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For all who support LIFE as the choice. Any former fetus who believes there is human life growing inside the womb which has it's own human rights, please join. check out:http://www.justthefacts.or g/clar.asp We need to be responsible for our choices.
Hello everyone!
I feel a need to follow the example set by some other group hosts, and set some rules and guidelines. This is still a work in progress, so please know I have an open mind about learning from other views and perspectives.

1. In understanding that this is a very sensitive topic, I will not tolerate name calling or rude, mean or hateful statements by anyone. Sometimes the perception is different than the actual intent, so I will encourage any who feel insulted in any way to try and clarify the situation. If that cannot be done, I shall have to try to resolve it, myself, and/or delete the post.

2. The use of anonymous...As mentioned, touchy topic, hard to share some personal stuff that may be embarrasing, so I do not have any problem with those anonymouses. HOWEVER, ANY and ALL anonymous posting anything mean, sarcastic, hateful, rude, argumentitive, derrogatory, contrary to the definition or integrity of this group, etc... whatsoever...Will be deleted without warning, as soon as I see it.

3. We are respectful of one another. If anyone does have an opposing opinion, or wishes to ask questions as to why we feel as we do, please respect yourself and the others here in asking... USE YOUR REAL NAME. In my opinion, and in many other people's opinion, most use anonymous because they are afraid of something, that if others see what they post in their real name something they do not like will happen. so, I named the type of acceptable anonymous here.

4. Let's Help make positive changes in this world to save these BABY'S LIVES!
BRAINSTORMING, SHARING SITES, FINDING AND SHARING OF COUNSELING / HELP CENTERS / HELP GROUPS / NEWS ON BIRTH CONTROL / NEW ADOPTION CENTERS / Anything and everything that will strengthen our knowledge and understanding, that will help us know what we can DO out there in the real world to make a difference! There IS a lot that needs changing!

PLEASE Message me with any other questions or concerns! ,,,=^..^=,,,
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