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Letters have an incredible influence--they cannot simply be deleted and go away!Help with the worldwide letter campaign and speak out for animals! People from different countries for all causes for animals from any part of the world are welcome.
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Save and Protect Wildlife for FREE! at

free click to donate--save rainforest and feed chimps for free!

Click to help Wolves for free

Non Animal Related but still important click to donate sites:

The link below is a click to donate site which gives 6 bricks to a needy family to build a house for free. A small box pops up after you click and asks for your name, the page itself is in english.

El primer barrio creado por internet

My Site-Voices for Animals

Dog Rescue Meetups for laws and/or legislation in many categories (animal cruelty, companion animals, animals in research, etc) in all US states

Newspapers listed by state (for writing letters to editor or opinion sections)

Animal Law-Michigan State University of Law

Doris Day Animal League

Citizen Lobbyist Center through the Humane Society of the US


North Shore Animal League

Animal Protection Institute--Progress Through Legislation (very helpful) your representatives does your shopping support?

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Progressive Secretary--edit pre-written letters and email and/or print out to send directly to the inbox of government officials

I reserve the right to delete any posts that do not further the cause of this group.

I am very happy you are here and I look forward to working you all to help change the lives of animals everywhere!


Please start individual threads for each different case you submit...this will ensure that cases are not submitted twice. Also, it will save us time looking for cases and/or issues to write about rather than needing to scroll all through the thread. Thank you!

Please be polite in all correspondence. It is essential that you remain respectful in all letters. Please read the thread on effective letter writing.

Please speak out for these animals. If you don't write that letter--who will? Don't count on others to do it...because they won't. The animals are counting on you to speak for them.

Be sure to click on "View all Topics" to make sure you don't miss anything...I forget to do that sometimes and miss things that are still new threads. Thanks!
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Dec 1
{ else }   Message: Help get those abusers the proper punishment-not the usual slap on the wrist!
by Karin B (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Dear friends,I enclose here my fax in case anybody wants to use parts of it for his/her own text.Below my fax you will find the issue and link. Please make sure you get to that site and add your fax as well!Thanks a lot!LoveKarinPreview your fax:Below... more »

Sep 5
{ else }   Alert: Please write letters to support local hockey player that risks to be fired from the national league for saving his dog!
by Karin B (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Animalists have a new hero: Luca Ansoldi, 24 years, great Hockey Player from Merano in the Cortina team: he did not join the convocation to national league because his cocker spaniel, Brick, black and white, 13 years old is sick and needs dialisis bec... more »

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Jul 21
{ else }  
by (0 comments | 0 discussions) — \\nPlease help the dogs of \\\"SOSCoky\\\" - the Canile of Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania, Italy - in signing our petition. The area of the Canile is placed at a former rubbish-ground without infrastructure. There is no electricity and water. Many o...

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Feb 23

by (2 comments | 0 discussions) — Make It Personal!Baby Seals are Counting on Us>>>>> UPDATE FEBRUARY 25, 2007 <<<<<A Comment brought forward:"There is a new group in Atlantic Canada raising its voice in opposition to the Canadian commercial seal hun...

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Feb 7

by (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Protest ILLEGAL Japanese WhalingThe government has stripped the Canadian flag from a ship named after one of the country\\\'s most popular authors and conservationists, Farley Mowat. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is using the vessel to stop Japa...

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Dec 29

by (5 comments | 0 discussions) — (PLEASE CLICK ON THE PETITION LINK AT THE END TO HELP)\\r\\nIt looks like animal testing will continue for the time being, according to a UPI story by Shaun Waterman, which I\\\'ve excerpted here:\\\"NYSE defies animal extremistsBy SHAUN WATERMANUPI Homelan...

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Dec 17

by (7 comments | 0 discussions) — I have been following, with increasing sadness, the plight of dogs and cats in Asian countries for quite some time now.Beginning in July, 2006, dogs in China have been subjected to horrifically cruel mass slaughter campaigns in various cities and regi...

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