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This community exists for the purpose of free stuff. We love it. Here's a place to find all the free stuff you can stand, plus share your finds with others! Recycling, Freecycling, click/donate, barter are all OK. Discussion around free items is o
The best things in life really are free... love, beauty, life, air, water, fertile ground, happiness, etc... Sadly, many of these things are now sold because... well you know why. 

So while we are enjoying these free things, or in pursuit of the other best things in life, (hopefully enjoying them for free), let us focus on how we can share or find some free things in life that more often than not cost something.  If you find free stuff, share it in this group.

The barter movement is alive and well..Do you have something to barter? Post it. 

The freecycle movement is alive and well....Do you have something to freecycle? Post it. 

The recycle movement is alive and well.... If you are recycling something, share what you are doing and how others can do the same thing.

Check out the threads below for more free things. Add to any thread, or start a new one. 

Start a discussion about what you are finding for free or almost free. 

Please check out any links and make sure it is not a scam or fraud before recommending any link in this group. 


If you do find a scam or fraud in any links, report it to the host/co- host and one of us will delete it. 


Feel free to post, warn others and comment on the scams or frauds that offer 'free' something or the other. 

The water droplets theme in this group is symbolic of paying attention to the financial details of day to day things. As we get all of these small things we spend money on, into a budget, where we pay attention to them, we end up with a more prosperous, abundant future. 

The raindrops also symbolize that as we think abundant, prosperous positive thoughts, we then FEEL abundant and prosperous. As a result, we also tend to end up with lots of abundance and prosperity, with all of our needs met, on a day to day basis. Each thought and feeling is symbolic of a drop of water.. To experience this, watch this

As we add up lots of drops, we tend to end up with a soaking rain that nourishes our farms/gardens and eventually even creates an ocean.. 

Check in often, and watch the RSS news feeds at the bottom of the page for a one stop 'free' information source, that is updated daily.

Members are encouraged to post a minimum of twice a month.. If everyone does this, the group will stay FREE, vibrant, active and ALIVE. 

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