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This group is to share information about Politics of the World, though not limited to American Politics, it is also for discussing the impact American Politics have on the Politics of other regions.
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5 years ago (16 replies) |
Last reply by DaleLovesOttawa : There was supposed to be a comma after the world  manoeuvre in my last comment, but then, one can always say that the War of 1812 could now be labelled as a moldy military  manoeuvre that failed its objective on the... more»
10 years ago (17 replies) |
Last reply by The Real Donna : Since there are many on Care2 that think it is in the best interests of the inhabitants and the planet to embrace a New World Order to save us, I created a  new Care2 group today to post the Pros and Cons for it. Join if you... more»
11 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Democracy : Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs, & Bush Inches Away from Warming Denial ALL Information on WMDestruction disseminated in the 1990's was in fact about WMDestruction of Western Narcotics Terrorists. Former UKGB... more»
11 years ago (1 reply) |
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