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Magic Snow Tree with Greeting Card Surprise your family,friens,customers with a new and revolutionary greeting card! Use the tree for the donations...
Magic Snow Tree with a Greeting Card Surprise your family,friends andcustomers with a new and revolutionary greeting card! Would you like your wishes to be … ‘MAGIC’?



Click on the Play button above to watch the Video Presentation.
  • A useful and amusing gadget with considerable advertising impact as a result of the large surface area on which you can print your pictures and messages in four colors.
  • Supplied pre-wrapped in single flat packages to make posting easy.
  • Assembly takes just a few seconds and is divided into three stages:
A Magic Transformation


At the beginning 2 hours later


after 4 hours 6 hours later


© 2008 YouTube, LLC

MILLIONs of units sold in Europe - now available in the US.


There are many ways to present the the magic snow effect to your customers

-Add the 3D tree to a greeting card of any format.

-Add a 2D piece to your own greeting card.

Include in company promotions, gifts, family pictures, photos and …

Advantages NewProduct!

It surprises who receives it.

It interacts during his assembly.

It creates sense of expectancy.

It lasts during the time of exhibition.

Power the brand memory .

Maximum impact, minimum cost.

The 100% of our clients rememberd the brand.

• The message that is desired to communicate can be inserted in any support that the client wishes.

• By his characteristics it can be sent by mail or be given in hand.

• The magic effect is different in each case, since each one evolves slightly of different way, which causes that each case is different.

• Very easy to use, he is not toxic and in addition it is food additions.

• Exclusive and Patented product.

Examples of application

Donations,Promotional Marketing,Fair Marketing,Greeting card,Christmas greeting card,Direct Marketing,Mail MarketingPresentations,Gadget,Relational Marketing…..

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