.
*no vehicles, only horses, camels, elephants, etc...wildlife everywhere side by side with humans as equals.
*the retreats will be arranged similar to Epcot in Florida with authentic villages representing different cultures-only ours will be real-working. Examples of villages: Egypt, Morrocco, Italy, Australian Aboriginees(?), "Last Samuri" village type, "Dances with Wolves" type, "Camelot", you get the picture!
*a bio-diesel airport with planes that also have solar panels on the wings (yes, they exist!).
*all-natural spas...FREE TO EVERYONE!
*volunteers will contribute at thier own pace...night owls and early birds work, you'll chose.
*grow organics to give away for donations so it's affordable for everyone and easily accessable. Or they can volunteer their time.
*artisian breads, cheeses, raw milk, pasturization (but comply as long as it's not sold).
*no electric, except where it's a must. most lighting will be with candles we make ourselves. food cooked with fire and heat with fire.
*we will stay in tepees, pacific domes, yurts and safari tents.
*we will have our own supermarkets called "EarthsMart...because it's EarthSmart!" that will be all-natural, organic, and people will be able to pick thier own fruits, veggies, and they can learn how to grow and harvest thier foods. The markets will be set inside pacific domes with waterfalls, birds, bees, flower gardens, etc...they will look, sound, smell and feel like PARADISE!
*we will conduct seminars year round on all environmental/humantarian issues.

We will bring to the world a new society! One with no crime, no pollution, no racism or discrimination...A last place to escape to live truly free! A self-sufficient society with no need or dependency on government or big business. We will bring this society to the world and show them a new way, a better way to live life. A life free of stress and strife, fear and poverty, a new life full of joy and freedom! Won't you join me in my quest to bring these places to the world? We will become the "Knights of EdenQuest" and we will change the world for the better through a better and more natural way of living within nature......Not without it!

Posted: Friday June 6, 2008, 9:48 am
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Charlotte Barnes (12) Saturday June 7, 2008, 3:52 pm
Susan this is so much what I've been wanting to do. coopertive living at its finest, where would it be? is it in paper planning stage or is the land and some people in place?
a few thought lots.... shade is what I crave and water, babeling brooks,clean clear springs, swimming holes. I thought of everyone in theier own homes but group ares for classes , sharing meals both indoors and out, natural healing practicespreventing illiness, healing the body and mind.. reuse recycle, reclaim.. WOW I want to help what can I do??? At present I am a preschool owner and teacher in central Ky, but what you are doing in what I want to do .. I can relocate!
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Jan Church (3) Tuesday June 17, 2008, 11:09 pm
Wow-that is a lot of stuff to coordinate and create. As my husband says, anything is possible. Sounds like I would maybe be well there. I have MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction, and Arthritis and allergies. We are energy healers, and yes I use crystals and gemstones to help heal human and animals. Since my husband and I can't heal me, logic (I am quad Libra) tells me that Great Spirit/Father God has plans for me that include these dis-eases. I am learning much from being disabled. I really feel that your dream will happen!
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