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New Years Resolution...Do monthly self-exams!
15 years ago
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For those who aren't sure how to do them:

Do them on the first of every month so you don't forget!

14 years ago
Don't ignore your self exams.
12 years ago

If and when you are in doubt, please have it checked out.Time is very important.

12 years ago

Hi, I'm very new to this site and would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Debbie and I am one of the lucky ladies whose breast tumors were benign.  I had 2 of them removed along with the mammary glands in both of my breast, and even after being through all of that, I didn't even think about doing my  monthly breast self exams!  Stupid, huh? 

Well, in October of 2007, I met a lady that changed my life.  She showed me a "Breast Chek Kit" and asked if I was performing my self breast exams?  I was embarrassed when I had to say "No, I haven't been doing that!" 

All that is changed now!  I'm on a mission and I've learned that 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, and if detected very early, there is nearly a 100% chance of survival! I've also learned that only 14% of American Women actually perform their MBSE and more than 1/2 of them are performing it incorrectly! 

It's time for people to share their own stories and what they've learned so we can educate each other about the importance and urgency of MBSE.  Early detection REALLY does save lives!

What would you say if I told you there is an inexpensive Breast Chek Kit you can use to give yourself or the lady in your life a much easier, more thorough MBSE and YOU can be instrumental in getting one in the hands of women everywhere?  What if I told you that you could even get FREE ones into the hands of women at risk and under-priviledged women as well, even women in the remotest areas of the world.  Some of these women cannot get to a facility to get themselves an annual clinical breast exam or mammogram??

The Know Now Foundationis looking for people with a passion for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We're looking for socially conscious Individuals and Business Owners to donate kits to  Non-Profit Orgaizations that in turn distribute the kits to the neediest women.  We're also looking for Non-Profit Organizations wishing to be recipients of these FREE Breast Chek Kits to either distribute to their people or to even use them as a Fund Raiser.

If you would like to be a part of this life saving mission, please visit my website: or call me at 985-892-5858 in Covington, LA just north of New Orleans (We are on Central Standard Time, so please call between 8am and 9pm CST)  I look forward to sharing this information with you!

Self Exams
12 years ago

I had a weird lump at 14, and it went away with meds, even though the treatment was incomplete. I found it through a self-exam.

I admit sometimes I forget (bad me), but others, my breasts are too tender. Does anyone know why? (I promise to ask my gyneco, but meanwhile... Any insight on this?)

new years monthly exams
12 years ago

It may be the time of the month you're doing your exams...Try doing your exam approx 1 week AFTER your cycle is finished.  That is when they are most "normal."  Our breast go through changes all through the month, and they should be less sensitive at that time. 

Using the Breast Chek Kit is much less painful since it allows your fingers to GLIDE over your breast tissue with out any resistance like you get with skin on skin (hand to breast) and magnifies abnormalities by 10x, so you're much more likely to feel it yourself.  (watch our video at: and click on "Breast Chek Video"

Also, doing your exam at the same time of the month EVERY month will allow you to know what is NORMAL for YOU.  If they are that sensitive, you might make a visit to your GYN or your breast Doc.

I have to tell you that since I had the surgery to remove my mammary glands, my breast, especially where I was cut along the nipple areas, have been terribly sensitve.  Using the kit  makes it much easier and less painful than using my bare hands alone.

I hope this helps!


6 years ago

A Self exam saved my friend Jilly. Please do them x


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